Randy Owen, “Like I Never Broke Her Heart”

Randy Owen, former lead singer of Alabama, is trying to make his way back onto country radio as a solo artist. Unfortunately, “Like I Never Broke Her Heart” lacks distinction both in lyrics and production.

Owen sings from the perspective of a man who notices that his former lover is very happy with a new man. Despite the fact that he, apparently, treated her horribly, he observes with regret: “She loves you like I never broke her heart…I wonder where I went when I went too far.”

This generic storyline is accompanied by an equally uninspiring production by John Rich, which showcases unnecessary electric guitar solos and an annoying background vocal track that repeats Owen’s second to last line in each chorus.

Written by Mitzi Dawn, J. T. Harding and Shannon Lawson

Grade: C

Listen: Like I Never Broke Her Heart


  1. Leeann,

    The producer who is actually working on most of this record for Broken Bow Records is Harold Shedd, the guy who produced many of Alabama’s old records. So it’s possible that this is a Shedd production though I’d expect it to sound alot better if it were. I’m just not a fan of Randy Owen OR Alabama…

  2. Leeann,

    I heard the Harold Shedd stuff from industry folks on Friday so perhaps he’s just producing a few tracks on the record. It’s rather new. It’s amazing to be here in N’ville talking with ‘players’ in the industry (at least one of the guys was a Grammy winner). So, that’s just the talk around town here. I also know that he was signed to Broken Bow (and is featured on their website) so I don’t know if that stuff for ‘DMP’ was shelved or what. We shall see…


  3. well reading the press release it looks like JR did in fact produce the record. It’s all confusing really. Anyway, I am hopeful the record does well because the record is supposed to have a favorite singer/songwriter’s song on it. I may not like RO or Alabama that much, but I will buy the record if only to support him (who’s also a friend).

  4. Yes, it should be included on the CD. I guess they’re just releasing more than one single before releasing the album. They do that, sometimes, with less “popular” artists.

  5. Leeann,

    I am guessing that it will be on there but since it was released prior to the Broken Bow contract came about it’s possible it won’t be too and that may be where the industry news was breaking on it.

  6. I wish Randy Owen all the best…he’s an amazing artist, songwriter, and humanitarian…not to mention he’s a member of the Hall of Fame. Alabama is and will always be the greatest band. I love the song!

  7. i heard randy on wsix here in nashville last week. they played his new single and he said this is the first single off his new cd. what happened to braid my hair? that song is one of my favorites and i heard the money from it is going to st jude. does this mean it wont be on the new cd???

  8. I know the writer, Mitzi Dawn. She is an amazing talent who writes as if she has much experience in the broken heart syndrome. Very soulful & poetic.

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