News: Brenda Lee, Gene Autry Among Grammy Lifetime Achievement Honorees

brendaleeBrenda Lee and the singing cowboy, Gene Autry, are among the seven artists selected as Grammy Lifetime Achievement recipients this year.

They will be honored during a special ceremony on Feb. 7, with additional recognition at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards show on Feb. 8.  Dean Martin and The Four Tops are also among those awarded for their artistry and overall contributions to the music industry. Country music has been represented by Willie Nelson (2000), Eddy Arnold (2005) and Merle Haggard (2006) in recent years.


  1. I wonder if the CMA folks will ring up the Grammy folks and tell them that by ignoring the Lifetime Recipient segment, they can squeeze in a Kellie Pickler song?

  2. If anyone deserves this award it is Brenda Lee. If I had been in charge she would have gotten it long ago plus lots of other top awards. This lady can out sing any artist in my opinion. Congratulations Brenda!

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