Review: Becky Schlegel, “Bound For Tennessee”

Those who are familiar with Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion on NPR may recognize the name of Becky Schlegel, who has performed on Keillor’s show numerous times.

Her first single, “Bound For Tennessee”, retreads the premise of a girl who is ready to escape her small town life. She has been “down and out in this small town” for quite some time and is finally “bound to run/Run away to Tennessee.”

Schlegel has a voice that has the wispiness of Jewel and the folksy twang of Ashley Monroe. Similarly, the production is calm with simple instrumentation. The acoustic guitar, piano, brushes and steel guitar create a gentle combination that compliments Schlegel’s understated voice rather nicely.

While the lyrics aren’t original or profound, Schlegel turns this song into a mournful performance that is very pleasant.

Written by Becky Schlegel

Grade: B+

Listen: Bound For Tennessee

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