Single Review: Josh Gracin, “Telluride”

If you’re going to comb through an artist’s catalog looking for missed hits, Tim McGraw is a good guy to start with.    “Telluride” was on Tim’s Set This Circus Down album, which produced four #1 hits.    It’s easy to imagine this one lighting up the charts, though it’s quite a bit less effective in the less experienced hands of Josh Gracin.

There’s none of the wry humor or devilish charm of McGraw’s reading here.  If anything, Gracin’s overly earnest. McGraw gave a performance that connected with what the lyrics described – a one-night stand that was noteworthy for the action.  Gracin sounds like he’s swooning over a long lost love.    In case anyone out there’s still looking for proof of the difference between being a gifted singer and an effective one, here it is.

Written by Brett James and Troy Verges

Grade: C

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  1. I like McGraw’s version better for te reasons Kevin mentioned in the review. Also, I just think he puts a lot more energy into it than Gracin does.

  2. No no no no no. This should not be his next single. I’m very disappointed. I suppose I don’t hate this song, but coming from my favourite country singer, and following up 4 singles that I loved, I am very disappointed with this. “Let Me Fall” or “Invisible” would be much better choices.

  3. You all suck for overlooking this song. What makes a song more successful is the story behind it. Gracin does a far better job vocally with the long notes. The song itself is about a 19 year old who wants to get away from where ever he is. Tim McGraw sings this song as if he is just reading the lyrics. Gracin is singing with the emotions of a 19 year old. And at the end of the song, where he loses his girl? When we lose someone really important in our lives we do two things. 1.) We grieve. 2.) We realize that their time in our lives made us a better person so we have no regrets. 3.) We write songs about them in their honor.

    This song is much better when you actually remember what it is like to be a teenager and to actually remember those who have left you as the ones who have made you who you are today.

    Sorry Kevin J. Coyne but, with all due respect, I think that you are more of a Tim McGraw fan than a country music fan.

  4. Josh Gracin’s version pwns. Far better instrumentals, more emotion, control on the high notes, just over all better sound.

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