Josh Gracin, “Unbelievable (Ann Marie)”

While this song may not be quite as steamy as Sara Evans’ latest single, “Love You With All My Heart”, it seems to focus on the intimacies of the Gracin relationship. As indicated in the title, “Unbelievable (Ann Marie), Josh Gracin’s newest single was written by Gracin for his wife. It’s a sweet gesture, but I’m still left to wonder why Ann Marie is really so unbelievable.

It begins and ends with plenty of flattering adjectives such as “undeniable, incredible, simply wonderful and beautiful. Those compliments, however, are only supported by a description of his physical attraction to her: “I wanna touch your skin/Til it feels like a sin/And take you places/That you’ve never been/Oh Baby this is real/The way you make me feel, unbelievable…/Got your breath on my skin and the taste of your kiss/Every inch and every curve/Late at night can’t believe when you lie next to me/Cause I know this is more than I deserve…”

Not only does this song tell us too much, it also tells us too little about why his wife is so unbelievable. Its generic melody, along with it’s vacuous lyrics, does nothing to help it stand out among the countless other love songs in country music.

Written by Josh Gracin

Grade: C

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  1. ladies what’s more irritating – he lighting a cigarette or starting to write songlyrics a couple of minutes afterwards?

    this song is “breathe” revisited 9 years later from a male perspective. apart from the somewhat clumsy adjectives count-down it turned out rather pleasant. josh gracing sings with passion and comes across fairly outspoken and quite believable. sounds more like a B+ to me with some hit-potential.

  2. Well, this isn’t my favourite song on the album, but it’s one of the songs I do like off of my favourite singer’s second album. In some ways, I too find this song a little too simple, and the verses are very bland, but once the song gets kicked into high gear, I find it to be a passionate, enjoyable song.

    I think I remember a review of the album on saying that this song could be the “Amazed” of the decade. In some ways I do think this song has the potential to quite well, while in other ways I doubt that Josh can overcome what seems to be a sophomore slump for him. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. i personally love this new song. i heard it on a local radio station today and have been searching for the artist for an hour now! glad i finally found it!

  4. As you pointed out, this single was written for his wife. Why then must he explain to anyone, let alone YOU, why he feels the way he does?

    I find it incredible how someone can listen to this heartfelt gesture and question his motives instead of feeling his passion. One can only wish that someone else would not only feel this way about us, but express it for the world to hear.

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