James Otto, “Ain’t Gonna Stop”

Coming off the heels of James Otto’s excellent and groovy “Just Got Started Lovin’ You”, his latest single, “Ain’t Gonna Stop” is rather different. As soon as it begins, the Big & Rich influence is instantly recognizable. Sure enough, Big Kenny and John Rich are co-writers on the track and there’s no denying that James Otto is part of the Music Mafia.

Basically, similar to Big & Rich, Otto is letting us know that nothing is going to stop him from doing what he wants to do: “Push it to the limit take it to overload/Keep the party pumpin’ everywhere that I go/Everybody’s rockin’ when they come to the Otto show/I don’t need anybody tellin’ me what to do/I’ve come a long, long way with this bad attitude.”

Due to its rock driven production, people who do not appreciate the Big And Rich sound will not enjoy this song. However, those who don’t mind a lot of rock in their country will turn this one up loud. While this song is fun and easily the loudest song on Otto’s new CD, Sunset Man, it is certainly not the strongest.

Written by James Otto, Kenny Alphin, John Rich, Nikki Sixx

Grade: B-

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  1. There are only two bad songs on Otto’s debut and he’s managed to release them as his first too singles. I understand why “Just Got Started Loving You” caught on, but he’ll be lucky if this one doesn’t ruin or at least retard his career.

  2. I love James’ new CD too. However, I liked “Just Got Started Lovin’ You.” Like I said, while this song is the loudest, I consider it to be the weakest on the album.

  3. Additionally, I hope this song doesn’t ruin his career. I am, however, a little baffled that it was chosen as the next single. This sound hasn’t exactly propelled B&R to the top. So, I’m not sure why the powers that be thought it would do it for Otto. I don’t even hate this song, it just sounds like a B&R song and we already have a B&R who happens to struggle to make it on the top ten themselves. I’m amazed that John Rich can apply this sound to so many songs, really. I guess he’s accomplished something by “creating” a sound that is instantly associated with him. I feel as though I can instantly identify a John Rich produced song out of anything. It was fresh at first, but it just gets old after awhile.

  4. as i said in my review of the song, I heard it on a NASCAR game way before James was releasing his new material so i expected it as a single.

  5. This isn’t the new release…. He’s releasing “For You” next… I know James and talked to him a couple of days ago… this is a great song though just not the next release

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