Randy Houser, “Anything Goes”

Clearly, it wasn’t enough for Randy Houser to produce one of the year’s finest debut singles; he also had to make one of its finest music videos. Excepting the bikini model who’s supposed to be his ex, most everything about this piece feels completely natural, like it was meticulously structured to complement the progression of the song (what a concept).

It’s the sort of work that makes a strong case for the music video as an art form, rather than a shallow marketing device. There’s something creative afoot at most every turn in this clip: witness the rhythmic montage in the build to the first chorus, or the way Houser fantasizes about singing alone onstage to his girl, as if to acknowledge that his whole world – even down to the songs he sings – is built on co-dependence. Someone clearly sat down and thought about this one, and it shows.

Of course, there’s always a risk of overdoing things when going the dramatic route, and there are indeed some points where Houser and his video succumb to minor histrionics. But on the whole, I haven’t felt so deeply immersed in the emotional groove of a music video in quite some time – and when it comes to this sort of raw passion, you take what you can get.

Directed by Vincenzo Giammanco

Grade: A

Watch: Anything Goes


  1. I totally agree with this review its about time a video comes along and really tells the story the way it should be told.

    I did notice that you said this video is directed by Rick Surad it actually was directed by Vincenzo Giammancoa, a great up and coming director that really understands the art of filmmaking.

    I love this song and the video did not let me down!


  2. I loved this song from the first time that I heard it on XM and the video does it justice. Just the right amount of the artist with his guitar and the right amount of video acting….

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