2008 Grammy Live Blog

Okay, y’all. Thanks for a fun night, especially in the comments. Let’s do this again when the ACM’s roll around!

11:30 Let me just say that Grammy voters never cease to amaze me. I’m tremendously impressed.

11:28 Album of the Year: Herbie Hancock, River: The Joni Letters


11:27 Quincy’s won 27 Grammy awards. Alison Krauss is thinking, “Give me six years, and I will own you.”

11:26 Usher & Quincy Jones presenting Album?

11:24 Will.i.am. Seems to be singing Record of the Year winners.

11:20 So, will there be another surprise performance? Or are we just waiting on Album? I don’t think there’s time for much else.

11:17 This is history, and important history at that. I’m blown away.

11:12 Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and John Fogerty. Pretty damn formidable combo.

11:11 Nineteen minutes and only one award left. What’s the big performance that’s still waiting in the wings?

11:07 This has felt like a very “adult” Grammy show, just like the old days. Don’t ya think?

11:03 I counted two: Porter Wagoner and Hank Thompson. And I agree with ending with Luciano Pavarotti.

11:01 Count the country acts in the memoriam clip.

10:57 Grammy Promo Clip Reel. Snack break!

10:51 Good Lord, this is good TV.

10:50 Record of the Year: Amy Winehouse, “Rehab.”

10:48 Very strange to segue from Amy Winehouse to Doris Day. Just sayin’.

10:47 I’m guessing Tony’s giving Record again, like he did last year.

10:44 She knows she’s good, but she’s not cocky about it. I like it. I predict her sales will explode tonight.

10:43 Is it just me, or is the easily the coolest performance of the night?

10:41 Here comes Amy Winehouse. Good luck!

10:35 Jay-Z is slaying tonight. Vince Gill’s got competition.

10:34 Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: Rihanna featuring Jay-Z, “Umbrella.” ella. ella. ella.

10:33 Taylor Swift needs to stop wearing prom dresses everywhere she goes.

10:33 And they get a standing O. Good for them.

10:28 This is why we need the Grammys. This kind of music wouldn’t get a primetime showcase without them. Not all the good music is on the radio, folks.

10:26 I’m curious to hear Herbie Hancock.

10:20 God, I love him. Graceful as ever.

10:19 Best Country Album: Vince Gill, These Days. Scream your heart out, Leeann!

10:18 Best Country Album winner gets to be handed a trophy by Ringo Starr. How cool!

10:18 That little guy who sang “Let it Be” could jump through Alicia’s earrings.

10:17 Love John Mayer, though. Last year he was nominated against the Dixie Chicks and freely admitted that he voted for them instead of himself. Good taste.

10:16 Alecia Keys and John Mayer – Grammy All-Stars Edition!

10:15 I like her better behind the piano. She doesn’t need to do the diva thing.

10:12 Here comes Alicia Keys. You can actually believe the hype on this one.

10:11 25-time Grammy winner Stevie Wonder. You know Alison Krauss is thinking, “Give me three more years.”

10:09 The LifeWater commercial featuring “Thriller” reminded me that Michael Jackson was supposed to be appearing on the show. Any chance that glorious trainwreck still might happen?

10:03 Best Rock Album: Foo Fighters, Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace. I thought it would be Springsteen. I think that makes Kanye West and Amy Winehouse in a tie for biggest winners of the night so far at four, with Springsteen ending with three.

10:02 I’m proposing a moratorium on sunglasses indoors.

10:01 She can still sing. He still can’t.

10:00 Good retro, winner from the first Grammy. With Kid Rock! Oh dear.

9:59 Not very feisty for a girl who calls herself Feist.

9:57 Oh look. The Canadian Taylor Swift.

9:56 Earl Scruggs Shout-Out. Cool!

9:51 They just showed a pic of Ashley Cleveland winning her Grammy. Little known fact: she was part of Twang Night’s with Pam Tillis at the Bluebird Cafe back in the late eighties. Now they each have one Grammy.

9:47 I don’t remember the Gospel field ever being showcased before on Grammy night. Is this a first?

9:46 Jesus brought the sunshine. Then Aretha blocked it. I’m sorry. That was awful. God forgive me.

9:44 Oops. Thought I’d hit the remote and switched over to Goddesses.

9:43 BeBe Winans and Aretha Franklin. The rafters are gonna ring.

9:41 Kanye just shamed the music players. Good for him. Let the man talk about his mom.

9:40 Why is he wearing those glasses again?

9:39 Best Rap Album: Kanye West, Graduation. Four awards tonight, his biggest night to date. He’s now won ten Grammys in four years. Wow.

9:38 Jeannie C. Riley wore that dress in white to the 1968 CMA Awards.

9:37 He did decently well, particularly with his guitar-playing. What a great lead-in to the award for….Best Rap Album.

9:34 Brad Paisley gets his shot on the Grammy stage, and he sings “Ticks.” Come on, really? “Letter to Me” could’ve sold him a boatload of records tonight.

9:32 George Lopez just said that this is “the only country where a black man and a white women could run for the president of the United States.” In what other country could anyone run for the president of the United States?”

9:27 Grammy is hyping the Amy Winehouse performance as much as they did Elton John & Eminem. Enough already.

9:24 I’d rather hear Bruce Springsteen. Or Green Day. Or U2. I guess I like more mainstream rock or something.

9:22 Foo Fighters. No matter how good the band gets, they’ll always be Dave Grohl’s Wings.

9:14 Song of the Year: Amy Winehouse, “Rehab.” Uh-oh. She might be sweeping. Kanye West is gonna be soooo pissed.

9:13 Burt Bacharach is the greatest living composer? Only if you don’t count those who wear blonde wigs.

9:13 Andy Williams never was, and never will be, the O.G. Come on now.

9:11 Good. I got my toot-toot-toots. That’ll do.

9:10 I better get some toot-toot-toots soon.

9:09 I knew those dancers were there for “Proud Mary.”

9:07 Oh, good. The Solid Gold dancers I ordered have arrived.

9:05 Two and half decades later, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” is still awesome.

9:04 Beyonce looks hot, but I’m willing to bet Tina’s got better legs.

9:03 Cher: “I started singing when Lincoln was president.” Funny!

8:56 Ringo! George Martin! His son that produced the Kim Richey album! Cool!

8:55 Best Soundtrack Album: Beatles, Love

8:53 The night’s first big shocker: Fergie can really sing.

8:51 It’s easy to forget, with his huge ego, that West has the talent to back it up. All he needed was a mic.

8:49 His second song is breaking my heart.

8:47 The glasses are creeping me out. It’s like watching the lead singer of Gnarls Barkley perform without glasses.

8:46 Tonight, the role of Max Headroom will be played by Kanye West.

8:45 I recognize this but I can’t place it.

8:39 Jason Bateman was only slightly less obnoxious on Valerie. Only slightly.

8:38 Nice musicianship there, but let’s be honest. Martie Maguire would wipe the floor with all of you.

8:37 If “My Grammy Moment” has already gone from Justin Timberlake to the Foo Fighters, maybe we’ll get a country one in the next couple of years.

8:34 Best New Artist: Amy Winehouse. As it should be.

8:34 I love me some Cyndi Lauper, even if she’s still talking in Madonna’s “Who’s that Girl” voice.

8:31 Hey, I actually like the little guy. And the big woman who just surfaced next to him. “Let it Be” works brilliantly as a gospel number.

8:30 Who’s the little guy?

8:27 Let me add that I don’t get Cirque du Soleil at all, but if we’re going to watch them, I’d rather have The Beatles on the stereo than Celine Dion at the mic.

8:26 Very cool song choice. “A Day in the Life” is one of those rare Beatles classics that isn’t overplayed.

8:25 How sad that an audience cut shows Yoko and Ringo, though kudos to them for being there.

8:24 I smell a Beatles tribute.

8:23 A shout-out to The Band. Awesome.

8:23 This sounds like Michael Jackson’s old song.

8:22 Sing “Umbrella” live!

8:21 Wait for it…wait for it…

8:20 Guess what Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban can do that Rihanna can’t?

8:19 Okay, damn, “Umbrella” is catchy. ella. ella. ella.

8:18 Apparently I’m so ignorant of hip-hop music that I assumed Flavor Flav was a member of The Time because he wore a clock around his neck. I’m very, very sad that this reunion does not feature Flavor Flav.

8:17 Jimmy Jam is the chairman. Terry Lewis must be dying with envy.

8:10 It’s weird to see someone thanking God while wearing that outfit. I mean, I’m sure a lot of audience members are thanking God, but still.

8:09 Best Female R&B Vocal Performance: Alicia Keys, “No One.” Saw that one coming. Darn good song, too. “Supawoman” is even better.

8:09 That was pretty cool, gotta admit. I’m sure Prince wished he was performing with Carrie instead of presenting on his own.

8:06 First Frank Sinatra, now Carrie Underwood dressed as Nancy Sinatra. What’s up with the arrangement? She looks great, sounds good, but I’m very confused by the whole visual thing and the twang-free remix.

8:05 Carrie Underwood already, and performing “Before He Cheats.” It doesn’t sound like that, though.

8:04 Keys is giving an interesting history about the start of the Grammys. Sinatra did support it in the beginning, but that had a lot to do with rebuffing rock and roll upstarts.

8:03 Sorry I was a little late, folks. Already getting my “nostalgia” wish granted, though!

8:02 Has any Grammy “new girl of the year” better lived up to her early promise than Alicia Keys?


  1. I loved the first performance.The beginning of Carrie’s song worried me…oh, now, the end of it is worrying me too. What’s with all of the drums. My husband says that the performance looks like they’re doing a play or something. Over all, an entertaining performance, but the actual song is better.

  2. The Carrie performance was a bit strange and I guess we can always be glad they didn’t let Rascal Flatts sing “Revolution” as as tribute to The Beatles.

  3. Ah yes – throw in some peace signs – I’m all for peace, but typical Grammy grandstanding… and right into two completely disparate performers – Lauper and Cyrus.

    Will taylor win it?

  4. Winehouse really did make a great album. No disrespect to Taylor Swift, but she couldn’t really match Winehouse, though they both sing their personal truths. Swift has teardrops on her guitar, and Amy’s in rehab.

  5. I don’t get Vince being offended by a short performance slot, when he showed up for the 2007 CMA’s. That year he was nominated for Album of the Year, and inducted into the Hall of Fame, and all they offered him was introducing the Eagles. And he did it. How can he be offended by the Grammys?

  6. Y’all think Amy might sweep?

    If she does, she becomes the first artist since Christopher Cross to win all four general races and the first female artist to win the big three since…the Dixie Chicks last year.

    More significantly, she’d set the record for most wins by a female artist in one night.

    She has four so far tonight, with two to go.

    Current record is five, shared by Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, Norah Jones and Dixie Chicks.

  7. she could definetly sweep….its looking like they want her to have it all….but i really can’t complain…i would love to see vince win though

    i adore dave grohl

  8. Thanks, Kevin. Recent lurker. I don’t think I’ve ever posted before, though. I like whoever is on stage, chior and all. I love country but this is great….oh wait! Aretha, is that you?! fabulous

  9. Okay, that makes sense. I hadn’t heard that she’d be singing tonight. Haha about off key…she always sounds super nervous when she sings on awards shows. I wonder if that’s Rascal Flatts problem?:)

  10. What the hell is that Canadian thing on stage? With part of her high school band playing backup? I almost wish Taylor Swift WAS performing. then again…not.

  11. Is anyone watching this “Thriller” commercial? Life Water. Hilarious. Would have made a good Super Bowl commercial. That is still a great song.

  12. Kevin – I have no doubt that Alison will catch Steve’s butt and go full speed ahead after that. She has plenty of ‘prime’ left in her. I can’t believe how much I love her new single Gone Gone Gone with Plant.

  13. I think reading the Grammy blogs has to be better than watching the actual show. I’ve got a few going. So…Carrie Underwood in vinyl performing with the Blue Man Group? I have to admit, I’m curious. :)

    40 min. to go out here on the west coast.

  14. My favorite quote from the LA Times blog:

    “Brad Paisley, singing “Ticks.” Look at you, Nashville, delivering the most sexually-explicit song of this year’s Grammy Awards.”

  15. “Rhapsody in Blue” what an elegant piece of music. Played by 2 masters. Listen up, you young kids out there. This is about as good as it can get.

  16. Sorry Kevin, didn’t mean it that way! “Country Universe” is my favorite blog would be a better way to put it! :)

    I”m bummed Amy Winehouse isn’t performing live. There’s just no way she can have the same impact via satellite and she is really talented. Fill me in.

    As far as Vince…top 5.

  17. It’s supposed to go till 11:30. Last year it ended at 11:28, thanks to a shell-shocked Dixie Chicks keeping their speech brief. They’ve only got one award left, so I imagine it’ll end on time this year, too.

  18. Kevin – the last few years, I channel surfed during the show – if I watched at all. I’m really enjoying it this year. Good balance of all genres of music.

  19. Okay, I finally caught up with the Grammys and Carrie Underwood’s performance. Umm..she scares me. Besides that, what do you think Nashville’s reaction to that will be? A good representation of Nashville and country music? There wasn’t an element of country in that performance.

  20. I doubt anything will ever top last year’s Grammys for me b/c of the Chicks sweep. But this is a darn great show, nonetheless. Imagine if the CMA’s ever tried to embrace so much history on one night.

  21. Wow. Shocker! I read all the predictions for Album of the Year that I could find and NO ONE predicted Herbie!!! I haven’t listened to the album, but I love Joni Mitchell.

  22. Kevin, thanks for blogging the awards. It made watching all he more enjoyable. Now I’ve got to go download Hancock’s album for my ipod. Night..

  23. Leeann,

    I think the CMA’s could learn quite a bit from this year’s Grammys. Showcase the history, while also the best of the new. Makes for a great show. Imagine pairing up legends with new stars on a country show?

  24. Yeah, I agree, Kevin. I also agree with your comment regarding Vince losing to another legend. I guess I’m just a bit Vince obsessed. I won’t deny it.

  25. I didn’t pick Hancock’s album to win the big award but (on another thread on this site) I did call it the best non-Country album nominated since Norah Jones in 2003. Needless to say, I’m pleased that Hancock, a brialliant musician, won.

    And because it was Hancock who won, that dipstick Kanye West couldn’t pull out the race card and claim discrimination

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