Jason Aldean, “Relentless”

Jason Aldean follows up “Laughed Until We Cried” with the mid-tempo title track from his latest album, Relentless.

What I can surmise from the somewhat murky lyrics is that the man in this song is happily resigned to the fact that no matter what he does, this woman’s relentless love seems to capture him. In three verses, he tries to explain that her love is even more relentless than a hazy daydream, waves on a beach and a hurricane: “I can’t outrun it, just keeps comin’/Oh, your love is relentless/I can’t fight it, there’s no hiding/Oh, your love is relentless.”

While this song is not perfect, it is better than the last two singles that Aldean has released. The chorus is forgettable, but the verses are liable to get stuck in your head.

Written by James LeBlanc & John Paul White

Grade: B-

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  1. I would actually say the opposite of the song. I find the chorus is more catchy, and the verses are fairly monotonous. The first time I heard this song (after listening to it a few times when I first got the CD a while back), I was disappointed, but it is growing on my quickly. It is not a great song, but it’s not a bad one either. I like it better than Laughed Until We Cried, even if it had better lyrics.

  2. Kent, I can’t disagree that the verses are monotonous. However, I think I’d say repetative instead. Although they are repetative, I find that they’re kind of interesting nonetheless…if that’s even possible. The chorus didn’t really interest me while the verses did catch my attention a bit. As I said, I like this song better than the two preceding singles, but you can also tell from my grade of this song that I REALLY didn’t like those songs at all.

  3. While I like this song, I think “Laughed Until We Cried” was an overall better song. The chorus to “Relentless” is catchy, but I haven’t listened enough to the song to truly understand all that’s being said in it. This is one of those songs that radio is going to play a lot because Jason Aldean is one of today’s more popular newer artists (the station I listen to was one of the first to start playing it and they did the same with “Johnny Cash” and “Laughed…”). Maybe after a few more listens on the radio, it might grow on me.

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