Crystal Shawanda, “You Can Let Go”

You don’t hear country voices like this that much anymore. It seems like most women to come down the pike over the past few years have been belting divas are growling redneck girls. Newcomer Crystal Shawanda has a gritty voice that cracks at just the right moments, and she never gets in the way of the song, which is a common rookie mistake.

As for the song itself, I’ll just say that even a casual country fan will realize where this is going after the first verse finds a five year-old girl saying “You can let go, Daddy”, as she’s riding her bike for the first time. But a choice was made to go for small, revealing details over big, sappy sentiments, and Shawanda’s heartfelt performance, unaffected and sincere, is a perfect match for such an understated song.

I knew where “You Can Let Go” was going to end up by the third verse, but I was still choked up by it, as the songwriters painted an achingly accurate portrait. I won’t give away the lyrics here, but if you’ve witnessed this in your own life, you’ll know that the way they describe it is exactly what it’s really like.

Written by Cory Batten, Kent Blazy & Rory Lee Feek

Grade: A

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  1. Wow! Wasn’t expecting a voice like that initially. Thought I was listening to a young Lorrie Morgan for a second but then Crystal’s voice went musty. Great stuff.

    Will be spending some $$$ on this cd!

  2. You’re right–fantastic voice. Reminds me a bit of Jennifer Hanson just a bit more husky (which what happened to her–I never understood why she wasn’t a star after her great first CD).

    I hate the song though–I’m over the sap….but give her a good song and let’s hear her knock it out of the park.

  3. I think that song is amazing.
    I was playing playstation when i first heard it and i started crying.
    I listen to it over and over again and i wish i could find the lyrics.
    She has an outstanding voice.

  4. I’m still on the fence about the song, but I like her voice. You’re right that it is nice to hear a different type of voice. It works for me.

  5. Am I wrong in thinking that she kind of sounds like Gary Allan’s female counterpart? Great voice. Her Gravel reminds me of his.

  6. Here’s something encouraging: the two contemporary female country artists that she cites as influences are Patty Loveless and Pam Tillis. Time-wise, that’s about right. We should start getting some female artists now that were influenced by the early-mid 90’s women, who in turn had been heavily influenced by Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. That’s going to lead to some damn good music, should it come to pass.

  7. I have yet to hear this singer so I am looking forward to hearing her

    I don’t get too excited about many female vocalists since there is far too much hype and far too little quality but maybe she is the next Connie Smith or Rhonda Vincent

  8. I have seen and heard her many times in Nashville. She not only has a great voice she is a better person. We have been waiting 2 years for this to happen. Get ready world theres a new sheriff in town.

    Crystal and DeWayne prepare yourselves for the ride of your life, you have earned it.

  9. The song is incredibly heartbreaking. I don’t know how it’ll pan out as a debut single – it’s so understated that it’s likely to come across as forgettable in a sea of “Jesus, Take the Wheel”s. But I really hope radio can get on board with this one, because this sort of music is what brought me to the genre in the first place. And I want to hear more of that voice.

  10. WOW… I was working when I heard this song come on our local radio station here and I dropped everything I was doing and sat down with tears streaming…. my father recently passed away on Nov 9th at the age of 83 and this is what I whispered in his ear while he lay in a coma in the Hospital.
    Very beautiful song and voice!
    Thank you for allowing me to hold his memory in a special way… I`m buying this cd- just for this song.

  11. The fist time this song was played in my town I was on the way to my dad’s funeral. He died in my arms in his hospital bed as I said that I was okay and he could let go and be in peace. He suffered from Alheizhers and went from a strong virale man to a frail helpless being. I was daddy’s little girl. You can imagine how this song hit home, on such an occasion, given the circumstances. My children just watched as I listened in the car. Afterwards they asked “mom, did you write this?”


  12. This song is so amazing… of course it brought me to tears and so then I had to share the moment with my sister and of course she balled along with me… it really hits home… we’re all daddy’s little girl, so it is kind of the opposite.. neither of us can let go of him. Oh and what an amazing voice it just makes the song even better:)


  13. I love this song and her voice. Of course i cried. i love that there is finally a native country singer that we can all relate to. would love to hear more from her.

  14. I heard this song for the first time while i was at work and i sat there in awww this song is amazing…I too sat there thinking who sang this song and i showed my family this song and they all said beautiful song…of course we have no brothers all 5 girls are all daddy’s girls you have a beautiful voice hope to hear more of your music in the future! My sister is gettin married in july of 2008 so i just had to show this song!

  15. What a beautiful song. I swear you wrote this for me. I just lost my father on Nov. 18-2008.Wow I can’t believe how surreal this song is for me every part of it. I can’t wait to buy the CD. What a beautiful voice to go along with it. Keep it coming.

  16. I first heard this song while drving to work in the early morning of Feb 4.It touched my heart like nothing else. My Dad died 16 months ago and I swear whispering You Can Let Go was the hardest thing ever.Thank you for the beautiful lyrics sang with so much feeling.It trully is a blessing!

  17. What an amazing voice. My sister did a fund raiser for Crystal in Elliot Lake Ontario way back in 1992. This is when she and her family were trying to get enough money for her to get to Nashville. I wish that she would have mentioned my sister or the restaurant that my sister owned. It was called Yvette’s Bar and Grill. The reason i say this, is because my sister Yvette was diagnosed with Brain and Lung Cancer last March.There wasnt too much hope at the time, everything looked so helpless for my sister, then all of a sudden they tell her that they have not detected anymore active cancer cells in her bodyl, She did undergo major Brain and lung surgery in order to get rid of the Tumors. I wish and Hope that if Crystal gets to read this post that she will be kind enough to mention my sister in her next story she writes about her life. My sisters full name is Yvette Chasse. She owned Yvette’s Bar and Grill at the time of the fundraiser and has since sold it back in January 2007. Thanks and keep up the great work Crystl, very amazing Talent and proud to say your from Ontario Canada.

  18. What an amazing song, it truly tugged at my heartstrings. The lyrisc say so much and yet there is still so much that isnt. I relate to the song but in a different way, I still have my father here but we are not close and a song like this puts it all in perspective about how I wish I did have that special relationship with him. Thankyou for the inspiration to try and do better.

  19. Wow, I have been searching for more information on this young soon to be amazing star. I watched her on CMT where they were touring around and getting this girl out on the scene. I am totally in awe of that wonderful voice and am so looking forward to hearing more and looking for a CD!!!!!

  20. This song is probably the greatest heart touching song I have heard in awhile. It blew me away as I listened to it over and over and made sure everyone I knew because something this beautiful has to be heard.

  21. I have been following her because she is a local girl. I have seen her on CMT and thought she was amazing. I listened to “You can let go” for the first time while driving the car today. I had to pull over as I couldn’t stop crying. Her voice is wonderful, she will truly be a star and when she got to the part of crawling into her Dad’s bed and telling him to let go, it brought me back to nine years ago when I did that with my own father and he took one more breath and passed away in my arms. She is truly sensational and I look forward to following more of her, sure to be, long career.

  22. Thanks Crystal for putting my feelings into music, the song says it all when you have a daddy that you had to let go of so soon, I lost my daddy when he was 62, and I said those words to him and climbed into his hospice bed, saying you can let go, I will be al right and singing to him my heros have always been cowboys. Hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I have been missing him lately, and the song really broke my heart, still crying.

  23. I’ve been listening to her song on Q104 and just read her bio on the RCA website. Brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful voice and incredible determination to make her dream come true. Way to go, Crystal. Manitoulin Island residents have another reason to be proud, besides being the largest freshwater island in the world (as my great-aunt pointed out to me while we were touring it).
    I wish you great success!

  24. Great song!There’s not much to say about it other than that. Everything about it is great. Great voice, great emotion, great lyrics, great job at pulling the heartstrings.

  25. I heard this song for the first time a couple days ago just driving down the road… I recently moved out of my parents house and in with my boyfriend and my dad has been having a hard time with letting his baby girl go… I was crying so hard I had to pull the truck over! Wonderful, very touching, song… and beautiful voice!

  26. dear crystal
    we are so proud of you in canada,esp edmonton alberta and all over the country
    whereever all your relations are living,dual citizens, what an advantage.
    many of my co-workers followed your cmt viewings of your life,found it very
    touching,many tears of happiness for you and your family,you and deWayne
    work very hard and are dserving of success.
    never forget your roots ,it will help you stay grounded,waiting to hear more
    songs and cannot wait for your cd,so glad we took the time to go and visit you in nashiville,well be going again and hope you keep playing at tootsies,i know you truly enjoy playing there,
    we love you

  27. dear crystal,
    your mom and dad came over to my moms after renees funeral,did not have time
    to watch your grand ole opry performance,had to catch a ride back to toronto
    and your mom and dad had an appt at sudbury,however watching all the series on cmt
    right to grand ole opry was so a story,everytime i watched i cried
    so touched ,moreso because i went to school with your mom,rode the bus to school
    everyday with her,and her marrying my cousin,all the memories ,but i am so
    proud of you,anytime i saw you wellup with emotion,whether of happiness or struggles
    i finished off the crying for you,i so admire your strength and preseverence
    evertime we hear your song we pause and listen,its beautiful and meaningful.
    we appreciate all country music talent and want to support all new artists
    i truly admire and recognize how all country artists help and aknowledge new
    talent,its touching how the creator is aknowledged in times of awrd wins and thats
    how the support of all artists for each other is so important,give back some of what was
    given to you.
    im so inspired by you,so young and accomplished
    luv ya
    cousin elaine & ron from edmonton alberta

  28. All I have to say is WOW! My Dad passed almost 20 yrs ago but when I heard the song it was as if he passed just the week prior, with all the emotions resurfacing I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Amazing, proud to be canadian.

  29. today my hubby was out checking the rv and on his way home heard ,you can let go,
    on cisn country music station for his first time on the radio,although he heard it on
    the tv series .was so impressed by it and touched.people have been phoning in asking for it to be played,and asking where they can buy the cd,were told to go to the website.
    for now,
    i personally have been phoning wall-mart,and hmv shops and was told crystal
    has to say it is to be released…….

  30. To Crystal Shawanda:

    I can’t even know how to start! I haven’t been able to listen to any female singer
    for years and years. They all copy each other trying to produce and reproduce
    the same cheap voice inflections that only 5-year-old girls listen to, themselves
    reproducing those ups-and-downs perfectly and thus getting their dads excited and
    swipe their credit cards without thinking twice. And if the music doesn’t satisfy that
    market it has no chance to get out their. We live in an era when the music taste
    has degraded to such an extent that this distestefulness controls the whole music
    production and market. Just for those daddies enchanted by dady’s girls’ inflectioned yeah-yeahs.

    Dear Crystal, you’re taking the music, the songs, back to where they should be.
    I finally can listen to today’s music through you. God blessed with an amazing voice, that will revolutionize today’s singing and vocals and take the singing voice back to
    originality. A voice, a singer has to be original! It doesn’t have to sound the same
    as all the others. How terrible! What a horrible vioce and brain washing has the music
    business developed. In the whole world all singers, especially female singers, have been sounding exactly the same for years and years. Why? The “producers” have
    been targeting only one age – the fivers, for their dads don’t thinks twice to buy every
    new release in the market, or, in their minds, they won’t be good dads. Their mature
    artistic tastes no longer exist or matter, as long as they’re proving their devotion
    to their little ones as though this is the only way to be good dads. As a matter of fact,
    today there’s no longer children’s music and adult people’s music, all music
    is children’s, or they’ll lock themselves in their bedrooms and never talk to their
    dads. The producers have got the sense of this reality and take advantage of it.

    Crystal, never give up! I love your voice and I am sure you will get what you deserve.

    I am going to buy all your CD’s/music. I live in Toronto and I can’t wait to go to
    a concert of yours together with my wife and son. Please let me know where I can
    buy your CDs from.



  31. dear crystal
    i was so happy to see you are on tv again starting march 4th,going back to yesterday
    when my hubby ron first heard your song,you can let go,he also said it was everything he thought it would be plus moooooooore,
    as for myself it brings back many memories for my grown up girls,even the very first time they wanted to do personal things by themselves,like feeding themseves,
    going to school on their own,riding school bus very first time,fist day in junior high,first day in senior high, college for the first time,to babysitters for the first time,
    their first jobs,first boyfriends and leaving home, leaving the nest.
    only a parent understands the unique experience of letting go,once a parent,always a parent,it also reminded me of the book by Seuss”I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER”
    we plan to watch you at work tomorrow,
    luv cousin elaine


  33. DEAR CUZ,
    CUZ ,Elaine@Ron with love

  34. CRYSTAL ROCKS TURTLE ISLAND : She has an amazing voice, true talent and was born a Country Girl! Cannot wait for the CD!

  35. DEAR CUZ,

  36. Great song – I lost my dad to cancer and I can really relate to this song as I told my dad that it was okay for him to leave my Mom and I and that I would look after my Mom – he passed shortly after I told him this.

    This artist has an exceptional voice and really puts emotion in this song.

  37. I have just heard this song…. I was at work today…my first day back after taking FMLA to help take care of my Dad for the past few weeks. My niece sent me and my sister and email and asked if we had heard this song on the radio. She was listening to it and thought about us. When I came home I looked it up online and heard/seen the U tube video for this song. My Dad died from colon cancer on Feb 29th 2008…just 20 minutes past his 73rd birthday had past. He had been battling it for the past 7 years. I remember when he was in the hospital bed at the Hospice. I layed by him with my head on his chest. I just wanted to crawl up in bed with him and never let go. We were able to bring him home and our whole family took care of him another week till he passed away. This song is all so real and really is close to my heart. I miss him so much and everyone who is still lucky enough to have their dad today with them should cherish every moment together they can.

  38. I sit in awe reading a comment by a woman named Chrissy whose father’s life was taken by colon cancer. I too, have just lost my father to colon cancer on March 16, 2008 at the age of 66. I brought my father home and cared for him with the help of my sisters, during what was his last few weeks of life. While we were taking care of my father, my sister’s boyfriend heard this song and emailed it to us with a disclaimer that we should not listen to this song without the support of one another and a box of kleenex. What a tear jerker this one was. As it turns out, my other sister had told our father in his last moments of life that it was okay to let go….she hadn’t heard this song until a couple of days after his passing. Nonetheless, at my father’s memorial today, March 20, 2008, this song will be one of the songs played while we remember him. Wonderful song, great meaning….Touched my life and I know will do the same for others. Take care.. Christine

  39. I read all the stories of the daughters who have cared for their fathers with cancer, and am proud of each on for being there for your dad’s. I’m the nurse in my family and know what both sides of that bed are like, my sisters and mother were there with me to watch my father wither away and suffer for 6 years with colon cancer, then we sat by his bed and waited for the end. There were about 20 people in the room when I told my father that it was OK that we were all here and we loved him and he took that last breath. It was the hardest thing I have ever been through, other than sitting on his bed with him when the doctor said it was cancer. It is hard to watch someone you love so much go through it and it is hard to watch your famliy go through it too. Thank you for a song that let’s us know we aren’t alone in the world.

  40. I heard that song start playing on the radio on my way to work, as I went to change the station something told me to wait a second, I am glad I did, its a great song. Hope to hear more great songs from you in the future.

  41. I was in the car with my own Daddy when this song came on the radio. It made me instantly go into tears. It means alot to know that someone else feels the same way I do about my Daddy, He means the world to me and I know he feels the same. Thank You.

  42. I was in the car with my own Daddy when this song came on the radio. It made me instantly go into tears. It means alot to know that someone else feels the same way I do about my Daddy, He means the world to me and I know he feels the same. Thank You.

  43. What an amazing song!!! I read the lyrics to my dad who was dying. We were so close and I took care of him during his last days on hospice fighting lung cancer. It was painful but would not have missed that opportunity. When I finished reading this song to him, he really did let go and passed away right then and there while I was holding his hand. It was so unreal. He was my rock and he was holding on for me (I recently also lost my 3 year old son in February suddenly). Thanks to Crystal for having the courage to put words out there that I could not have put together myself.

  44. I lost my dad almost a year ago (05/17/07). He’d been in intensive care for seven weeks after heart valve surgery. The morning he died I was at my mom’s side telling Dad that he could go home because I’d make sure Mom was taken care of. He left us a few minutes after that.

    You always think you’re the only one that goes through something like that. My heart goes out to all the others.

    Amazing song! Listening to it will make the one-year anniversary of Dad’s death a little easier.

  45. Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories about this song. My father passed away last year too, and we had the same scene at his bedside. It’s amazing, really, how something that as you go through it you feel it’s only your family who has to do it, but a song like this comes along and reminds us that the human experience is universal.

    I don’t know if this will be a hit, but I hope that the people who need to hear it will get the chance to.

  46. Wow you wrote my life to the T, My dad diagnosed with lung cancer was to have 1-2 yrs. 3 wks later I’m on my way from Pheonix drove striaght to Oregon by the time I got there my Mom tells me he won’t reconize me, well I told her that I had not driven all this way to wait until morning it did not matter if he know who I was or not so we went to the hospital in the dark i could not beleive that was my dad so frail But He knew just who I was, He says Hi baby, I too had to tell him those very words. What a beautiful song and Crystals voice is flawless

    Thank you

  47. WOW…you wrote my life story…….you captured the love my dad and I had…..
    and I hope my daughter has with my husband….

  48. Wow- heard this song on the way home in the car today. Both my daughters were with me and I don’t usually totally blubber in front of them, but the well let go! The song brought me right back to that very monment in the hospital room. It was so hard letting my daddy go. It was just last year that he passed and the days haven’t been the same since. I was trying to hide all that grief and the song just wouldn’t allow it. I cried for my daddy today. I cried because I lost him and so much time was still left, he always said he’d live to 120 and when I was little believed him! He got half way there! Thank you for the song and all that it brought with it! You captured my heart.

  49. I heard this song in the car today and had to pull over. I was in tears! What a beautiful song. It will be a year on Tuesday when I lost my precious daddy…every word in that songs touches every ounce of me. It’s a beautiful song! I cherish the memories and live for today. Thank you for the wonderful moments you give to me when I listen to that song. My daddy memories will live forever. Thank you!

  50. I cant even express how much I love this song I cried afew times to this song… It reminds me alot of my dad, and how he wont let go …and I always am telling him Ill be fine

  51. What an amazing song. My dad passed away 6 years ago and all the memories come back when I hear this song. We heard this song just a little too late as my baby got married this past weekend and this song would have been perfect. I know for a fact that this song will be played at weddings and funerals alike and bring a flood of tears at both. Thank you!

  52. crystal, wonderful song, luv it, please keep me posted on ur tour, i would luv to see ur show if u come to calgary canada. maybe 4 stampeed this summer, hint hint…

  53. How come so many people realize that review sites are NOT direct links to the performer? I used to have a Whose Line? episode guide and everybody would always send me information as if I were Wayne Brady.

  54. Hey girl! You have come so incredibly far! I love you & DeWayne so much! I am so proud to have you as part of my family! See you soon!!!!

  55. Hey this is an awesome song i just love it, it makes me cry everytime i hear it, i am getting married this july 19th and my dad passed away in 1994 due to a car accident and i miss him soooo much and this song means alot to me

  56. The first time i heard you can let go now daddy., i cried as i thought of my daddy who passed away 4 yrs ago that was the last thing i said to him just before he passed away he was so sick i said to him you can let go now daddy and be mom and the lord i’ll be ok i love you daddy. i was his little girl always and forever even at 64 yrs of age i miss him so much that song means so much to me ,

  57. i love this song this song it made me cry i love it im trying to get it .
    my cuzin lori had got married to a army man and they plaayerd this song on her weeding on june 28 on friday i love this song i jsut could not rember sing it i would like to met you one day and go to your conmet
    alicia sue manning
    your biggest fan ever i love country music espec this son.

  58. Dad died in April and I have been doing ok but my youngest sister is having a really hard time. I heard the song for the first time in the car yesterday and my heart broke thinking of her and her closeness to dad. I want to share the song with her but worry she definitely will need lots more time before she can say, ‘you can let go, daddy.’ Warning ….if there isn’t room to pull over, do NOT listen to this song while driving your car!

  59. Hey, if anybody’s interested, you can listen to Crystal’s upcoming album Dawn of a New Day at
    Direct link

    It’s out August 19th in Canada. I’m not sure if there is a US release date.

  60. Oops, looks like the Canadian release date was June 24th! Wow, they got it early.

    I keep looking for the US release date but can’t find anything. Maybe it’s best to order it from Canada!

  61. Listening to this song reminds me of my father and I. My dad is getting up in age now and I am not looking forward to the day that I will have to tell him “You can let go”. This song is a real tear jerker.

  62. WOW, thank you for putting into words my feelings. My dad passed away last year, July 24, 2007. He died a day before my mother was to make a decision about whether or not the machines were “medicinal” or “life suppoort” now. I know in my heart, that Daddy let himself go so my Mother would not have to live with a decision. He “let himself go”, but not before all of his daughters were able to say good-bye. My Daddy’s in heaven, making more wooden crosses for everyone. I hope he makes a special one for Crystal…she deserves one!!!! Thank you for putting your beatiful voice to these words.

  63. I heard this song through video at the National UNITY Conference July 2008. I was very amazed with the song. Just reminds me of my father who passed about 1 1/2 year ago. My father expressed to his children his desire to remain here in this world with us, but he knew with the diabetes that taken over his life, his body couldn’t handle the stress of the disease. We expressed our undying love to our father, we told our father it’s ok “to let go” we’ll be alright, we believe it’s only temporary because we will soon see each other again. My father, though appeared to be in a coma, with a teardrop said “goodbye”. This song just made me relive what we experienced at the time we lost our father. Very beautiful and meaningful song!

  64. We all know that there’s only 3 women having any success in country music right now. Dare I say she’s soon to be #4

  65. I cannot begin to tell everyone what this song means to me. I lost my father on Jan. 15, 2007. He was 86 years old. I was his baby girl. I loved him with all my heart and always tried my best to be good to him. I also had to tell my precious father those words and that I would be OK if he had to go. I so wanted to crawl up in his bed, but I didn’t because he had fell and broke both his hip and shoulder and I didn’t want to cause him any more pain. He passed away two days later. When I heard this song, I literally cried my eyes out. I only had my father for 33 yrs., but they were the most wonderful years and I still miss him every single day. I am so thankful that someone knew this song would touch so many people so deeply. Thank You!

  66. My husband’s grandfather passed away on Friday Aug. 1 2008. He had just turned 87 on July 31,2008 in which we all celebrated his birthday at his home with him laying in a bed just barely holding on. We all prayed the rosary for him that day and then sang him Happy Birthday! 9 of his children had told him it was okay to go. You see it was their Daddy’s wish to go home with their mother who passed away 4 years ago. He had missed her since that day she died. During the night of July 31 until the next day Aug. 1 Grandpa had a rough night. Some of the children that stayed with him that night could not understand what he was holding on for, until they thought of the youngest child who had a hard time of letting go. They called her and asked if she ever told Daddy “It was okay to go”, she said no. So she came and told her Daddy it’s okay to let go. Shortly after that his breathing got shallow and he passed away. We all believe he was waiting for his 10th child to tell him it was okay. At the rosary and funeral they played your song “You can let go” This song was perfect!
    It was beautiful! It is something I will never forget. This family means alot to me!
    Thank You! Their Mom and Dad had 10 children, 29 grandchildren, and 16 great grandchildren.

  67. i love this song it rmined me of my dad so much and he died 6 years ago i cry everytime i hear this brother walked me down the isle cause he wasnt here.but he was always there when i needed him

  68. I heard this song for the first time yesterday.

    My father passed away in September of last year. He was admitted to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. He got through surgery just fine, but he developed an infection which caused his blood pressure to drop and his kidneys to fail. He was 81. He hated being in the hospital and didn’t want to be left alone, so my sister and I took turns staying with him during the night. No one gets much sleep in hospitals and for a week we were exhausted, but we did it for our father. Despite all the time we were spending with him, Daddy died when neither of us was there. We believe that Daddy chose to go when he did to spare us the pain of watching him die.

    This song goes directly to my heart in a way that not many do. After a loss one learns to go on, but there is a hole in the heart that never heals. My sister and I still miss our Daddy every single day.

    Beautiful song.

  69. I am amazed about how you wrote a song so near to me. I just lost my DAD the strongest man I’ve ever known. This song was written for me and him. Every word of the song was my wonderful life with my Daddy.
    Thank you.

  70. I listened to this song come on the radio one day and all i could do was cry, It was like I was suppost to hear it. My dad is dying right now from cancer and I am buying this song for him, it seems to me that he is fighting so hard to hold on and his girls(me and my sisters keep telling him it’s ok to let go.. This song is truly an amazing song. And your voice is amaezing to listen sing this song.

  71. My father has terminal cancer and it is a matter of weeks now before he will pass on. As I’m planning my father’s funeral, my husband tells me about a song that I need to hear. My husband is a paramedic and heard it while driving in the ambulance. He AND his partner had tears streaming down their faces. Every daughter can relate to this song. I don’t think any song could say any better the feelings I am going through.

    Thank you Crystal!

  72. Its great hearing how everyone else has such great fathers but unfortunently i am unable to ever say that my father has cared that much to be in my life. i long for something like what everyone else has, a father who loves them unconditionally. this song is just another reminder of what i dont have. but it is still beautiful in its own way.

  73. I can stop crying when I hear this song. My father was dying of cancer when I was in my late teens. He held on for days. This song was exactly how I felt and still do! I LOVE IT!

  74. My wife’s dad passed away about four months ago, just a few hours after his first grandchild, a little girl, was born.
    The first time my wife heard this song, yesterday, she was in tears. What a beautiful, moving piece.

  75. My daddy passed away March 18, 2008 and I can only tell you that there are no words to
    explain the heartache I feel until I heard this song. My Dad waited until all of us kids were at his bedside before quietly passed away in his hospital bed. I will always remember the single tear on his last breath that gently rolled down his face. Thank you for a beautiful song. Your voice is one of a kind.

  76. My Dad died of cancer several years ago and I was in a position that I could not visit him when he was getting so bad, but I told him the date I would be there. He held on until I could get there and then we had our last meal together. This song is one of the Most Beautiful country songs I have ever heard and I relive every moment of my last visit with my Dad and he knew he “could let go”. I cannot stop the tears every time I play this song. Crystal is just GREAT!!! I will always buy every album and every single she produces. She is tops and I sincerely hope that I get to see her as #1 on all the country charts in the US.

  77. I lost my dad 10/06/2008 after a sudden and short illness. I heard this song this summer when I was driving to meet my mom to pick up my son who had been staying with her. I was sad thinking that it should be my dad meeting me as that is usually who had made the drive before. Then I heard this song and the tears started and then I changed stations and heard it again in less than 15 minutes. I swear I thought it was my dad talking to me. I didn’t know what the name was or who sang it until today and now I can’t wait to buy it. It is coming up on the 1 year of losing my dad the feelings are still raw. I still remember whispering in his ear that I loved him and he could go now. Beautiful song!!!

  78. this song sounds so much like my life, my father died of cancer a year ago, and before he died he had fought cancer for 6 years. it took over his mouth, face and stomach, this was the most horrible way I have ever seen any man suffer he could not eat and he just whithered away each year. he was holding on and my mom could not figure out why, because he was a like a vegetable before he died. he was skin and bones and had not spoke for 3 days and on that day I told my sister in law to let me talk to him on the phone because we are a military family and I was pregnant so I could not travel at the time, well, I told him it was okay. we would be just fine. but in reality I’m not fine I just didn’t want him to suffer anymore, I had my baby boy 3 weeks after he died. this hurts to type, i told him we would be okay and I meant it. but god I miss you dad and this song brings back memories and tugs on my heart. it makes me cry because I would give anything to give him a hug. I was praying he would get better to see his little grandson but I’m sure he is smiling down on us. I really need to buy this Cd. you did an awesome job with this song, it really touches my heart and sums up so much of my life the last few years. I miss my daddy so much. thank you for this song.

  79. Wow, What a song. My dad passed in May. We have a large extended family and this song said it right on. He was a great strong man, he helped all of us learn a great many things. We were all there to send him to heaven. God bless you for making a song so great as this. I love your vocals.

  80. I was sitting at work today,i usually listen to the radio, and it was the first time i heard this song, i couldn’t help but cry. I think its honestly, the sweetest song ever written. My boyfriend (Jon) and his sister (Ashley)(who is my bestfriend) Recently lost their dad, And your song is so true, and there are no words to
    explain the heartache I feel for them and their family, its hard to believe everything they’ve been through. This song is truly touching, it gave me cold shivers.. .. -Rest In Peace- Tony Dwyer *forever in our hearts* we miss you..

  81. On May 27, 2008 I sat by my Daddy’s bedside and held his hand as I leaned over and told him “it is okay now Daddy. You can go home now…Momma is waiting for you.” My heart was broken but watching the beauty of my Daddy leave this earthly home to enter Heaven’s gates was awesome. (Daddy fought a brave battle with cancer. Momma died 5 months and 3 weeks before he passed away.) This song brings back a million special memories. Thank you!

  82. On October 24, 2004 I lost my daddy to cancer, small oat cell. My daddy was in the Asphalt business for 45 years, Owned Racehorses, Show horses, you name it. I loved my daddy so much. I was adopted by him and my mother on April 5, 1956, he was my daddy all the way. No one can ever,ever, take that away from us. Your song hit home like a ton of bricks. He did all those things. 3 days before he died my husband (Joe) and I went to see him. He was in a rest for only (2 weeks) before he died, only sick about a month. He told me that day that he loved me and some very personnal things, Than he said I want to die now and the angels where coming and the priest had given him the last rites. So That is when I went to make furnerl arrangements for my mom. Than he died that weekend on the 24th of October. I told him to its okay daddy to go now be with your sisters and brothers, The gates of heaven are ready for you and mom will be alright,. I am there to take care of her. She has lived 4 years after and still going after being married to this wonderful, strong, man and nothing to get him down, of 60 years. Love you Daddy you are always my daddy.

  83. I heard this song for the first time on September 25th, 13 years to the day that I lost my daddy. I was having a very hard day because I was very close to my father..hearing this song on this day helped me to get through the day and remember my daddy happily. This song it the most beautiful song I have heard in years. Crystal has such a beautiful natural voice. Thank you for this song.

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