1. Anything EmmyLou or Crystal or Merle – Forgot how much I like these 3 artists…If Santa could arrange to tie a bow around pretty miss Dolly and plop her under my tree, I wouldn’t complain too much either (the real thing, ol’ st. Nick…the REAL thing…)

  2. If I wanted anything secretly I definitely wouldn’t get it, especially music-related. If I want anything I have to spell it out to my family. I am hoping for various recent CDs I’ve held off on buying, including the latest from Lee Ann Womack, Joey + Rory, and Trace Adkins.

  3. There’s so many albums I want, but if I had to choose one it would be Emmylou Harris’ Songbird: Rare tracks and Forgotten Gems (I think that’s the whole title).

  4. For some reason today I’ve been listening to a lot of the Top of the World Tour from the Dixie Chicks on Youtube. It’s probably not going to happen (Unless I get a gift card for Itunes and download it), but it would be great to get this album. I didn’t know the Chicks sounded this good live. Also, there are some songs that are so greatly enhanced because they are live, such as Goodbye Earl, Wide Open Spaces, and Ready to Run.

  5. All I asked for was a Nikon Coolpix digital camera, but I’d also like Reba’s new boxset along with Patty Loveless’ “Mountain Soul” cd. Since reading the review here and hearing all about how stellar it is, I’ve really become interested in listening to it!

  6. I think I have everything Patty Loveless has recorded, so my wish is for the boxed set of Hank Williams’ unreleased recordings..

    Not so secret though, as I already asked my brother and sister in law…no gaurentees from them though, lol.

    Also, my cousin asked me what I wanted for Chistmas and I told her “Coal”, as in Kathy Mattea’s “Coal”…she was mildly amused, and said she’d see what she could do.

  7. Greg,

    The editing of the DVD for Top of the World tour is terrible and it cuts out a few songs. I’d recommend getting the CD instead, and then buying the DVD, “An Evening with the Dixie Chicks.” It’s a much better concert – all acoustic, the whole Home album and then four more songs” – great conversation in between songs, too.

  8. I got turned on to Amos Lee from his recent Common Thread concert with Sugarland. My wish is his Supply and Demand cd.

    Also, I have the TOTW dvd and yes, the editing is awful. If you followed that tour (which I did) there are some great memories, however. Merry Christmas everyone.

  9. Kevin,

    I was thinking about just the CD. Other than how attractive they looked on that tour (Especially Natalie with the hairstyle and leather), it’s the music that I really want.

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