Brooks & Dunn, “Put A Girl In It”

Brooks & Dunn crank up the electric guitars to offer up a song that will surely appeal to their female fan base. Apparently, a cool truck, a fancy house, lots of money, a day on the water and even a good country song isn’t worth anything if you fail to “put a girl in it.”: “’Til you put a girl in it, you ain’t got nothin’/What’s it all worth without a little lovin’/Put a girl in it, some huggin’ and some kissin’/If your world’s got somethin’ missin’/Just put a girl in it.”

On the surface this catchy enough song is suggesting that life is better with “your woman by your side”, but it is also evident that this song is a pandering attempt to rangle as much female adulation as possible from the predominantly female country music listening demographic.

As ridiculous as these lyrics may be, the song is ultimately fun and Ronnie Dunn’s vocal performance is admirably strong. So, guys, a word of advice from B&D: “If you’re ridin’ in your truck/Put a girl in it/If you’re gonna have a party/Put a girl in it/If you wanna live the good life/Better put a girl in it.”

Written by Ben Hayslip, Rhett Akins & Dallas Davidson

Grade: B

Listen: Put a Girl in It

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