Phil Vassar, “I Would”

Phil Vassar’s, “I Would” kicks off with up-tempo piano and fiddles. In fact, the whole song moves at a pretty fast clip.

The problem with this is that the supposed regret of the lyrics isn’t supported by the pace of the song, which makes the lyrics rather pointless. To make matters even worse, despite the arrangement that is obviously meant to exude energy, the song still manages to be bland and forgettable.

Written by Phil Vassar

Grade: C

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  1. Except for the part about the “supposed regret” in the lyrics, I feel exactly this way about every Phil Vassar song. Good review.

  2. Unfortunately, it kind of sounds like every other Phil Vassar song. I like some of his stuff, but the more he releases, the more you realize that he is very one-dimensional as a singer and performer.

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