Eric Church, “Sinners Like Me”

Yes, we’ve heard it all before.  There’s no getting around that.   But if you’re going to judge a song not so much on what it is about, but how it is about it, it’s hard not to find this record endearing.   Personally, I’m a sucker for anything that throws in a few Celtic touches.   To his credit, Church gives an understated performance, which makes the record that much more endearing.

FYI, you can get the whole album for $6.99 if you just follow the link to buy the song.   I liked this enough to take the plunge and get the whole thing.   New artists making good music?  What a novel concept.

Grade:  A-

Listen: Sinners Like Me

Buy: Sinners Like Me


  1. Thank god you understand! Eric Church is the future of true country music. He has a sound like no others out there today. Every single tune on his album is awesome, no filler whatsoever. It’s great to finally see a new face like Eric Church making music the way he wants to, and not just please the record companies. Go Eric!

  2. I’m looking forward to listening to the whole album. I’d planned on just buying the single, but the price ($6.99) persuaded me to listen to samples. Once I heard the line “I believe Jesus is coming back…before she does”, I had no choice but to buy the whole record!

  3. Nice opinion… since it agrees with mine. Along with Bobby Pinson, Eric is one of the better new singer/songwriters in commercial country and this is a powerful song. Wish radio would come around to him a little more.

  4. Kevin, you reminded me of Eric’s record and the fact that I’ve had it since it Came out and haven’t really given it a proper review. Perhaps now’s the time for this very talented artist.

  5. Agree with you 100% Corey…Eric Church and Bobby Pinson are what is good about country music today….I would also throw Steve Azar and Luke Bryan into that mix too tho

  6. I wasn’t hugely impressed by the whole album, but I’m glad that “Sinners Like Me” is being released as a single. It showcases that Church’s strength is in his songwriting, and the smart, distinctive production make it the high-point of the album and one of the better country singles of the year.

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