Neal McCoy, “Rednecktified”

The challenge of releasing a song that connects to one specific demographic is that it must possess something that is strong enough to redeem it so that people outside of the chosen demographic can embrace it as well. Unfortunately for Neal McCoy, this new song that will be included on his upcoming Greatest Hits collection does not rise to the challenge. Instead, it simply sounds like another oft sung about version of the same old “I’m proud to be a redneck” anthem.

In this mid-tempo song, McCoy lists off all the reasons that he is “rednecktified” and proud of it. There are a few amusing lines, but the lyrics and the bland production does not successfully set the song apart from other such anthems.

Written by Neal McCoy and Eric Silver

Grade: C

Listen: Rednecktified


  1. I think everyone can relate in some way to the lyrics of this song and I definitely would not give it a grade of C. It is a fun song, one that sticks in your head and true to the fun loving character that we have long associated with Neal McCoy, although his talents reach far beyond Wink and Shake and Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On. I hate reviews that are published by so called professionals because their opinions tend to sway judgement of the general public. My advice would be to listen to the song and decide for yourself. The public are the ones who buy the CD’s, and with Neal’s popularity all over the USA as the best entertainer, my guess is that this CD will be a hot seller.

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