Saturday Open Thread

I’m trying something new today.  There are so many new people commenting on the site, and I’ve been censoring comments for the first time, which is something that I don’t like to do.   So I’m trying this instead: open threads.   This is a place where all of us can talk about anything, as long as it’s tangentially related to country music, Country Universe, or another thread.  Let the conversations go wherever you want them to. If you have issues or complaints, that’s cool too.  I just ask that you’re civil to each other.  This site is slowly becoming a community, and I want everybody to feel welcome.

I’m on vacation so posting will be a bit slower than usual.  #10 for 100 Greatest Women is on its way later today, and I’ll try to get #9 up later tonight.   Have an awesome Saturday!


  1. Hi Kevin,

    I’m a new commenter but a long time reader for your site. I’ve enjoyed your reviews, and this is really the only place I see that talks about country music and the current state country is in. I don’t necessarily agree with all your reviews (Lady Antebellum’s Lookin’ for a Good Time being one of those times) but I do respect them.

    Since you’re doing this, I wanted to comment on where you ranked the Dixie Chicks in your countdown. I thought they would at least be in the top 10. I remember when they were the main girls of Country and you said it yourself that they surprised by winning the grammy over Shania who at the time was the main female artist in the format. Not only thier music, but what they said (Agree or Disagree) made them such a polorizing figure in the realm of country and I think they still are. Things have calmed down since but I think the longevity of the group will remain for a long time. At least here (not on a country station), I hear “Not Ready to Make Nice” a lot so that tells me they aren’t going away.

    Anyway, figured I would finally comment on this site and thanks for the forum. Looking forward to the top 10.

  2. just want to say i love the 100 greatest women countdown.
    I’m kind of young, so I haven’t been listening to music for that long, and I’m trying to learn more about the history of country music. This list has really helped me learn more about some great women in country music and has made me listen to music that I won’t hear anymore on the radio, or learn more about artists that I already like, but don’t know as much about them as I would like to. Thanks for all the time you’ve been putting into it.

  3. Elizabeth Cook’s beloved Mama Joyce passed away Thursday at age 77 after a bout with pneumonia. Elizabeth asked her close friend Chelle Rose to post a blog on Elizabeth’s MySpace which is a wonderful tribute from a close family friend. Also, a demo version of Elizabeth’s song “Mama’s Prayers” has been added at the top of the list in the jukebox on the main page. If interested you can read the blog at;

  4. This is pretty random, but Rebecca Lynn Howard has a new album out entitled “No Rules.” It is all over the map stylistically with some country, a cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Do Right Woman / Do Right Man,” and some other stuff. Some of it misfires, but it’s still great to hear her voice again. “Forgive” was a great song, and I also really liked “That’s Why I Hate Pontiacs” (a promo single from an Arista album that never got released). She’s never really gotten the success she deserves.

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