Little Big Town, “Fine Line”

There’s a big difference between homaging Fleetwood Mac and imitating them. Little Big Town is at its best when it does the former, but on “Fine Line”, they’re definitely doing the latter. It’s not a bad record, just an uninteresting one. The tension that is built in the beginning never pays off, leaving the whole thing sounding fairly anticlimactic. There are much better reintroductions to their A Place to Land disc than this one.

Written by Karen Fairchild, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Kimberly Roads Schlapman, Phillip Sweet & Jimi Westbrook

Grade: B-

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  1. I have been a life-long Fleetwood Mac fan going waaaay back… but I digress.
    That said, it was LBT’s work with Lindsey Buckingham and all the comparisons to FM that brought them to my attention.
    Yeah, there are comparisons to be made and “Fine Line” REALLY crosses just that… a fine line into Mac territory.

    I actually like the song. The Mac vibe brings back alot of great memories and I get the impression from LBT that they truly are fans that honor the music, as opposed to cheap imitations we hear in other country acts.

  2. Kevin, you nailed my problem with the entire LBT album: “The tension that is built in the beginning [of each song] never pays off, leaving the whole thing sounding fairly anticlimactic.” I think they are very talented and I want to like them more than I do. You mentioned that there are other songs you like better. Which ones should I re-listen to that I’m missing?

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