Friday Open Thread: Upcoming Albums

At the end of 2007, the only artists I could think of that had new albums coming out were Kathy Mattea, Alan Jackson and Dolly Parton.  But new albums came along from some of my favorite artists that I wasn’t expecting, like a blues set from Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis and a new studio album from Emmylou Harris.

If you’d asked me a month ago, I wouldn’t have been able to name a new album I was looking forward to in the second half of the year.   But then a wave of new sets were announced, with upcoming releases on the way from Todd Snider, Lee Ann Womack, Patty Loveless, and Rodney Crowell.   There were rumors of a Tim McGraw set, but I’m questioning that, given that another single from his current album was sent to radio.

Anyway, the album I’m looking forward to most is a new studio set from Wynonna, her first in five years.   Her last studio album What the World Needs Now is Love, was my favorite of hers, and the live album that followed it was a gem, too.

Apparently the set will include a cover of Merle Haggard’s “Are the Good Times Really Over.”  You can watch her perform it here, but it’s not on YouTube yet.   So I’ll close this with a different Wy clip, one that makes me smile every time I see it, and I’ll ask all of you:

What’s the upcoming album that you can’t wait to hear?


  1. I am absolutely looking forward to the new Wynonna album!! I think she did an awesome job on the Haggard song, though the recording is poor quality. I am looking forward to the fall’s crop of album offerings, even if my bank account isn’t.

  2. I’m actually looking forward to Sugarland, despite never being much of a fan. All the pre-hype has got me interested for some reason. I’ve always thought they had the potential to be something I could like if they dug a little deeper. I’m also looking forward to the new Chris Knight album, “Heart of Stone.”

  3. I’m with you on the Chris Knight album! I’ll have to wait and see on Sugarland. I know the rest of their album is supposed to be different, but I’m not overly enthusiastic about their current single.

  4. Have to say am looking forward to the new Sugarland, also want the new Jamey Johnson and because I have always loved her voice, Heidi Newfield —

  5. Ditto to everything Lanibug said minus Heidi Newfield, who I’m indifferent about. And I don’t know if anything’s been announced, but I think it’s high time Keith Urban released a new set.

  6. I’ll tell you one upcoming release I’m not looking forward to, though: Taylor Swift’s Beautiful Eyes. I’ve defended her and her artistic potential a lot, hoping that she might mature into some more sophisticated songwriting in time for the next set, but if the two new clips on her MySpace page are any indication, the writing has only gotten less interesting (“Beautiful Eyes”) and more stale (“I Heart Question Mark” completely recycles the melody and production of “Picture To Burn”). Now I’m going to have to eat crow when this inevitably crappy album comes out. Why, Taylor?

  7. I think that stuff was written around the same time as the other stuff that we’ve heard from her. I agree with you though, I’ve defended her, but those songs are pretty bad. I think her record label knows that she’s going to have to write some mature music with her next album and they’re not ready to move on from this thing that’s working for her. So, they keep digging through her catalog so that they can keep putting out a couple of new songs to stall the inevitable. I saw her new package (which is promoted as being something fresh for the fans and not milking the first album), the six songs and a DVD, for over $12 at Sam’s Club yesterday. Pretty pitiful to capitalize so much on these young fans who’ll keep buying the newer additions of the same old stuff over and over again, just because they add songs and leave some off. That’s hardly a way to justify that you’re not ripping people off. Of course, I suppose the blame is on the people who fall for the marketing genius.

  8. There aren’t any country albums that I’m looking forward to right now. It’s all about pop rock for me now. However, I guess I’m excited for Dierks Bentley’s new album, whenever it comes out. I doubt if I’d actually get Taylor Swift’s new album, but I love Should’ve Said No, so I think she has the potential to be someone I like. I don’t think I’ll like everything she does though, which is why I’m somewhat skeptical.

    The two non-country albums I’m looking forward to are the Jonas Brothers’ A Little Bit Longer, and McFly’s Radioactive.

  9. Wynonna is at the TOP of my list. (of favorite artists and CDs I’m most looking forward too–its been a long time coming, and hopefully she can come close to the brilliance of What the World Needs Now.)

    I would also be saying Patty Loveless, but I’m a little hesitant since its a cover album.

    Even though I hate the new Sugarland single, I have hope for the new CD.

  10. Just watched the WY clip. great choice–that’s my favorite cut off her live album–both for the performance and the great story :)

  11. I think the new songs on Taylor Swift’s MySpace are actually for the Wal-Mart exclusive and not for her next studio album, but I’d have to double check on that.

    I’ve never been into Sugarland, but the samples I’ve heard have got me excited. Other non-mainstream albums I’m excited about: Rodney Hayden, Chris Knight, Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Randy Rogers Band, Bruce Robison and Jessica Simpson…ok, just kidding about that last one.

  12. Matthew Ballard – Midnight Drive
    Wade Bowen – If We Ever Make It Home
    Chely Wright – Notes to the Coroner

  13. I’m looking forward to Eric Church’s new album Carolina. His debut was one of my favorites when it came out and still is. I’m also pretty excited for Todd Snider’s too. I love that guy.

  14. The Sugarland is a record I’m hopeful for. I have the Jamey Johnson advance and the new tracks fit the record well (it’s still hard to figure what the second single will be though). I think the Patty Loveless record will be very good. I’ve always liked Rodney Hayden and Wade Bowen so I look forward to those records as well.

  15. Her last album is still in frequent rotation in my car and on my Ipod. I’m excited for that and thanks for the Youtube clip. That was a treat.

  16. Sugarland’s new set hopefully will be more of what I, and it seems everyone else, knows their capable of. I’m going to be away from home on vacation when the album comes out, but im bringing along my ipod touch to download it wirelessly the second it comes out. haha.

    Away from the country scene for a second, i too am looking forward to the new Jonas Brothers set. Though there current CD is nothing i like, the two new singles they released on iTunes made me a fan.

  17. Jake, I’m looking forward to Faith’s Christmas album. I am a complete sucker for Christmas music in general though. I know what you mean about being leary, but I think she could make a really good one and it sounds like she’s going to keep it classic, for the most part. I’m hoping it’s as good as Martina’s Christmas album, which could have been too much, but ended up being perfect.

  18. Leeann,

    Have you heard Kathy Mattea’s Christmas albums? Those two sets are my favorite holiday collections. “Good News” won her a Grammy, but I think that “Joy For Christmas Day” is even better.

  19. I really like the Christmas compilation named “Christmas Angels” from a few years back because of Amber Dotson’s version of “Blue Christmas”. I was so hoping to see a full album release from Amber but after two failed radio singles she disappeared……

    Albums I would like to buy on CD: Jypsi’s debut, Carter’s Chord’s debut, and the upcoming album from Crystal Shawanda. What I really want though is a new album from Sunny Sweeney, and Ashley Monroe, and Sarah Buxton! (but I’m not holding my breath….)

    There’s a ticket special on the internet today where for $ 10 I could buy a ticket to an Indian casino show featuring Brooks & Dunn, ZZ Top, & Rodney Atkins. I’ll pass on that one….

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