Toby Keith, “Get My Drink On”

There are a few great songs on Big Dog Daddy that are destined to be hits as soon as they’re sent to radio, and this is one of them. Relentless in his determination to drown his sorrows, Keith’s inner monologue is fast and furious. He knows he’s in the wrong, and he’s damn certain he’s going to regret the choices he makes throughout the night, but he’s gonna go all out tonight and survey the damage tomorrow. One of the best up-tempo romps in a career that’s been long on them in recent years.

Grade: A-

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  1. This entire CD is AWESOME. This is DEFINITELY a hit. If a 12-pack doesn’t work and he goes to the Jug, he’s definitely hurting.

  2. i was wondering which song would follow up Love me If You Can. Toby lost me after big Blue Note with two disapointing albums for me in Honkeytonk U and White Trash With Money. But his latest work has made me a fan again. Big Dog Daddy is an awsome CD, 5 stars in my book, and i think this song brings back the “I Love This Bar” Toby from back when. I hope he keeps up the good work.

  3. This is a perfect example of to each their own, Cowboy Blue, because I didn’t like his bar at all, liked “Big Blue Note,” and was a fan of every single on “White Trash” that didn’t involve getting drunk on “paycheck Friday.”

  4. I loved Big Blue Note and I loved White Trash With Money. I’m not really a fan of this Big Dog Daddy CD; I listened to it on I felt that Love Me If You Can was more pandering. He kind of seems to go with the tide. When the war was popular, it was “put a boot in their ass” and “Natalie is friends with Sadam”. But now that the war is not so popular, it’s “I pray for peace every night.”

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