Review: Chris Young, “Voices”

A fittingly respectful and appreciative look back at the positive role models that have shaped his life.     I’m not crazy about the conceit of the chorus, “I hear voices all the time”, which plays off of a commonly used reference to mental illness, as it feels a bit forced.   But the song is warm and sincere, and on the subject of voices, Young has a remarkably rich, pure country baritone.    A country act that sounds country?  Can’t complain about that.

Written by Chris Tompkins, Craig Wiseman & Chris Young

Grade: B+

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  1. I watched the season of Nashville Star that Chris won and I was a fan. I’ve been a bit disappointed in what he’s done since, only because I thought he showed a lot of promise and he hasn’t really lived up to it. I’ve always liked his voice and his preference for more traditional country. He reminds me of Blake Shelton a little. That said, I don’t like this song. If you haven’t heard Chris before, I would suggest “Drinking Me Lonely” or another song.

  2. I loved him on Nashville Star and I think he’s the most talented vocalist to come off of the show. The material he has recorded since has been good as well. This new song is off to a good start on the charts and it may just be his break out hit. I agree though about the chorus sounding a little forced.

  3. I absolutely love this song. MANY of us can relate to it if we but recall our own families and the influence they have had on us.
    Chris’s rich, melodic tone has a true country sound. I first saw him on Nashville Star and thought,”here is the future of country music.” I have loved everything he has done and I can’t wait for the new CD to come out this fall. GREAT talent and GREAT future.

  4. I love this song and it reminds me of the things my parents and grandparents said to me and my sister and brothers when we were growing up and also the things I have said to my children. I also first heard of Chris when he was on Nashville Star and I knew from the first night that he would win. I am not a fan of so many drinking songs that were on his last CD but the new CD is going to be FANTASTIC!!Chris has a duet with Willie Nelson and he is bringing back Rainy Night in Georgia and it is wonderful. This will be a must have CD. It should be out in about October so watch for it!

  5. I just love this song,i think alot of us can relate to it. Just because you hear voices dont mean mental illness,Everyone hears voices.(some good, some bad) I think the chorus is what makes the song.Chris has such a wonderful country voice and can sing anything,I have been a fan of his since Nashville star and have seen his fan base grow like wildfire.Chris is the next George Straight.

  6. Voices is one of my favorite songs. I love it. I think everyone can relate to hearing the little words of wisdom that their parents and grandparents have given them and this song brings back those memories. I voted for Chris every week on Nashville Star and then joined his fan club. His fan base is growing in leaps and bounds. He is an awesome person with an amazing voice. There is no stopping Chris Young – he will
    have that # 1 hit.

  7. People need to listen to the entire song and once they hear “Sometimes I try to ignore ’em, but I thank God for ’em, cause they made me who I am…” the whole “mental illness” concept goes out the window.

    As someone with a mental illness, and worked with individuals with mental illness, I actually found the song unconceited and actually very supportive because it is usually parents/grandparents or the individuals whom raised us as being the most influentual people in our lives. As the chorus does reference, bringing back memories of those proudest of who you are and those do your best moments.

    Chris Young has a way of writing in which he can caputre feelings of the heart whether comically inclined or tug at that special place we store those cherrished memories and actually allow people to think for themselves. Something lacking in today’s cookie-cutter pop style country.

    Chris Young is here to stay in Country music (Thank You RCA for finally realizing this) and there is even more to come from him but for now, “Voices” is the song to watch….

  8. I first learned of Chris Young right after he won Nashville Star. I did not watch him on the show, I was actually working for a local country station in Atlanta when he came through for an interview. I received a copy of his first CD which I loved. Now, a few years later Chris is about to release his second CD this fall. Voices is a hit. It is already making itself known on the charts and Young is making it known to the hearts of many as he tours the country with Martina. This man is one who can bring back traditional country music but put a modern twist to it. In the song Voices, you can hear him sing of the people who have meant so much to him in his life and taught him so much. I believe Chris Young is here for the now and the future, I believe he is bringing back what Country Music needs to be. My Grade: A+

  9. I think what you’ve said is a fair review of Chris Young’s single. The chorus caught me off-guard too. But it had a positive effect on me. I like it when lyrics are a play on words, and Chris seems to be a master at it. His voice alone is enough to make me listen to a song… heck, I would listen to Achy Breaky Heart 100 times over if Chris were singing it LOL

    Bottom line though, “Voices” is just the first of many phenominal singles off of Chris Young’s up-coming 2nd album.

  10. This is one of my favorite songs right now. I love the whole concept of it and I can definitely relate to it, like I’m sure a ton of other people can to. I’ve also been a fan of his since Nashville Star and he just keeps getting better. His voice is wonderful and the music is terrific. I like all styles of country music and Chris Young is a great person to help keep the traditional sound alive in a way that’s still current. I’d give this song an A+.

  11. I think everyone can relate to hearing little words of wisdom that their parents and family members have given them. I know I sure can. I’m always hearing my Dad’s voice of reason ever since he passed away in 2001. This song brings back those special memories for me. I first saw Chris when he appeared on Nashville Star and felt that he was the frontrunner from the 1st night. Once he sung DML on original song night I knew that he was a STAR. After he won I joined his fan club and have traveled to many of his shows. He is an awesome person with an amazing voice.

    Voices is one of my favorite songs and is a #1 hit in my book. I give this song an A+.

  12. I’m not a huge Chris Young fan, but I sure wish any of the contestants on this season’s Nashville Star had even one-tenth of his talent.

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