Review: Rebecca Lynn Howard, “Sing ‘Cause I Love To”

Rebecca Lynn Howard’s voice can easily be classified in the same league as Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood. Like these women, Howard possesses the vocal power and soul that demands attention and respect.

In her latest song, “Sing ‘Cause I Love To”, Howard explains how her musical upbringing influences her current drive to sing. She admits that she loves to sing so much that if she wasn’t getting paid, she would still sing for free.

While this mid-tempo song doesn’t match the lyrical or vocal depth of “Forgive”, it’s an autobiographical gift that her fans will surely be thrilled to receive. Furthermore, she delivers an impressibely strong vocal performance that makes us grateful that she loves to sing so much.

Written by Radney Foster & Rebecca Lynn Howard

Grade: B+

Listen: Sing ‘Cause I Love To


  1. Leeann,

    FYI: “Forgive” is RLH’s big hit. Hopefully her and her new label “Direct Marketing” (the folks who put out “Time-life” compilations) can get a hit. She’s always been too talented to not get hits. However, I have a feeling she won’t.

  2. I agree with Matt that she is too talented for her tunes not to be more widely received. I was able to catch her and songwriter, Rachel Thibodeau, at Billy Block’s awhile back and both were incredible songwriters and singers who actually bring something different. This is a fun song and far better than Julianne’s, which will no doubt soar to number 1 and permeate the airwaves.

  3. I’ve missed Rebecca, she had so much potential but then MCA squandered her career when they didn’t issue a second single off of Forgive. I was so excited when she signed with Show Dog records because I thought she’d make a come back, then she left before even releasing anything. Hopefully this time she’ll be back to stay.

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