Marcel, “I Love This Song”

Full disclosure: I’m a big Marcel fan.   I say this because it’s pretty hard to make an clear, rational case for his music in a review.   I just like it.  It makes me smile.  It makes me laugh.   It’s ridiculous and makes perfect sense at the same time.

Give it a listen.    You’ll love it or you’ll hate it.    As for me, I’ll be hitting repeat for the rest of the evening.

Written by Marcel and Jeffrey Steele

Grade: B+

Listen: I Love This Song


  1. I love Marcel’s music because I can relate to the music (especially “Tennessee” since I move to Nashville from the West Coast -Seattle- the last week of this month, for my new gig). Marcel’s a supremely talented pop-based country singer who records fun stuff and has an interesting voice that’s sorta the male version of Sarah Buxton.

  2. MattoB: Ever since I first heard Sarah Buxton I had always compared her to Marcel. It’s kinda cool that they’re on the same label.

    Hopefully Marcel will get a better shot this time, because I don’t remember Mercury promoting him much. Then again he’s on Lyric Street who seems to have difficulties in launching new artists.

  3. Jordan,

    Lyric Street has an ability to break MALE artists. So in that case, Marcel’s ok. They broke Josh Gracin, Bucky Covington, Trent Tomlinson and now Phil Stacey (Sure, they’ve gone to the AMIdol well for 3 of them, but still, they promoted their stuff). The label just hasn’t had ANY luck with solo female singers. I mean, none. Actually, Sarah Buxton’s two Top 30/40 songs were the best they’ve done.


    It’s exactly that uniqueness which, in a perfect world, makes them work. Will it though? we shall see. I know KMPS in Seattle really dug Marcel’s stuff.

  4. MattoB: If you look at Lyric Street’s history they’ve had trouble breaking new artists regardless of gender, excluding the ones signed off of AMIdol, which I forgot to mention in my last post. Other than Trent Tomlinson who what other male artist had they had any luck breaking? (again excluding the AMIdol ones). The only other one I can think of is Brian McComas, otherwise they haven’t had much luck. For their females though it’s sad to think that their best so far has been Sarah, not that Sarah is bad, but because they’ve had a few great female artists over the years.

    PS. Do you think they will sign Kristy Lee Cook from this years AMIdol?

  5. Marcel is awesome, and country music needs more stars that go by one name! Who else has there been besides Wynonna? And Jewel now, I guess. I’m sure there have been others but none come to mind.

  6. MattoB: It’s just that two years in a row Lyric Street signed an artist from american Idol, and Kristy Lee was the only country one this year so I figured they would sign her. Plus they probably want a new female on their label. The only problem would be Phil Stacey didn’t do as well as they hoped, maybe his failure turned them off of signing from amIdol.

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