Review: Craig Morgan, “God Must Really Love Me”

craig-morganIn the past, one could credibly argue that while Craig Morgan’s music hasn’t been especially memorable or intriguing, his music had a sort of authentic charm that helped set him apart from some other mid-level artists. However, with his move to Sony BMG, it seems that he’s trying his hardest to eradicate any semblance of originality from his songs at this point.

The melody is nauseatingly predictable, though he tries to spice up the chorus by interjecting two randomly sped up lines to make the song ridiculously earnest. Furthermore, the production employs every element of cheesiness imaginable: eighties electric guitar solos, moody piano undertones, an obnoxious synthesizer, obligatory steel guitar and fiddle, and, yes, even a church bell.

The most offensive component of this song, however, is its generic, yet irresponsible, message. It suggests that the reason he’s still alive despite his transgressions, is because God must really love him. Oh yeah, that’s why he has the perfect girl by his side too.

With such logic, the reason that others aren’t still alive is because God must not have really loved them?

Written by Jim Collins & Troy Verges

Grade: C-

Listen: God Must Really Love Me


  1. Leeann,

    Can’t say that I don’t agree with ya. While it’s pleasant and the chorus really sticks because of those lines you mentioned, I don’t think I’ll particularly remember this one like “I Will” Jimmy Wayne’s. I didn’t even mention this single in my review of the album. The funny thing is that the label has chosen to release very good singles from Chuck Wicks and Carrie Underwood (at least in terms of being interesting) that the selection of this one is surprising.

    That being said, radio will likely play it and their audience will likely like the song; but not enough to sell the record, which is the real reason, after all, why Morgan left Broken Bow for Sony Nashville in the first place.

  2. You touched on an important theological quandry there Leeann…

    An attitude of gratitude is a good thing, no doubt…but sometimes when put into song, it can come accross as a presumtuous oversimplification which really glosses over the deeper implications..You raised a great point there with your concluding rhetorical question.

    The Morgan song kinda reminds me of Billy Currington’s ” Must Have done Something Right” I think that’s the name of that insipid song anyway.

  3. Though the song may not be the greatest tune – I heard it and it struck a cord. I came in the house and told my husband, “I love country music.” For this reason alone – an artist can sing about God and it can reach thousands in one moment.
    Oh and call me irresponsible because I believe I am still alive and that my life is as great as it is, reguardless of its ups and downs, because God must really love me. I hope that you find his love too.

  4. Why can’t the media, and so called rating professionals just take a message for what it is? This song doesn’t imply that someone else isn’t blessed, or that God doesn’t love them. It simply said to me during a tough time, “Hey, look around, God really does love you!” I bet I’m not the only one that he touched with this song, and my guess is that is exactly what he set out to do with these lyrics. Thank you Mr. Morgan!

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