Review: Billy Currington, "Don't"

I would like to know who is responsible for trying to turn Billy Currington into a lounge singer.   The man is blessed with a rich, expressive voice that can easily deliver pure country songs, and here he is, singing against a sonic back

drop that would make Terri Gibbs sound right at home.

Listening to “Don't”, I hear two distinct things going on at the same time.    Up front, a powerful vocalist is singing his heart out, and behind him, there's a studio full of recording professionals who couldn't care less.   He deserves better than this.

Grade: C

Listen: Don't



  1. Billy Currinton has one of the most recognizable voices i have heard in a while. Im only 16, but the amount of country music i listen to is crazy. Usually i like just about anything country that anyone puts out. Even some of the more “pop” sounding ones, but this one isn’t doing it for me. Hopefully the album will be better?

  2. I totally disagree with all of your statements. I think Billy has a great voice and it is only magnified in “Dont.” He has such a great and powerful voice and I think this song really showcases that. I’m really looking forward to his new album.

  3. I actually think his voice is better showcased on “Good Directions”…another ridiculously awesome song, by the way. He sounds relaxed and as though he’s having fun. I don’t like the smoldering Billy Currington, i.e., “Tangled up” or whatever it’s called.

  4. I disagree with the statements too. I really love this song! I think he has the most amazing voice. His voice is powerful in every song he sings. His songs are full of strength and passion. I am anxiously waiting for the new cd to come out. I will be first in line to buy it.

  5. This song is absolutely great. Shows what a fantastic voice Billy has and that he is a true artist. I can’t wait for the CD and to hear him sing this in concert.

  6. Billy does have a wonderful, deep voice that just seems to get better with time. And as someone mentioned earlier, his voice is very recognizable in whatever he sings. This song is nice, but I also agree that other song selections seem to suit Billy better – he is great at country and a good ole country song is what he does best! I think every artist likes to experiment and try different things – maybe that is why he chose this song/arrangement.

  7. I LOVE the song. He seems very much rested and ready to give us 100%. I have not heard a bad song that Billy has recorded. I think Billy is a great singer and feel he is truly the best out there. Billy puts on a great show and is very talented. I am tired of him not being recognized for the talent he has. Can’t wait to see him in August!!!!

  8. I think a C is a little harsh. I do agree that the song could use “bigger” music. Even a little fiddle would be nice. BUT I actually think it’s a nice change of pace. The overall arrangement allows Billy’s voice to be the center of attention in the song, and listeners can focus on the lyrics.

  9. Billy sounds good no matter what he sings. Yall have to understand that he has people telling him what to sing. I think the song is sexy! I love it!!

  10. I think his GRADE should be A: Billy has an awesome voice. It doesn’t matter what he sings it is going to sound great. I think this song “Don’t” is fabulous and so is “Tangled Up”. He is a wonderful artist. I heard this song on the radio playing smash it or trash it and this song was a SMASH everyone that called in loved this song. This new album is going to be a hit. People who have gone to his recent concerts love the new songs that he is singing. Some people just want to criticize just because it’s not the kind of country you want to hear. Billy is a wonderful Country Singer and always will be. He is the GREATEST!!! God Bless You Billy. Love LatinaGirl!!!

  11. This song is amazing!!!!!! we all have our own opinions but I think this son is one of his best yet:))

  12. Do we have some record company moles in this thread? THREE people have ended their post by saying “I can’t wait for his CD to come out so I can buy it!”

  13. And after listening to the song, I think this could be a top 5 or top 10 AC hit … it’s not country, though, which is too bad with two clunkers after “Good Directions”.

  14. I love Billy no matter what. He has a soulful voice.This is a great song, and possibly one of his best yet.I have been waiting for his cd to come since “Tangled Up” was released.I am a huge fan and he is my favorite artist ever.No matter what song he sings it is great.He is sexy and soulful.We grow ’em better in Georgia, don’t we?

  15. Whoever wrote this review is just jealous because they aren’t as sexy as billy.How do I know this you ask?Because…….Billy Currington is the sexiest man alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Billy has one of the best voices in Country Music; his range is fabulous and this new song “Don’t” if definaetly showcases that range. It may not have a banjo or fiddle solo in it or include words about trucks, trains and drinking as some of you seem to feel that a “Country Song” should include but it stands up to any of the songs that do!
    In the words from his song “he’s got it goin on”!!!!! Go Billy!!!

  17. I agree he does have it goin’ on, always has and always will. I’m listenin’ to it right now and i love it love it!!!!!!

  18. I like billys new song. he is sexy when he sings a slow song. in my eyes any song he sings brings out his sexy southern voice.

  19. it would take a kenny rogers or a ronnie milsap plus a time-machine to get this lame piece of music going somewhere. totally forgettable song in the hands of billy currington.

  20. I first heard it today and I was blown away!! WAY TO GO!!! I love the bass lines and the WAH pedal in the back ground! This will be a #1 hit for Billy this year!! NO DOUBT!!

  21. i think this song is great and yes billy does have a distinct voice and he is just doing somethin a little different from the norm so i dont think ppl should dislike the song just because it seems different. the fact that he is taking a chance and mixing up things should be a good thing and says that he is just not bringing the same excat things everytime. listen to the words of the song and you will appreciate the song a little more because thats how music should be. judge it by the passion the singer has and the words of the song, and you can obviously tell he has a lot of passion when he sings this song

  22. I think the song is Great , but then again Billy Currington can sing anything he has a wonderful voice . I ‘m glad to see that he is heading back I have missed his music and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with and I hope he comes back to the Upstate of South Carolina soon I ‘d Love to see him again in concert.

  23. The people who think this isn’t a good song are the same people who probably think all the songs Nirvana, Britney Spears, and the white stripes were easy to listen to. You people wouldn’t know a good song if it slapped in the face-which is exactly what should happen to you anyway.

  24. I’d know a good song if it slapped me in the face, and this song was more like a fly landing on my cheek.

  25. Some of you don’t know what you are talkin about! This song is climbing the charts faster than any other single from Billy! It is a great song! Do your research then comment on the song!

  26. Sorry folks, but Billy Currington is NOT a good vocalist! His voice is barely controlled, often pitchy, and the material he sings is sophomoric.

    I work in Country radio and have listened to all of his songs, hoping to find just one that I felt justified his popularity. Did not find one. Every single one of his songs could be performed better by other Country artists. He’s not as good as you think he is, and pretty soon he is going to get overshadowed by better new artists. I been in this business for many years and my instinct tells me that he is not going to last much longer with today’s country listeners. JMHO.

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