Review: Lady Antebellum, “I Run to You”

lady-antebellum-and-a-chairLike fellow teenyboppin’ trio Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum craft the sort of country-pop that is “country” only insomuch as the singing accents sound kinda Southern and the lyrics employ such staples as “Mama,” “Daddy,” “cryin’,” and the word “ain’t.” Unlike the Flatts, Lady Antebellum do it with a consistent degree of taste, with lead vocals, melodies and arrangements that do their poppy job but smartly stop short of pointless histrionics.

“I Run to You” encapsulates this approach very well. A duet that finds Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott reflecting vaguely on how nice it is to have one another to retreat to when the rest of the world gets unpleasant, it rolls sweetly along and never tries to sound more important than it really is (except perhaps at the very end, where Kelley tries to tack on a few random but relatively benign growls). The result is insubstantial, feel-good pop music – the sort of thing that actually wouldn’t sound at all out of place in an installment of High School Musical – but for whatever that’s worth to you, it’s well done here.

Written by Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott & Tom Douglas

Grade: B

Listen: “I Run to You


  1. I love this song, but I’m kind of disappointed it was chosen as the next single. I would’ve preferred “All We’d Ever Need” or “Things People Say.” But I love everything Lady A does and I’m hoping this will continue their great run at radio!

  2. The day I heard this song, I pictured my self singing it along with my newly wedded wife at the reception. It’s really perfect for such an occasion. I better start practicing, though I am yet to find the girl of my dreams!!.Actually Until now,I always thought Lady Antebellum was a lady, not a group.

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