Kellie Pickler, “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful”

Pickler debuted this single on last week’s ACM awards to a great response, and no wonder. She was saddled with quite a bit of disposable material on her debut album, but “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” adds substance to the sincerity she already possesses in spades. When I first heard this, it reminded me of “This One’s For the Girls”, and it is similar to that Martina McBride hit.

But McBride only sounded believable when she was talking to the older women in her song, while Pickler is most convincing when addressing the young girls who can’t afford designer jeans and who don’t want to go all the way in the back of that truck. I realize that teenage girls are a viable part of the country market right now, and I give credit to Pickler for addressing them without pandering to them. My initial skepticism of Pickler has faded. This is a promising preview of her sophomore album.

Grade: A-

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  1. hey man, i couldn’t agree more… Kellie is great singer, i hope that this time she will have the success that she deserves… i saw her live this year and she was great, really easy to fall in love with her.

  2. Both “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” and “This One’s for the Girls” were written by the same people.

  3. I don’t agree, but then I doubt any country music fan who heard Kellie’s first cd would. There is plenty of great material on Kellie’s first album, only Sony/BMG Records chose to ignore it, since it seems they can’t handle how much more popular Kellie is compared to their less liked other client they’ve been pushing on America, you know that Carrie whatever her name was. You know, that dumb as dirt girl with the no personality and no stage presence, the one that isn’t finding those millions of music fans buying her second cd who had bought her first. Talk about a loser.

    But where were we, oh yeah, Kellie Pickler. It wasn’t surprising Kellie recieved the warmest welcolm from the fans and media when she walked ACM’s carpet a few days ago, after all, she is the hottest singer in country music today. Does this new song compete with alot of the material from Kellie’s first album, hardly, but then Kellie didn’t write this song, I believe that credit would have to be given to the three stooges that did. And as to why this song was released as her first single compared to the greater new material that is on her new album, well I guess you’ll have to ask those down at Sony/BMG, because from what I’ve been reading on Kellie fan sites, they didn’t pick this as their first choice, and neither did Kellie. But then Kellie doesn’t seem to have much say about anything when it comes to any of these bad dicisions from the way things appear. I guess that’s why one of Kellie’s closest friends told me to pray for Kellie when I brought up her labels failures to her.

    As for whoever this “person” is that gave this review, I suggest to listen to Kellie’s first cd, since your review show’s that you obviously never heard the music from it. I’ve read 100’s of reviews by country music fans in regards to Kellie’s first cd, I never read anything about any “disposable material” on her cd, I only read how they were amazed how much great material there was on it. I’ll take their opinion before I’ll take whoever wrote this drivel, and who did write this anyway? To ashamed to put your name to it? I would be too. Seeing how your quite alone in that opinion compared to the 100’s I’ve read at Amazon and iTunes.

  4. This song really rocks. The audience just loved it and so did everyone else. It was suppose to be released to radio stations in June but response was so overwhelming that it was released the next day.

  5. I love Kellie’s new song. I expect it to be a great hit for Kellie. She is a great performer and an excellent talent.

  6. Heather,

    Get a grip. Kevin, the creator of this blog, wrote about the “disposable material” on the first record and he was right. It is ‘disposable.’ as are most of the ‘album tracks’ on most albums released today. Still, Kellie IS likable and why would she have to worry about her sales? She sold nearly a million units of her debut record. Also, stop, just stop, comparing her to Carrie Underwood and Carrie’s sales. The 2nd record has been out for about 6 months now and has ‘only’ sold 2 million or so? Get a grip.

  7. I love this single. I Loved her STG album! I will Love the next cd from her!! she is one of teh stronger voices in country music. Now all Carrie underwood has to do to get all her fans to like her music when they are in love with kellie is to not play Last Name!! lol. I do have both carrie’s cds but they need wok a little. LOVE DYKYB!!!!

  8. Well there you go Kevin! And you thought George and his Shania obsession was bad! Meet the Picklerettes! Instead of each supporting the other it’s a free-for-all between Kellie vs Carrie vs Taylor vs whoever is next. Whew! :-o

    Do you think Heather and George know each other? BWWAAAAAAAAAAA!

    I so totally agree with your review. I probably would’ve given this song an A vs the minus but to each his own. I’m really glad to see Kellie doing more Opry as well. That type of spotlight shows off her vocals. Which have to be some of the most underrated in country music today. The girl can sang! Heh! She is really maturing into quite a beautiful young country star.

    Now, where can I buy a poster of that bikini shoot? ;-)

  9. Picklerettes was funny… i like all the girls, Kellie and Taylot the most.
    i think they are all very talented and these fanbase fights are tatally uncalled for, i wish Kellie,Taylor and the other girls only the best.


  11. I think Kellie’s new song: Don’t you know you’re Beautiful, will be a big hit. The tune itself is catchy ( I am singing it around the house already) and the wo rds with their message is very powerful and relevant especially for the youth and young people today. There are so many songs about cheating guys; this one is all for the girls and their self esteem which very few songs seem to address. It is wonderful and amazing and I wish so much luck and success for Kellie!

  12. I’m sorry but this is not my favorite KP song. First of all, she repeats that same line over and over and over. Second, How can anyone call her a role model for singing this type of song? So she talks about accepting yourself just the way you are, yet she has FAKE blond hair, FAKE boobs, and Plays dumb even though she’ not– just for attention. She is NO role model I want my daughter to take after.

  13. Caley, I don’t know about her boobs, but I’m pretty sure Kellie is a natural blonde. I remember they showed pictures of her when she was a little kid during her run on AI, and she had blonde hair back then.

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