Randy Houser, “Anything Goes”

Well, this is just awesome.   He sounds like a young Ronnie Dunn, it’s a classic drinkin’ ’cause my woman left me song, and the hook is so obvious that it’s amazing it hasn’t already been a country hit.   “Anything goes,” he justifies, “when everything’s gone.”   He wouldn’t be drinking the night away and waking up in a stranger’s bed if his only reason for living hadn’t already walked out on him.

There’s nothing like the thrill of discovery of a new artist that already sounds like a seasoned pro.    This is worthy of immediate attention from all fans of traditional country music.

Written by Brice Long & John Wayne Wiggins

Grade: A+

Listen: Anything Goes


  1. I saw Long (one of the writers) at a small Billy Currington concert in Kalamazoo. He was really fun and better than Currington himself. He’s written “Nothin On But the Radio” and “Sorry” for Gary Allan, among others that I can’t think of right now.
    Is John Wiggins from the duo who sang “Has Anyone Seen Amy”?

    reat voice and I love the twang level of this song.

  2. This is a much more satisfying take on the hooking-up-with-a-stranger tale than Carrie Underwood’s “Last Name.” The melancholy lyrics and Houser’s voice combine to tell a story that’s all too true.

  3. Leeann,

    That is the same John Wiggins. After his duo career fell, he went back to writing. Houser’s a good writer too (having penned songs like “More Than A Memory”)

  4. I had the same thought as Ruth Ann. I called the radio station and asked what album the Brooks & Dunn song they just played was off and was told it was Randy Houser. Sounds dead on B&D. I love the song, because Brooks & Dunn’s my favorite and the song hit a chord the first time I heard it. Can’t wait til I can get my hands on the CD.

  5. I have recently heard this song, and I too thought it was Ronnie Dunn, who is my favorite. I really love this song, I hope he keeps having more and more hits! His voice is great.

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