Sunday Open Thread: Hits Waiting to Happen

When I first heard Carrie Underwood’s new album Carnival Ride, I was most impressed by the ballad “Just a Dream”, which is now slated to be her fourth single from the set.

Similarly, I was blown away by “What I Cannot Change” on the new LeAnn Rimes set, and that is rumored to be the third single from Family.

What other songs from current albums do you think are hits waiting to happen?  For me, the answer is “Romeo’s Tune”, from Keith Urban’s hits collection.  How about you?


  1. ^ mine would be exactly those three that you mentioned, and honestly even though i know radio wouldn’t go near it with a ten foot pole and the odds of it being a huge hit are slim to none….i would love it if trisha yearwood would release “dreaming feilds”….that song is just awesome

  2. “World’s Biggest Fool”, off Rhonda Vincent’s most recent album, would be a great single to release to radio

  3. “Sweet and Wild” off of Dierk’s Greatest Hits album as well as “All We’d Ever Need” from Lady Antebellum’s album

  4. I think Trisha Yearwood’s “Let the Wind Chase You” would be her best chance at a hit. It isn’t my absolute favorite song off of her current album, but I think it would have success at radio.

  5. ^ yeah joseph, its not my favorite either, but you may be right about radio playing it….problem is, there are only so many spots for females on country radio…and matter how deserving doesn’t get her due…jmho though

  6. Alan Jackson – “Never Loved Before” (w/Martina)
    I’ll second Dierks’ “Sweet & Wild”
    Strait’s “Brothers of the Highway”
    Miranda Lambert – “Guilty In Here”
    James Otto – “Drink and Dial”
    And although I think it’s kind of weak, Chris Cagle’s “I Don’t Want to Live”
    would probably give him another big ballad hit.

  7. I completely agree about Carrie Underwood–hands down the best song on the latest album. I think that if “Romeo’s Tune” was going to be a single, they would’ve (and should’ve) released it during that dry spell between “Everybody” and his latest “You Look Good In My Shirt.” I still don’t understand why they didn’t release either of the new songs to promote his Hits collection, though they now rereleased it adding the new single.

    I would add Mrs. Yearwood’s “Let the Wind Chase You” as a hit single. I think George Strait’s “When You’re In Love” is catchy enough for a radio hit, though they will probably release “River of Love” instead. “Never Loved Before,” the duet with Martina from Alan Jackson’s Good Time album. “All I Wanted Was a Car” from Brad’s 5th Gear (or should I be looking at his older albums for the next single?) “Trying to Matter” from Gary Allan’s Living Hard. Pretty much any other song off of Miranda’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — maybe “More Like Her” or a softer song. And, of course, ANYTHING off of the latest Rascal Flatts album, because they are just the best thing in country music right now! (Now reread that last sentence with all the intended sarcasm.)

  8. Oh, and wouldn’t it be amazing if this Christmas Garth released The Lost Sessions to all of retail and then released some of the great, great songs off that album to radio to promote it? Cause most of the stuff on that album is way better than what they play on Country radio anyway.

  9. if i were to pick a new miranda single it would have to be “love letters”…i abosolutly adore that song, and it would be a nice change of pace from her up tempo stuff

  10. I realize I’m probably alone in this thought but I totally do not “get” the whole Miranda Lambert craze.
    Maria McKee was and is and does that style of material SO much better.
    On a list of “best kept secrets that country music totally missed the boat on”, Maria McKee / Lone Justice is definitely at the top.

  11. My choice for Lambert’s next single would be “Dry Town.” Her ballads are great but they’re probably all too low-key to go anywhere at radio. “Guilty in Here” would be great too, but I think it’s too smart for mainstream audiences to latch onto. I would absolutely love to be proven wrong on that, though. Lady Antebellum should absolutely release “Home Is Where The Heart Is” at some point; radio will go bananas over that stuff. And I agree with Trisha releasing “Let The Wind Chase You”; Keith Urban’s presence on it will attract a lot of attention, plus it’s just a great song.

  12. OK, I love Trisha’s latest CD. My .02 in addition to “Let the Wind Chase You,” would be “Nothin ’bout Memphis” and “Nothin’ about you is Good for me.” As for non radio singles, “The Dreaming Fields” is so full of sadness and emotion it makes me cry but it would never make it on mainsteam country radio.

  13. I saw some stills from the video for JAD and it’s going to be a tear jerker it appears. Shes a bride in it of course sand looks amazing, etc

  14. You’re right about that Jake. My mom was hit hard by “Just a Dream”, hearing it a few months after my father died. There wasn’t gunfire at the burial, but she was handed a folded-up flag the same way that it’s described in the song.

  15. Not only do I think “Just A Dream” is a wonderful song, I am impressed with the emotion that Carrie puts into it. Likewise, I really love LeAnn’s new song as well. I think that her album is underrated.

  16. Ok I don’t want to repeat anything already mentioned so I’ll just list a couple that weren’t mentioned.

    Phil Vassar’s “My Chevrolet” – Phil needs another hit song and his newest release, “I Would” doesn’t sound like it’s going to do it for him, his album was a little dissapointing but this song is probably his best shot at a hit single. Plus I’m sure Chevrolet would love it.

    Josh Gracin’s “Unbelievable (Ann Marie)” – Once “We Weren’t Crazy” has finished it’s run they have to release this song. It’s a beautiful song and it’s probably the best song he’s recorded thus far in his career. Hopefully Lyric Street doesn’t waste this opportunity.

    Jewel’s “Anyone But You” – If Jewel want’s to show that she’s taking a serious shot at country music this song would be the best way to show it. It’s one of the most country sounding songs I’ve heard all year.

    Jennifer Hanson’s “Love Will Find It’s Way Around” – Jennifer may not ever get back on the charts but this song’s catchy melody should be given a chance to. I’d even settle for someone else singing this one, it just deserves to be heard.

    George Strait’s “House Of Cash” – No reason other than to hear Patty Loveless’ voice back on the radio.

    Sarah Buxton’s “Crazy Dream” – Two reasons, there’s no reason she’s not already a star. And I want to see a video for this song.

  17. I second the motion of Josh Gracin’s Unbelievable. Either that or Let Me Fall or Invisible. Unbelievable is very simple, but he puts so much emotion into it. I don’t know why I love Let Me Fall so much, but I hope it becomes a single too at some point. And Invisible is so unique, I think people would love it too. But as far as I know they will be pushing for Unbelievable to be the next single.

  18. I’m a bit late to this party but I pride myself on my ability to pick hit songs off of records and this is one of my favorite games to play.

    On current records I’d start with
    Lady Antebellum’s “I Run To You.” It uses good imagery along with being a good song in a political year (not that it’s a political song).

    Listening to Katie Armiger’s new record I was immeadiately impressed by “Unseen.” Written by Whitney Duncan, the song has an immediate hook and could break Katie at radio. If it doesn’t then Duncan should record the record.

    Julianne Hough’s “My Hallelujah Song” has hit written over it (beside the hook, Hough sings it well).

    One of my favorite tracks on the James Otto record is “Man That I Am.” It’s sultry, sexy, ballad that cements Otto’s status as country music’s new R&B man. Traditional country it’s not. but the hook is immediate.

    Those are what I can think of right now…

  19. Big & Rich’s “You Never Stop Loving Somebody” or “Faster than Angels Fly,” although it seems they’re not tapping that album for any more material.

    “Oh Love” by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

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