Donna Fargo, "We Can Do Better in America"

My favorite song of Donna Fargo’s is “You Can’t Be a Beacon (If Your Light Don’t Shine)”, which is a celebration of Christian values that simultaneously pushes those claiming to have them to live to a higher standard.

When I saw that Donna Fargo had a new single at radio about America, I wasn’t expecting to hear a patriotic song in the same spirit as “You Can’t Be a Beacon”, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. I was thrilled.

“We Can Do Better in America” is an inspiring and challenging record that calls on us to draw on our shared values to tackle the problems we currently face. Miss Fargo does not mince words, mind you. She paints a stark picture of all of the things that are going wrong, from gas prices to homelessness, but responds with the can-do spirit that we can fix these problems if we come together as one.

She asks pointed questions like “If life is for living, why not peace instead of war?” and in the same don’t throw stones tradition of “Beacon”, she asserts that “If we want to lead the world again, we’ve got to lead ourselves.” It’s a call for the people of America to focus on the things that matter, and stop being sidelined with trivialities, as she perfectly sums up in the line, “This is no time for apathy. It’s time to face reality.”

In four minutes, Donna Fargo managed to do for me what Barack Obama and John McCain haven’t yet: believe in a better tomorrow for America. If she was on the ballot this fall, she’d get my vote.

Written by Martin Cooper and Donna Fargo

Grade: A+




  1. I can’t agree with you more. This is a fantastic song from a legendary queen who deserves to be heard by evey american. I have never been so moved by any song like this one. It touches you way down deep inside and makes you want to just stand up and cheer!! “WE CAN DO BETTER IN AMERICA” AND WE NEED TO START NOW. Thank you Donna Fargo for sending out this message!

  2. It’s about time! Donna Fargo has delivered another powerful song that EVERY American MUST hear. What an inspiring song to make us all take a hard look at what’s happening in America today – and get off our duff and work together to make this a better world for us and our future generations. Thank you, Miss Fargo, for such a great message!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!

  3. Great message from a great artist!! Fargo deserves a major comeback with this, and it needs radio airtime and CMT should show some respect and give her some TV exposure. I love Dolly and she is getting a resurgance, and Donna is just as great in a different way. Let’s appreciate the honesty of this song, and give this woman a hit!!
    Way to go Donna…way to go!!!

  4. You are absolutely right on it! I heard this new song by Donna Fargo the other day and was totally blown away! I really never heard much of her the past but I did some searching and have fallin in love with her music. What a lady! And if radio don’t play this song, they are just crazy as hell! We need a song like this to give us hope, that our country can be saved and Donna Fargo does it like a pro! I will be buying every song I can from her….I am a fool for not noticing her before! Go Fargo GO!

  5. I heard the song a few days ago and it’s good. Why no video on CMT or GAC? It seems to me IF you want the song heard then a video is a necessity in todays music world, without it I can’t see this song going very far.

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