Reba McEntire & Kenny Chesney or Skip Ewing, “Every Other Weekend”

I guess MCA realizes this song is so good, they need to send it to radio, even if they don’t have the green light from BMG to push the Kenny Chesney duet that’s on the actual album.  You can listen to the new version with Skip Ewing below, but the purchase link will be for the Kenny Chesney version.  And let’s be honest.  That’s the version radio’s going to play anyway.

The song drips with vulnerability and hurt, as the two dueling inner monologues of divorced parents each confess they’d be happier if they were together again.     Songs with that emotional element are Reba’s sweet spot.   Hearing her performance is a reminder that more than thirty years into her career, she’s still one of the best damn singers around.    Ewing pales in comparison, but Chesney steps up his game in the original version.     This is the first great single from Duets, even if it’s been altered for radio.

Grade:  A  (Reba McEntire & Kenny Chesney);  B (Reba McEntire & Skip Ewing)

Listen: Every Other Weekend  (Reba McEntire & Skip Ewing)

Buy: Every Other Weekend (Reba McEntire & Kenny Chesney)


  1. Unfortunately, I think Skip’s performance on this record will ruin the chances of success. I’m not much of a Kenny fan, but he did do a good job on this song and it surely would have been a hit for Reba if he had sung on it. They never allow artists to release songs with Kenny on them, case in point the harsh words from Kenny’s label to radio regarding playing Tracy Lawrence’s song. Then again, it’s cool if Kenny releases songs with a guest performer, such as George Strait. Hmmm…

  2. I knew it was gonna happen. This has been an album cut for so long it was either this of the LeAnn Rimes duet. Both are good, but I knew one of them was gonna hit radio sooner or later.

  3. Interesting, from the9513:

    “After recent mix-ups with artist crediting on collaborations “Find Out Who Your Friends Are,” and “Shiftwork,” MCA has declined to allow the Reba/Kenny
    Chesney “Every other Weekend” (which appears on the Duets album) to be released to radio. The label hasn’t issued an official comment other than to cite
    a “conflict of interest.” Reba still plans to release the song, however; a new version features co-writer Skip Ewing.”

  4. I don’t get that, since MCA is the one it was released on originally. Wouldn’t it be BMG that declined to allow its release to radio? Not that it matters, as radio is already spinning the Reba/Chesney version, just like they did with Lawrence’s single.

  5. Kevin, I was confused by that too. Maybe it’s because MCA didn’t feel George was credited appropriately and they don’t want to be burned again? I, too, assumed it was a BMG decision.

  6. The Skip Ewing version is nothing on the original, unfortunately… It’s one of my favourite songs of 2007, so emotional, and Chesney and McEntire’s performance really moves me.

  7. Originally Radio was told to call “Shiftwork” just a Chesney song. So that’s probably where the problem with BMG/MCA lies. In fact, I don’t doubt that the label tried to release a non duet version for radio. This non-credit stuff is horrible. I like Skip Ewing so I hope it does well for MCA/him.

  8. I think the Skip/Reba version is amazing. I think Skip Ewing sings it with way more emotion, presence and substance. Kenny sounds like he’s just “dialing it in” or something. I also think Skip and Reba’s voices blend together perfectly.
    The whole politics of releasing songs because of fear of album sales and all that is bizarre. Why the music industry concentrates so much on the industry and so little on the music is a sure explanation as to why the business is failing. Anyway, my vote is for the Reba/Skip version and truthfully, I’d like to hear them singing together more. It’s a brilliant song regardless.

  9. There is absolutely no decision between Chesney or Ewing, The duo speaks for itself. Reba and Skip are completely matched in their delivery, in their passion for the lyrics, in sharing the meaning of the music. i am amazed at the reviews to the contrary because there simply is no other choice but to play the Ewing/McEntire version. i want to hear the real deal not the “what You think is the marketable version.” That says what i want to say… real music makes for good sales too.

  10. The Ewing/McEntire version is the official release. I love all three artist involved with this spat, which is a management argument. So let it be. However, so many of the comments seem to indicate that Skip is some no-name back up vocalist. That is simply not the case. Skip is not some new comer to the business; he’s been around for over 20 years. He’s one of Nashville’s finest songwriters, having written 9 number one songs and being named BMI songwriter of the year. He’s a remarkable vocalist on his own with several top 40 hits in the late 80’s, and Skip’s beautiful baritone voice harmonizes perfectly with Reba’s voice. Yes, the two singles do sound different, a little, but honestly the Ewing performance is better.

  11. the only reason i like the kenny chesney version better is because i recognize his voice. but really, the skip ewing version is preformed much better. this is one of kenny’s better vocal preformances, but i don’t think he has a particularly stong voice and it just doesnt get the emotion of the song across as well

  12. The fact that radio is basically only playing the Chesney version is just damned tragic!!

    I have every album Skip Ewing has ever made………….the man is MULTI-TALENTED.

    He sings that song like he’s lived it, because he has. Afterall………..he lived it, wrote it and now has the chance to sing it the way it’s supposed to be sung.

    Chesney has no emotion to his vocals, and can’t carry that song off at all.

    Anyways, Skip is going to be releasing a new album this year, after 11 years!!! I hope he gets the support and play from radio, he MORE than deserves it!!!


  13. Keeny is a good singer, but Skip is much better. The song with Reba and Skip is by far the better version. Sorry to all those who will never get to decide for themeslves.

    I also believe there is bad blood between some higher ups in Nashville as far as Skip Ewing goes. His talent far outshines 90 per cent of Music Cities offerings.

  14. Skip’s voice is much better than Kennys and he sings with so much more emotion and depth. This one should be a no-brainer as far as which is the better version

  15. I have been a fan of Skip Ewing since the 80s..His version of “Every other Weekend” is far and away the best version!! Seems there is politics in every industry these days..a shame when it keeps the real deal from being heard by avid country music fans. Call you radio stations and demand the Skip Ewing version!!

  16. I just heard the Skip Ewing version of this song and I totally agree with the ones that said Skip puts more emotion in the song than Kenny!! Without a doubt!! Kenny’s version is not believable, IMO!! I just can’t picture Kenny doing any of this because to me he seems like an overgrown kid himself, not an adult taking care of children on the weekend. Sorry just don’t see it! It will go up the charts though, just because it has Kenny’s name attached to it!!

  17. The only place I can hear Skip and Reba version of “Every Other Weekend” is on my computer. Any suggestions on how to download or get a hard copy?? I have called my local radio station, KJJY, in Des Moines and they said the only version released for radio play is Kenny Chesney..That wasn’t what I understood from this article. Anyway, I just go downstairs and listen!! Maybe Skip can put this on his new CD..thanks for any info.

  18. Skip Ewing is fantastic and his voice is the best on this duet. He is such a talent and this will help people realize it. Kenny doesn’t hold a candle for Skip. Not only is he a great singer but what a writer. Look up his credit – it’s unbelievable.

    We just need more songs from Skip!

  19. I heard the song online (I’m from Germany and have no other choice) and thought what a great song. So I bought the album and was so dissapointed. I don’t like Kenny on this song at all. He just doesn’t feel it. Skip is amazing though. He should’ve been the first choice anyway.

  20. Well…. I have heard both versions and I like both versions…..I have reba’s duet album and I’m glad that it has Kenny on it . I’m not discrediting Skip Ewing in any way, I just love Kenny Chesney. And furthermore…..whoever said that it will get played because it has Kenny’s name attached to it….well obviously you don’t think much about Reba then….that woman could sing with Daffy Duck and it would get played just as much as a Kenny Chesney song. I’m not knocking Kenny. I love his music but whether he is on the song or not, it will be a hit because it is Reba and that woman is phenomenal. Also, think about this, if they really didn’t want the song played, it would not have been played period. And anyone who did would be facing legal action. The company did this to generate sales, it’s a very strategic marketing concept that guess what,,,usually works,,,after all look at all the comments about this particular song.

  21. At first I thought this song was boring, and didn’t bother paying much attention to it. But when I actually sat down and listened to it, I realized what a great song it is. The lyrics are very well written and the song is dripping with emotion. The harmonies are well done. I still find the melody somewhat sleepy in parts, but I can get past that.

    Skip Ewing’s voice is the one I’ve heard most on this song. His voice provides more emotion but I don’t like it as much. Kenny’s voice provides more familiarity, but I’ve only heard his version once.

  22. Well, here’s a surprise. WIVK Knoxville, one of the most powerful country stations in the nation (and the #1 station in Kenny’s very own hometown), is playing the Skip version! Again, that’s powerhouse WIVK, choosing the Skip version over Kenny. Just an example of how this station has always thought outside of the box. This out-of-the-box thinking is probably why they have consistently been the highest rated country station in a top 100 market.

  23. i think both have done an outstanding job on the song. but lets face it, if you can’t sing ith reba. you pretty much sucked too begin with. a great song that alot of people unfortunately can relate too.

  24. I immediately chose the Skip Ewing version for my station, BILL 95 FM.
    Skip is a fantastic songwriter and truly does “sell the song”…Kenny’s version is ok…but it doesn’t have the emotional connection that Skip’s version has.
    Skip’s “Coast of Colorado” was incredible…this is a guy with a long Nashville history who happens to sound great with Reba. The Kenny version pales in comparison.

  25. hollywoodgurl…..for your info, I love Reba a heck of a lot more than Kenny Chesney! She is the talent in that song! But the way country radio is today, Kenny gets played a lot more than Reba…at least on my station! But it appears after looking at mediabase today, the song is losing its speed.

  26. Since the first time I heard Reba and Skip Ewing sing “Every Other Weekend”, I have loved it! It is a fantastic song that has a lot of emotion many people can relate to. The moment I listened to this song, I thought it sounded like a song written by Skip Ewing. He is a great singer/songwriter and doesn’t get the credit he so deserves. I hope this duet will help country music fans remember the name SKIP EWING.

  27. Thanks to Cate for the website to download the Skip/Reba version of “Everyother Weekend”!! Imagine my surprise when I heard Jeff Foxworthy play this version on his Top 100 Country songs!! and even on my local radio station KJJY in Des Moines!! Hope this song continues to rise and maybe we can see Reba and Skip perform on a Country Music special..that fans is the power of the people!!

  28. WOW!!! He has only gotten better with age…. Skip Ewing has been a favorite of mine for many years. Unfortunately for me, FX1019 in Halifax Nova Scotia is playing the version with Kenny Chesney.

  29. I had to find this site to find out who was singing with
    Reba. I just knew it wasnt Kenny, Skip is my choice. Wow, what emotion.

  30. i had not heard the cd, so when my radio station started playing this song some months ago, i didn’t know the voice with Reba until they told me, then this weekend, my mom tells me she saw the video and that Kenny sings it with Reba and i told her no its Skip Ewing and she said no its Kenny so i came to the web to prove her wrong and found that i was wrong. but then i was also right, but it is so sad the Skip version is so, so much better.

  31. What confusion. I have the Duets CD and knew this song was sung by Reba/Kenny. But when I’d hear it on the radio I was like “that’s not Kenny”. I was so confused. Still not sure why there’s two versions but my vote is for Kenny all the way.

  32. Both versions sound great ! I haven’t heard Skip Ewing in quite some time- I forgot how good his voice sounds. It’s great to hear a country song on country radio again.

  33. I have heard both versions on radio. Mostly the KC version so I guess the record bosses relented. When I first heard it I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. (Sorry but I’m not a Kenny fan.) But I liked it alot and said “I can actually stand Kenny’s voice on this song. It doesn’t sound like him at all.” LOL Now I know why…it was Skip!

  34. I’ll have to admit, listening toSkip’s version again tonight, it turns out that I really like his performance on it better than Kenny’s. I hear more emotion there. Since I don’t listen to country radio, this is only the second time that I’ve heard this version, so that’s why it’s taken me this long to reach this conclusion.

  35. Its good to here Skip sing again. Truly i liked him better on this song with Reba than Kenny. all though I;am a big Kenny fan.Skip and Reba did a great job.

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