Trisha Yearwood, “They Call it Falling For a Reason”

My last Trisha Yearwood single review was exactly one word long, so I’ll try to embellish a bit more here.  Let’s see.  How’s this?

“A well-written, expertly performed and tastefully produced single that showcases Yearwood’s incomparable vocal talents without getting in the way of the song’s lyrics. ”

Okay, that describes nearly all of the dozens of singles that Trisha Yearwood has released, so I’ll have to be more specific:

“A well-written, expertly performed and tastefully produced single that showcases Yearwood’s incomparable vocal talents without getting in the way of the song’s lyrics.   The lyrics mention trapeze acts.”

Written by Matraca Berg & Jim Collins

Grade: A

Listen: They Call it Falling For a Reason

Buy: They Call it Falling For a Reason


  1. This is my favorite single she’s released from the album yet. I dug the energy and her vocal performance on the title track, but the song was lacking in melody. It was all gusto without much to keep me coming back. This one is ace.

  2. I love all the songs on her new album. I think this one is an amazing song, but I was really rooting for “Nothin’ About You Is Good For Me”, it just has that really cool vibe to it, and IMO would be a hit. This would should be a hit too. But I just really would love to here that one on radio all the time. Oh well maybe she’ll do that for the 4th single. I still can’t wait to start hearing about this one, and radio better make it Number 1 because Trisha deserves it not just because all of her songs are excellence but because of all hits radio should’ve embraced.

  3. As it happens, this is my favorite track on her album HEAVEN, HEARTACHE, AND THE POWER OF LOVE. She seems to be emulating middle/late 1970s-era Linda Ronstadt in some of her vocal intonations and wails, which may be precisely the point because her articulation of what Linda’s albums have meant to her is legendary.

  4. I love starting out my runs with this song, It’s just puts me in a good mood and the tempo makes for a good pace to run with. Love TY!

  5. Well, I’m only 17 and brazilian, so I don’t understand so much about the country scene and all this stuff. I read a lot, download a lot, and really like country music. But some questions just come to my mind now and then, and one special is about Trisha. I know she’s great, I also have some of her albums and God, that’s amazing. But she’s just a singer, as Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood for example. So my question is: What made her different for most of the people? What does she got that puts her on the next level about the others who just sing?? I’ve noticed that sooo many people just adore her, and don’t like so much of Martina, Carrie, Jamie O’Neal, etc…

    Thanks if someone could clean my mind and sorry for my poor english…

  6. Felipe, I think it’s all about her voice and how she doesn’t oversing her material. She stayed in pitch all the time and chooses songs that fit her range (and ones that go beyond familiar territory and prove she can sing about anything). She’s a really kind and cool person and her music just sounds so good.

    While I like the others (I love Martina – I actually rank her above Trisha, musically), they can tend to oversing their songs sometimes and while their voices are very good and unique, they’re just different than Trisha in lots of ways.

  7. Why is Trisha better than Martina or Carrie? Now, that’s a good question? Here’s an answer …

    1. The Song Remembers When
    2. Walkaway Joe
    3. Woman Walk The Line
    4. Down On My Knees
    5. Georgia Rain

    … I could go on and on …

  8. J.R.,

    The Song Remembers When is one of the best country songs of all time in my book.

    As for this song, I wrote about it too (and had to use a picture from “Jasper Country” for the site. I obviously love it and think it may just get her back in the Top 10.

  9. And because she’s not just a singer, but an artist, and an amazing one at that. Don’t forget Hearts In Armor.

  10. What puts Trisha above the rest is her song choice she has NEVER put together a poor album. It is all immaculate material. Her voice too is just amazing. I would have picked “Nothin Bout Memphis” for the next single I think that song for Big Machine is money in the bank and could really take the album to Gold where it belongs. I think story songs sell for Trisha, I mean look at her history!

    “This Is Me” was excellent but didnt chart that high but its been over 25 weeks I believe and its still in the top 30 so it did do well for her.

  11. felipe,
    trisha yearwood is to female country music what the “selecao” is to football. among all the great teams, be it italy, argentina, france, germany etc., the brasilian team still stands out. they may not always win the world cup but every soccer-fan all over the world loves to watch them performing their “art of football” because it’s full of special and memorable moments that the others just cannot create the way they can.

    there are many great vocalists in country music but trisha yearwood is one of the few, whose music (albums) is full of such “special moments (songs)” and so far it looks as if this is going to continue with every release from her. by the way, in concert she sounds even better than on record but that’s only my personal view.

  12. I know I’m not adding anything new to the conversation, but I think this is a great song from an excellent album.

  13. Trisha’s ability to select music that is true to her artistic talent allows her to remain on a level above her peers. She does not choose her pieces based on popularity. She bases them on her love for the lyrics and music. She has repeatedly shared that her favorite thing to do is sing. She loves entertaining and telling a story through song. Very few artists today are in it for the love. That shines through and makes her what she is; the best singer of our generation.

  14. I agree with Stephen H. I’m just not getting into it at all. Yet.

    By the way, I think the blandest Trisha songs are the totally uninspired “How Do I Live” and “I Would’ve Loved You Anyway”, and the overly-restrained “I Wanna Go Too Far”. The rest are A- or better. Except for a few that I don’t remember (Bus to St. Cloud, I Need You, Down on My Knees, Real Live Woman, I’ll Still Love You More, Inside Out, I Don’t Paint Myself…), that is.

  15. I meant to expand on my earlier comment, by the way, but was just too tired.

    Basically, the title and general idea seem to be very similar to Lee Ann Womack’s “Why They Call It Falling,” and the lyrics are pretty uninspired. Although her voice is usually very good, I have never had the love affair with her music that some people have had (i.e., “Perfect Love,” which I brought up in the bad lyrics thread). It is a shame, however, that her best chart days are behind her, while “Come On Over” races up the charts.

    Oh, and by the way, hey, TenPoundHammer, it’s spell4yr from Wikipedia.

  16. Radio is not going to pick this song up. It’s a great song. The vocals are amazing. I hear the actual vocals on this song is actually the demo they recorded. But radio is not fair to Trisha Yearwood. She hasnt had a top 10 hit since ” I Would’ve Loved You Anyway ” in 2001 and a #1 hit since ” Perfect Love ” And between those songs and now theres been a lot of great singles. So I say Fu*k radio ! They suck !

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