Taylor Swift, “Should’ve Said No”

This is very well-written.   It’s to Swift’s credit that this song that she penned herself could be credibly sung by a woman twice her age but is still relevant to the female teen demographic that has powered her success.    The band backs her up with great spirit.   Her vocal is too forced, which is something that has been a problem with most of her work, but she wrote herself a winner here and the quality of the song shines through.  There’s even a charm to the earnest ferociousness of her performance.    I’m impressed.

Written by Taylor Swift

Grade: B+

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  1. One thing I can say about Taylor swift is that she can write a melody. While her voice needs work and her lyrics are often immature, for lack of a better word, her melodies always seem catchy to me.

  2. idle,

    Sometimes record companies want to get the most out of their hot ticket items. Rodney Atkins is on his 5th single from If You’re Going Through Hell, the four singles all went #1. Taylor Swift is a hot item right now.

    It used to be more common that artists would release 4 or 5 singles from one album. Now, a lot of artists normally only release three singles from one album just to get more music out. This leads to the new music sometimes not being as high quality as it could be. Smart artists take their time when making albums. The labels will decide whether to continue releasing their previous music to radio or just wait for them to be done with their new music.

  3. I have to say that I’m also surprised to see yet another single from the debut. I mean, it does make sense because this album obviously has great selling potential and Big Machine wants to max it out…but I’d be worried that the public will get sick of her before her sophomore set (supposedly in the works for later this year, last I heard) even comes out. There’s no shame in taking a short break from new singles when you’re already an established name; I think it even helps build buzz when you come back.

    Besides all that, I think Taylor is going to have a hard time selling the “I really try to be a nice person, you guys!” thing after two angry singles in a row now. Not that her anger here isn’t justified or anything, just saying.

  4. This song stood out to me on the album. I sort of wish they had released “Cold As You” instead, because it shows her deeper side and she does a really good job with it, but I like this one too.

  5. It seems to me that Taylor Swift is impressing me more and more with every song she releases. Once the video for “Picture to Burn” came out, I suddenly really liked the song. “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” was so catchy and enjoyable, I absolutely loved it!

    But when I saw Taylor’s performance of this song at the ACMAs, I was blown away. I love this song and can’t wait to hear it again. Hopefully I loved it as much the second time as I did the first.

    I’m sure Taylor’s fans are desperately itching for some new material, but I, on the other hand, am quite pleased to get the chance to hear this song, and maybe I will even buy the album because of it.

  6. I finally heard this song on the radio. It was still great and all, but I was extremely disappointed that the third run of the chorus wasn’t changed like on the ACMA performance. I loved that third chorus! That is all.

  7. When I first heard this song, I fell in love with it. I can personally relate to the song. I think the song was well written. I couldn’t have put it into better words. I like how she sang it. You can hear the emotion in her voice. I also love the melody.

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