Sugarland, “All I Want To Do”

Sugarland is back with the lead single from Love On the Inside, which they debuted on the ACM awards earlier this week. It’s a laid back song with Nettles not pushing the twang as much as she’s been doing lately. The chorus is insanely catchy.

I wish the production had a bit more personality, as the backing track sounds too polite and generic. Just because Nettles can sell a song with just the charm of her voice doesn’t mean she should have to. But overall, this is good.

Grade: B+

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  1. People haven’t been giving this song good reviews, this has probably been the most positive review of the song thus far. I’m even surprised that you rated it as high as you did.

    In my opinion this is the worst single they’ve released so far, it’s a little boring and though the chorus is catchy it’s also a little annoying. Having said that this is still a pretty good song that I’m sure will be a fun summer song.

  2. the only thing that remotely connects this song with country is jennifer nettles’ distinctive voice. however, the uhuhuhuhuh…. combined with enough drinks, beach and a bunch of people having a good time on a summer night would possibly do the trick almost everywhere on the planet.

    too much fun for C, not nearly enough substance for A puts it quite rightly into B-level nowhereland.

  3. I pretty much blog in a vacuum. I never have an idea of what people are saying about something I review until after I’ve written it. I’m not surprised that the song is getting lackluster reviews, though. It’s got about as much weight as cotton candy. But I’ve always had a sweet tooth.

  4. It may not be their best single ever, but they really haven’t done may light weight material like this before. I’m just enjoying this song for what it is (a light fun summer song). I’m sure that Nettles, Bush and Pinson weren’t trying to write the best song ever when they wrote this.

  5. Arguably the most annoying song I have heard in a few years not helped by the fact I already find Jennifer Nettle’s voice extremely annoying.

  6. She turned “do” into 19 syllables. That’s the longest melisma (look it up) I’ve heard since Aaron Tippin warbled about his “blue-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh angel” back in 1992.

  7. Love the song! Yeah, it’s lightweight summer fare but who cares? Not all songs have to have someone die at the end.

    I give it an “A” cuz these days with all the news like it is and some of the morbidly depressing country songs out now (as good as they may be in their own right), it’s nice to have a “get away” song. :-)

  8. When Jennifer sings like she did in “Stay” and drop the nasal attack on my ears, then she is a beautiful singer. I’m not saying she’s not talented, I just think she needs to stop oversinging songs.

    Having that been said, the first time I heard this song was on one of the awards shows… I thought she had just lost her mind when she went into the chorus herself, but then the back-ups started and I realized it was insanely how the song was written. I love the lyrics, but not the chorus. It’s annoying and even more annoying that country radio feels the need to play it every half hour. You turn it away from one station and find it on the other. Why? Seriously. I feel like I’m being stalked by this song and not in a good way.

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