Rascal Flatts, “Bob That Head”

Just when I think this group has gone as low as they possibly could, their resilience continues to baffle me. Despite the atrociousness of “Every Day”, it went on to be a radio success. So, as a follow up, they release an even more abominable song, “Bob That Head.”

In an effort to create a sense of fun and energy, “Bob That Head” simply falls flat. Although Gary Levox sings with gusto, his vocals sound more like screeching rather than singing. Not only are the lyrics tasteless and inane, the melody is nothing more than irritating.

With all that said, there is no doubt that Rascal Flatts will mindlessly bob their heads all the way to the top of the charts once again.

Written by Michael Dulaney, Gary LeVox & Neil Thrasher.

Grade: F

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  1. this has got to be a low point for them. the first time i heard it i burst out laughing. hopefully it won’t actually be a hit. it kind of reminds me of “me and my gang” and that wasn’t one of their bigger songs.

  2. Jake (thankfully not to be confused with jake),
    You’re probably thinking of “Feels Like Today” … which brings up the question, has any other country group released so many 3/4 or 6/8 songs in the last decade or two?

  3. Every song of theirs sounds like another one they’ve released! I don’t see how anyone can sit down and listen to a whole CD of them at one time!! Gary’s voice starts grating on me after the second verse! They never sound good live to me! Don’t mean to offend, but Bless the Broken Road makes me want to scream! Cannot stand them or that song!

  4. I will agree with Matt – BTBR turned me off til I heard The Nitty Gritty Dirt band do it live – it was like a curtain had parted and I understood the song after hearing them perform it

  5. Charlie: the “jokes” are not jokes. It’s called a double entendre. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as ‘A double meaning; a word or phrase having a double sense, especially as used to convey an indelicate meaning’ [emphasis added]. In these cases, the first meaning is presumed to be the more innocent one, while the second meaning is risqué, or at least ironic, requiring the hearer to have some additional knowledge.

    That suits “Bob That Head” to a “t”.

  6. This song is so terrible, I want to puke when I hear it. I dont know if I changed t he channel quicker when this comes on or Every Day came on. Its sad too, because their first Cd was decent.

  7. @ Ben There-

    Thanks for quoting the wikipedia entry. While the title of the song may well be looked upon as a double entendre, the scope of potential jokes is certainly not constrained to the definition you provided.

  8. well i like BOB THAT HEAD and anybody that dont can just get over it eviently yall cant like it cuz yall cant relate to it cuz yall aint country!!!!

  9. I’m SO glad to find others that don’t “get” Rascal Flatts, let alone their so-called success. They are just flat out lame. I saw them live last year when they played the CMA Fest stadium show and was left wondering if this was the same group everyone continues to award and buy.
    They take themselves and their “music” WAAAAY too seriously, especially since it’s so forgettable.
    If they were only half as amazing as they think they are….

  10. I just heard this song for the first time this morning. It is terrible. Is this what country music has become? I also heard the live performance on You Tube. RF is terrible live. How in the world do they keep having hits? I hope that this song will die a quick death at radio and will be a career ruiner for RF.

  11. I actually kind of like this song. Sure the vocals are irritating at times, and the lyrics aren’t exactly country, but I can’t help but enjoy it anyway.

    At first I wondered what “jokes” you guys were talking about. Then I read the lyrics, and I think I know what you’re getting at.

  12. Okay, I’m 21 and my sister’s 15. She loves Rascal Flatts, I’m generally ambivalent about them. Guess which one of us likes “Bob That Head” and which one hates it?

    That’s right, SHE hates it and I like it. I just don’t find the song *that* bad at all. Seriously.

  13. This was not my favorite song of theirs and I do tend to skip over it. Rascal Flatts aren’t out to change the world. They give love songs and they give fun songs. Obviously they are people touched by their music. Too bad none of them know about this website. I love Rascal Flatts and have since the first day I heard them when they were just a local band in Ohio.

    This may not be a great song, but there are far worse songs out there… Honky Tonk Bonkadonk. Are you serious? Talk about a song that speaks to the stupids of country music. Rascal Flatts music is raw. It’s emotional. You’re happy, you’re sad. You all are trying to find some kind of life changing event. What’s wrong with how you’re feeling right now?

  14. There songs are just fun. That is whatt country music is supposed to be about! I saw them live and they are NOT terrible live.. they sell out venues because they throw one heck of a live party!(Darren YOUTUBE and anything on a recorder will do NO ONE justice unless its professionally done!) The lyrics might not make that much sence but like i said they are just writing songs that people can have fun with! If you dont like them dont listen! if you do BOB THAT HEAD along to their tunes!!! =]

  15. In general, Rascall Flats is not too good. LeVox has the girliest, whiniest voice on the radio. This one is not too good. Me and my Gang, although the lyrics were kinda poor, was a good song, because of its fresh sound, then they had a few good ones after it, but not this one, they tried to hard to be modern and upbeat, plus “rascall flattin’ all night” is possibly the worst line in any song i have heard.
    Also, a friend pointed out that this song could be seen as incredibly dirty and inappropriate, so that adds a new elemnt to it. Anyone else see that?

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