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runnersOne of my New Year’s resolutions for 2009 was to get back into shape.  I’ve been working non-stop the last couple of years and it was definitely time. Of course, I thought getting back into shape would entail joining the local gym and carving out a little bit of time in my week. But, no.  I allowed a friend to convince me to sign up to run the local 26.2 mile rock ‘n roll marathon in May. God help me. I’m now on a strict running schedule … and it’s killing me. I played varsity soccer in college and graduate school, but running for the sake of running is … let’s face it … deathly boring.  So, this week, if you wouldn’t mind, please recommend a high energy track that gets you moving!


  1. Ha. I ran for the second time this month today, and it was pretty good (I seriously want to join a gym too now, but I can’t afford it) . It’s tough with asthma and this cold weather for me. During the summer, it’s great, but it’s hard with the winter.

    Anyway, I’ve got a great uptempo running play-list on my iPod that gets me energized. I’ll just list a few of the country ones that really get me going:

    – “They Call It Falling for a Reason” – Trisha Yearwood
    – “Don’t Cross the River” and “The Fever” – Garth Brooks
    – “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)” – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
    – “Mustang Burn” – Jack Ingram
    – “Tequila” – Brooks & Dunn (VERY GOOD for running. Keeps the heart racing)
    – “How Long? ” – The Eagles

    I’ve got more, but didn’t want to list too many. I think I listen to mostly rock/poppier stuff for running.

  2. I wrestled in college and I practically lived in the weight room and on the track trying to keep my weight at a certain level. I listened to a lot of Journey and Queen. The Vision Quest soundtrack was great. With long distance running you definitely want a nice scenic route with a few hills and wide open spaces and start out the jog with music that helps you set a comfortable pace and rhythm with your breathing. Something that is relaxing at first and then sort of picks up the pace as you run. For example, start out with someone like Trisha Yearwood and maybe pick up the pace in the middle with someone like Keith Urban and then have Hank, Jr. or Miranda Lambert help push you across the finish line.

  3. One really good “tempo” song is “Four on the Floor” by Lee Brice. It’s all about tempo. Not traditional in the slightest but it was made for moving.

    Some others:
    “Good Lord Willing,” “Good As Gone,” “Fury” “Fine Line” from Little Big Town
    “I Know You” by Lori McKenna
    “Makin’ It Rain” One Flew South

  4. It’s probably not good that I admit this, but I like “Four on the Floor” too. I wouldn’t even know it was categorized as country in anyway if I randomly heard it somewhere, but it’s fun nonetheless. It’s definitely the most interesting thing that Brice has done that I’ve heard, anyway.

    This isn’t my answer to this question though, because I’d be surprised if you took this on as a guilty pleasure too, Lynn. I gravitate toward songs with tempo, so I’ll have to think about this a bit.

  5. here are a few I have on my workout playlist (only the country songs):
    (out of 100 songs)

    “If My Heart Had Wings” by Faith Hill
    “Crazy Dreams” by Carrie Underwood
    “Real Fine Place To Start” by Sara Evans
    “Tell Me Why” by Wynonna
    “Settlin'” by Sugarland
    ‘Why’d You Come In Here Lookin’ Like That” by Dolly Parton
    “Down At The Twist And Shout” by Mary Chapin Carpenter
    “Nothin’ Better To Do” by LeAnn Rimes
    “I’m Taking The Wheel” by SHeDAISY
    “I Told You So” by Keith Urban
    “When God-Fearin’ Women Get The Blues” by Martina McBride
    “Honey, I’m Home” by Shania Twain (I have quite a few Shania songs, haha. ;))
    “Everybody Knows” by Trisha Yearwood
    “Turn It Loose” by The Judds
    “This Kiss” by Faith Hill
    “Silver Threads & Golden Needles” by Dolly, Loretta, & Tammy
    “Kerosene” by Miranda Lambert
    “Climb That Mountian High” by Reba McEntire (I have a few Reba songs too.)
    “Down In Mississippi (Up To No Good)” by Sugarland
    “Even Now” by Sara Evans
    “Attitude” by Wynonna

    Some of these artists are featured with other songs on my workout playlist, but these are the songs I think are the best for upbeat workouts.

  6. Surprised no one mentioned the obvious yet: Ready to Run from the Dixie Chicks ;)

    Anyway, a lot of my work out playlists are from groups like Metallica and Linkin Park. Not really in a country mood when working out.

    Also, I know it’s not part of the question but I’ve been waiting for this thread this week for one reason. I found out there was a bonus track on the Dixie Chicks “Taking the Long Way Album”, Thin Line. It’s a wonder why it wasn’t included on the main release because it might be the best song on the album. It’s the one country thing I’ve been listening to the most this week.

  7. There’s not much country that gets me pumped up so I gotta go with Metallica. Their new album is really invigorating. (I crank it when I’m washing the dishes :))

  8. I know you are not the biggest Sugarland fan, but I would definitely second “Settlin'” as a good marathon-training song, as much for the lyrics in the chorus as the energy. As a non-country suggestion, an old Style Council song, “Walls Come Tumbling’ Down,” is an appropriate pick-me-up. Good luck (from a fellow marathoner).

  9. “Callin’ Baton Rouge” Garth Brooks
    “If I fall your going down with me” the Dixie Chicks
    “Kerosene” Miranda Lambert
    “I try to think about Elvis” Patty Loveless

    I don’t have too many really up tempo songs, most of my running playlist is mid- tempo (might be why I don’t run very much), but those ones help me.

  10. DOLLY – More Where That Came From (Target is using it in their recent commercials!)
    TANYA – Its A Little Too Late
    ALABAMA – I’m In a Hurry

  11. I am still stuck in the CD age I guess, because I don’t have a ‘workout playlist’. I usually just pop in a CD I know has some tempo to it. Jo Dee Messina’s ‘I’m Alright’ album is really great – and so is Shania Twain’s ‘Come On Over’. And lately, I’ve really listening to ‘Love On The Inside’ when I work out too.

  12. THE FAST ONE–Linda Ronstadt
    BORN TO RUN–Emmylou Harris
    WALK ON–Linda Ronstadt

    WALK DON’T RUN–The Ventures (instrumental)
    CHARIOTS OF FIRE–Vangelis (instrumental)

  13. “Callin’ Baton Rouge” by Garth Brooks is a great one.

    “Maybe She Wouldn’t Be Gone” by Blake Shelton is really catchy too.

  14. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the suggestions. I have a lot of these songs but not all. I’m looking forward to putting together a playlist.

    @Greg M: “Taking the Long Way” also had another bonus song – “Live Wire” — httpv://

    You can definitely hear Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) in it. Campbell also worked on “Lubbock or Leave It.” Mudcrutch, Tom Petty’s original band involving Campbell, recently redid the song for their album of the same name. The music is the same, but the lyrics are different. It’s called “Bootleg Flyer.”

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