Discussion: Recommend a Track

Earlier this evening, I was driving to work with the iPod on shuffle.   On came Rodney Crowell’s “This Too Will Pass”, from his album Fate’s Right Hand.   It was like hearing the song for the first time.  My mind (and life) was in just the right place to hear the message.

When the winds of change hit hard and knock you off your guard
And you find out there’s a serpent in the grass
Though forked tongues might speak if truth is what you seek
This too will pass

When you’re all tied up in knots and your friends are taking shots
And the sun comes up and kicks you in the ass
When you’re stumbling down the aisle and you feel like you’re on trial
This too will pass

Sometimes you’ve gotta go down the middle of the road
Where compromise puts speed bumps in your path
If you know what you won’t, let no one say you don’t
This too will pass

Sometimes you gotta crawl through the middle of it all
But don’t compromise your heart for something crass
When everything you do just feels like nothing new
This too will pass

When you’re all locked up in pain be careful who you blame
This too will pass


What’s your recommendation this week?


  1. I’d have to pick “Only What You Make Of It” by Little Big Town off of their album A Place To Land.

    I like this song because it’s so relaxing with the calm and uplifting message, and the gorgeous harmonies of course. This song is just the perfect song to hear when you’re sad and beat up by life.

  2. Thanks J. R. ! I try to put a lot of thought into my choices for the recommend a track posts.

    I was debating choosing a track from the album Fearless by Terri Clark (I’ve been listening to it a lot lately), but I decided on LBT because they seem to be so underrated.

  3. I’m on a Steve Earle and Justin Townes Earle kick, so I’ll go with Steve’s “Ft. Worth Blues” – a song he wrote in memory of his friend, the late great Townes Van Zandt.

  4. Great Crowell song, Kevin, and I’m sorry to hear it was appropriately timed.

    In a somewhat similar vein (except with more self-pity), Ryan Adams’ “Let it Ride,” a track from Cold Roses (with the Cardinals). A great example of how a strong melody can sometimes make even the simplest words say quite a lot.

  5. Chris D. I’ll do a track from Fearless then.

    “Getting There” – Terri is my musician and my favorite song from her is “No Fear”, but I had a hard time finding the album. I finnally found it in an airport cd store and immediatley bought it. I started listening as we were getting on the plane (to Paris!!) and this song came on right as we were taking off. There’s a line in the song “You wanna land, the moment you’re in the air”, Well that was true I really wanted to land right away (Paris was a dream city for me to go to). However the song is about slowing down and taking the time to appreciate the “Geting There”; from then on I have taken the time to slow down and appreciate life a little more.

    p.s. Any track from Fearless is worth cheking out, it is her best album to date.

  6. Well, “This Too Shall Pass” certainly sounded more upbeat in the car than it does when just looking at the lyrics!

    The songs is so joyously performed, too. I was actually relating to it because so many tough times have passed and things are going great. Reading my post again, I can see how I sent the opposite message. I really need to elaborate more than “Yep” in the future. (Though thanks for the concern!)

  7. Oh man, I was concerned too. I thought the same thing as Dan. I’m going to go listen to the song now, so that I get the real sense of it. I have the album, but I haven’t listened to it closely in awhile. I’m relieved things aren’t as we thought.:)

    Since Lynn mentioned Justin Townes Earle, I’ll recommend his “Hard Livin’.” I love his vocals and the production sounds like a jam session rather than something too slick and polished. The song’s production kind of reminds me of the free flowing production of Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions album, along with an awesome saloon piano thing. I love the lyrics too: “I come home and you can’t give me a smile/I don’t know, but maybe you think that I’m/Bound to you, Baby…/I don’t know, but you gotta treat me better than you do/’cause it’s hard livin’ lovin’ you.” Zing!

  8. If you read just the lyrics to ‘This Too Will Pass’, it does seem to take you to a darker place than the song itself does.

    I am gonna cheat this week and recommend one more track (this makes three) – ‘I Don’t Wanna Be That Strong’ by Patty Loveless from her On Your Way Home album.

  9. Blake, I really liked it when they performed it on The Opry. I tend to only like them live though, rather than on record.

  10. An interesting thing about “Still Learning How To Fly” is that it was originally recorded on his one-off with studio friends in Nashville. “The Cicadas” album. Rodney also revisited “Say You Love Me” on “The Outsider” after it originally was on his “Jewel of the South” album.

    For my track I’m going to go with “Call It Sleep” by Slaid Cleaves.

  11. I saw that opry performance too, it was great.

    I think they sound the same on record and live, which is definitely a good thing.

  12. I just don’t think that they’re quite as engaging on record as they are live. I always think “Wow, I’ll have to check that out; that sounds cool”, when I hear something of theirs live, but when I hear the studio version, I’m less impressed. I suppose it’s time for us to disagree though.:) At least I like something about them though. Right?

  13. On the other hand, this is further proof that, in terms of musical tastes, Leeann and I are almost the same person. I also find Little Big Town a lot more engaging live (on TV, that is) than on record.

    My recommendation:
    Robbie Fulks – “She Took a Lot of Pills (And Died)”

  14. It’s ok Leeann, I understand.

    I’ve liked them for a while now though, I wish I could see LBT live in person.

    Also, I’m excited to download the new tracks next week from the re-release of A Place To Land. They better be available to download or I’ll be angry…

  15. Chris D,

    I would bet they are since they pulled the original version. I’ve heard them and the 3 new tracks aren’t bad (They have the same live version of “Life In A Northern Town” on their CD too).

  16. I realize that my above comment really didn’t make much sense; a ton of typos. I’m too lazy to correct it though.:)

    Yes, it’s weird (but cool) how our music tastes are so similar, John.
    Now, Matt, don’t you want to join our club?!:)

  17. Dan, didn’t we admit you as long as you started listening to Bradley Walker too? Actually, you should let go of the bitterness a little; it’s not good to hold onto such things. I can’t completely blame you for being kinda jealous though, I’ll have to admit. I sure would be.

  18. Bradley Walker is joining Joey & Rory on the 18th of October for a dinner/show at a farm in Columbia, TN. Wynn Varble is joining them.

    Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 18th. It’s a very special Songwriters Night at the farm under the stars. Come join us for an evening of fun, food, and fine picking and grinning.

    BYOL (Bring Your Own Lawn Chair), as Joey+Rory, Wynn Varble, and Bradley Walker provide the entertainment. The meal is at 5:30pm and the music starts at 7:00pm.

    Advance tickets are on sale at Marcy Jo’s. To RSVP call (931) 380-0968. Tickets are $30 per person, and $15 for kids 12 & under. If it rains, the rain date is Sunday, October 19th.

  19. Oh yeah, I’m pretty much ridiculously jealous and maybe a little bitter that Matt, Dan and Blake get to live in Nashville.

  20. lol, well I’m going to the event :) lol. It’s about an hour away from N’ville though. I don’t suppose that’s any concession considering that you’re in Maine!

  21. Oh yeah, I second John’s Robbie Fulks recommendation. He’s not for the faint of heart though. He’s rather irreverent.

  22. I’ve been on a Pop kick recently… sooo I’ve not listened to much country but
    my recondmendation would be Shania Twain’s “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing” what a brilliant song.

  23. Love love love Robbie Fulks! Love the song he wrote about Susannah Hoffs (“The Bangle Girl”).

    Absolutely love the title track off of Patty L’s new disc (Sleepless Nights) too – can’t recall the last song I’ve heard where the key change comes in the middle of the verse…very cool – gotta track down the Everly Bros original version

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