Sunday Open Thread: Self-Indulgent Edition

So here's today's question:

What features would you like to see more of at Country Universe?  Are there things we could be doing be

tter? How can we make this a better site?

Your feedback is needed and appreciated.  There's a lot of room for improvement and expansion!



  1. Right offhand, I always really enjoy Favorite Songs By Favorite Artists – wish I’d thought of that feature first, honestly!

    But yeah. I’ll probably think of some other suggestions tomorrow.

  2. I love your features that go back and show the amazing history of country music (i.e. greatest women)….being fairly young, a lot of the older artists you showcased are sometimes only vaguely familiar to me, and I appreciate that aspect of better understanding the greats!

  3. how about inviting some of the talented amateur-writers, who have their own blogs, into the country universe and thereby broadening the scope of views, opinions and news-content of this publication. it’s a good basic platform here, but a one-man show plus leeann has its natural limitations.
    perhaps you guys are too good to stay small. and yes, the layout could do with some fresh thinking.

  4. A couple suggestions..maybe a daily poll of some kind, or an artist/songwriter spotlight whre you actually put their youtube (or whatever) videos on the post.

  5. I’m going to agree with Dan M. about the Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists feature. That’s really one of my favorites. Also, everybody is still waiting for a 100 Greatest Men of Country feature …

  6. This is something that you already do, but I really enjoy the “Favorite Songs By Favorite Artists” feature. I’d love to see more of those. I also greatly enjoy anything to do with country music’s/artists’ history. Overall though, this is a great site.

  7. Nothing major..
    – Not a fan of the random image on comments.. distracts from the theme of the site
    – A better way to explore tags (categories)
    – More modern layout

  8. Still somewhat of a newbie around here but so far have been nothing but impressed. I appreciate the topics and everyone seems so respectful of others’ opinions. I’ve learned alot about other country artists and their work.

    This has to be the first boards I’ve ever posted to with welcoming moderators that get involved with discussions.
    Keep up the great work!

  9. Good ideas, all of them.

    What’s funny is that I was working on a Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists post all weekend.

    I like the idea of more contributions from others, but I’m not sure how to solicit them.

    The layout is going to change this month, though not drastically, as I’m limited in my skill with such things.

  10. I’m glad that you guys like the Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists feature, because it’s one of my favorite things to write. So, I think the likelihood of them becoming more frequent is good.

    I know much less about layout design than Kevin does. I think the graphics that you’re seeing by people’s names are graphics of the commenter’s choosing? I could be wrong about that though.

    I’m glad people feel welcome here. It’s a ton of fun to participate in conversations/discussions with you guys.

    PS. WordPress is free.:)

  11. Kevin, a couple of us run wordpress blogs elsewhere, so don’t be afraid to ask!

    Leeann, WordPress is free even if you don’t use their hosting.. and a domain & hosting isn’t but a few bucks a month. It isn’t important, just another little “touch” to make it look that much more “professional” :)

  12. Ya’ll are doing a fine job. I love the Fav. songs by favorite singers feature. Also love the daily topic threads.

    As to what someone suggested to Kevin, we’re actually planning on bringing in blogs to associate with Roughstock in the near future.

  13. Some threads seem to get pretty active and others die on the vine. I’d try to keep the more active threads at the top of the page since they seem to generate more traffic and conversation.

  14. It might be time to start doing some interviews. Given the wealth of classic country knowledge here, I’m sure some of the veteran artists who don’t get to talk much about their music would enjoy being quizzed by an informed interrogator.

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