Review: Lance Miller, “Bacon Frying”

Lance Miller, a Nashville Star contestant in 2004, has won the favor of traditional fans with his plain-spoken songs and rich, rugged voice.  His new release, “Bacon Frying” is a down-home heartbreaker about a lover’s quarrel and the fear of morning-after consequences, and Miller delivers with his deep baritone and a sense of understanding that eludes lesser vocal talents.

Searching for reassurance that his relationship has survived a tense night, Miller notices his flame cooking up  breakfast in the kitchen, her way of saying “everything’s O.K.”  With a cup of coffee and a little commitment, he’s hoping to restore their devotion to each other.  The steel guitar wraps itself around the chorus, lending a traditional tone to this testament of love’s survival.  Production is sparse, letting the message speak loud and clear. Miller sings in the style of a modern-day Merle, leaning into the lyric with a mix of regret and relief.

Grade: B

Listen: Bacon Frying


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