Country Universe mentioned in the new issue of Country Weekly

This week’s issue of Country Weekly, dated February 25, has a brief mention of Country Universe on page 60. The clipping mentions last month’s feature, The Fifty Best Debut Singles of All-Time, which you can begin reading here.  Personally, I’m most excited to have given them a reason to put Jeannie C. Riley’s picture in the magazine!


Huge thanks to reader Judy, who first e-mailed me about the mention, and then was kind enough to scan it.


  1. Kevin, that’s just awesome. I have some exciting things happening to my own blog and other stuff that will be announced shortly. But I also remember seeing my name in a trade ad for a review of a Mila Mason. I was their ‘quote.’ I bought that magazine to show my family that my review ‘gig’ was ‘happening.’ Now it’s about to get REAL serious. So, stay tuned :)

  2. Saw this in Country Weekly too, from an older issue….

    “Bloggers Take on the CMA Awards
    November 8, 2007

    You can relive the 41st annual Country Music Association Awards minute by minute at the music blogs Idolator, The 9513 and Country Universe. Each of the sites “liveblogged” the show, offering commentary on the performances, speeches and even the commercials in real time. Idolator editor Maura Johnston, whose site focuses mostly on rock and rap, wound up comparing the ceremony favorably to the recent MTV Video Music Awards. “What’s great about this show is how sincerely thankful everyone seems,” she wrote at evening’s end, “instead of just, you know, drunk.”

  3. Hey Charlie,

    I caught that back in November because of the hits coming in from the site, but I don’t think it ran in the issue. I think it was just an online thing.

    It would be nice if they did have the actual issues online, though. Trying to find a print copy of this will be a Herculean task in NYC.

  4. Congrats Kevin! You have worked really hard on this blog and I always enjoy coming here to see what new stuff you have (and reading older entries that I missed). I was so thrilled and happy when you mentioned my blog on your site hahaha… so I’m glad your site is getting to be so popular. I’ve known of your blog for quite a long time and have seen it grow through time and it just keeps getting better and better. Keep uo the great work.

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