Lee Ann Womack, “Last Call”

One of Lee Ann Womack’s greatest strengths as an artist is picking adult material that resonates with both traditional and alternative country music fans. Her new single, “Last Call”, is reminiscent of her now-classic hit “I May Hate Myself in the Morning”, but the woman in this song is making the opposite choice when that phone rings after too many drinks. “I bet you’re in a bar”, she thinks as she doesn’t pick up the phone, “’cause I’m always your last call.”

The second verse is particularly biting, as she notes that “I don’t need to check that message, I know what is says. ‘Baby I still love you’ don’t mean nothing when there’s whiskey on your breath.” Womack follows with her sad observation, “That’s the only love I get.”

To call this “real” country music is cheating a bit. There have always been more throwaway songs on the radio than truly great ones, just like there have always been more singers and entertainers than there have been artists. Lee Ann Womack is an artist, and country music is that much better because of it.

Grade: A

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  1. Another fine song of substance by Lee Ann that will likely go nowhere on Top 40 Airhead (ie Mainstream) Country Radio! Considering the current market adulation for Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, and even Julianne Hough, the cards are stacked against a real talent like Lee Ann in these new dark ages of country radio. The quality of the actual song and the talent of the singer behind it have almost become irrelevant to big success in today’s commercial country environment. I have to hand it to Lee Ann for not throwing in the towel though in spite of Top 40 radio’s bias against her and similar female artists from long ago (ie more than a year or two in today’s market)…….

  2. Sweet! I’m so glad you reviewed it. I’m really excited for this. I just hope it charts big enough for an album to be released so we can have more music from Lee Ann.

  3. I’m grateful that you reviewd this as I would have never knwon about it(no thanks to Country Radio not saying anything either.) And Rick I agree with you on country radio today, although Jessica Simpson just released a single but hopefully country doesn’t emrbace her because she’s not good at singing, she’s just another marketing gimmic. I’m 15 and even I think that country music needs to start re-embracing it’s artists from the 90’s. I don’t get why they can neglect singers like Garth Brooks, Trisha, Lee Ann Womack, Clint Black, Tim McGraw and even LeAnn Rimes! Hopefully things turn around.

  4. I actually heard this song today on country radio, so maybe country radio deserves a little more credit. I immediately went home and tried to download it but I found it here instead. I love every kind of country music; I like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift (not so much jessica simpson or julianne hough) but I also really appreciate this type of country music that’s a little more raw and real. This song is great, I can see the possibility of it becoming a hit, even in today’s market.

  5. Love this song.

    I love Carrie and Taylor (writes her own songs so don’t hate) but the new Jessica Simpson song and Julianne Hough are just not good. The simpson song is close to Sh*t!

    I will say this Kenny Chesney’s current hit is pretty amazing – if you don’t think so listen to the lyrics. Jo Dee’s new one is a lot of fun too (lacking in airplay).

    i love Law and regardless of airplay i hope there is a cd – in my mind she should have gone with an independent label forever ago – she is way too “big” for country radio or the nashville agenda!

  6. Agree with most of you. And Kenny’s song is very good, it’s a nice relief to have a song that’s not really close to all of his other songs.

    I also don’t think we should consider Jessica a country artist, she released one cd that’s country and if her 1st country single is anything like her cd, then she should just stop making albums at all, as she wasn’t that great of singer, I only remember 3 songs from her.

  7. I love this song. I always thought Lee Ann was an amazing singer but also felt she was overrated as of late. But on “Last Call” she really knocks it out of the park. I actually like the song even more because it’s very traditional country, however, it has enough hooks and sound to it that it could appeal to the country listeners.

  8. Man… I can’t believe I found this!

    Go to songwriter, Dale Dodson’s myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/daledodson and listen to his player and go to the bottom to “Hide & Go Cheat” and you can hear Lee Ann sing the full song. Awesome slow traditional country song with a Nashville sound. Classic country :D !

  9. I’m so happy of Lee Ann’s new song. In Poland where I come from country music is almost unknown but I fell in love with ‘I Hope You Dance’ when I heard it. Now I’m big fan of Lee Ann :)

  10. Just listened to the new track by one of my favorite femal artists – Lee Ann Womack – i really am liking it, love here tone, sound and everything else about here – reminds of that country sound i grew to love – and that music is great — i hope she has much success with it …

    Just to comment – not too thrilled with some of the newer female artist on the country scene – not a big Taylor Swift fan, not much talent there – Julianne Hough – should hang up the make and break out the dancing shoes – and oh, my god Jessica Simpson – how awful !! Just must love to fail — country music – she cant sing worth _____…. Now Carrie Underwood is awesome – none of the can or will even come close — But got to love Leann ……………..

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