Monday Open Thread: Blog Roll Call, Part II

A short while back, I asked readers to alert all of us to country music blogs that we might be missing.   Here are some of the best that they shared with us.  I hope you all take the time check them out. Let me know who I've missed!

Country, California

You can't get much further away from Country Universe geographically, but the West Coast musings from Country, California are giving us East Coasters a run for our money!  The reviews are well-written, the news links are set up perfectly and, best of all, there are editorials that illustrate a commitment to the genre, along with an understanding of its history.

Educated and Poor

This is the blog of Miss Kitty, who many of you probably recognize from the comments.  As a fellow educator, I love the way she mixes in her musings on country music with her hilarious classroom experiences.  Clearly, college students can be just as audacious as their younger counterparts!  Miss  Kitty taught a course on country music this past summer.  Perhaps she should offer it online to budding country music bloggers?

Melodic Sunburst

First off, the title for this blog just makes me feel like I should've put a lot more thought into my site's moniker.   There's a cool combination of acts covered here, with an emphasis on independent and lower-profile artists.   I've been hungering for more information about the upcoming Rodney Crowell album, and it was

-gasoline.html”>here that I finally found it!


The title for this blog is a bit misleading, at least if you have a negative connotation with the word “hype.”  What's being done at this blog is promoting new artists who are worthy of attention, so it's hype in the good sense: talking up music that deserves to be heard.   There's such an enthusiasm for the discovery of new talent here. It will be interesting to look at the archives five years from now, as I bet there are some future country stars who are getting their first exposure at NashvilleHype!


I'm sure everyone has their own favorites at this site, which tweaks album covers to better reflect their contents.  Country Music Day had some killer entries; the Chuck Wicks entry made me laugh out loud.  But take the time to look throughout the older posts.  Everybody has a different sense of humor and will gravitate toward different favorites, but some of mine so far are Toby Keith, Metallica and Montgomery Gentry.  (Check out the bear in the background.)  Viva Mitch Hedberg!

I like to think of this as The Lost Highway 2.0, as I longingly wish I could trick out my site like these guys did.    The blog remains, but it's been surrounded by excellent multimedia content.  I get very click-happy over there, making sure I catch all of the good stuff!