Sara Evans, “Some Things Never Change”

I thought about easing into this by waxing poetic about what a big fan I’ve been of Sara Evans over the years. While it would all be true, I have opted to just get right down to my uncensored opinion about this song.

While her voice is as good as always, the song leaves something to be desired. It just isn’t memorable. It’s about a subject that has been sung about many, many times—Lonestar has a whole catalog full of these types of songs—and this one just doesn’t stand out. It starts with a mother who gets up early every morning and takes care of all of the domestic needs of her family while her husband sacrifices by tending to their physical needs. The hook is “love still remains” and “ain’t you glad that some things never Change.” The song concludes with the singer shifting into first person and professing her continued love to her husband. After all these years, she still feels the same–“Ain’t you glad to know that some things never change?”

While I can appreciate the sentiment that this song conveys, I would be more appreciative of a better delivery of this oft sung about topic. Not only do the lyrics seem somewhat rehashed, the production sounds as though it’s been done before as well. I know Sara can deliver something better than this, because she’s done it many times.

So, ultimately, it’s not bad, but it’s not something that you will remember in ten years…or even ten minutes after you listen to it.

Written by Hillary Lindsey, John M Shanks, Matt Evans & Sara Evans

Grade: B-

Listen:  Some Things Never Change

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  1. While I agree that the topic of this song has been used many times and that Sara has released better material, I have to disagree to a certain degree with this comment. I’ve a huge Sara Evans fan for many years and I think she has one of the best voices in country music, and she uses that voice flawlessly on this song to deliver a great performance. It’s so good to know that she continues to consistently release great songs like this.

    Grade: A-

  2. i was just listening to her eal fine place cd. havent heard that one in awhile. what a voice she has. but this song really doesnt show it. it just sounds bland. it a theme that has been done so many times that you have to take a really unique view on it to make it original and this doesn’t do that, although it could be worse. i would give it a C+ or a B-

  3. This review is so unfair and unobjective. You can´t praise an artist by saying this song is not memorable after 10 minutes you hear it… it sounds just too hard on a very great song, … I TOTALLY DISAGREE!!!!!

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