An Evening with Carrie Underwood

The following is a guest post by longtime reader Vanessa Prince. She shares a story about Carrie Underwood that has also been featured in Country Weekly.

carrie-underwood-liveWhen fate called, I was napping. The phone would not stop ringing, so I angrily answered, “Hello.” It was the Carrie Underwood Fan Club, letting me know that I had been selected to attend a Meet and Greet at her upcoming concert.

When the big night came, I awaited my meeting with Carrie. I was joined on line by a little girl named Hayley, who was with her aunt. The girl was so excited, I asked her if she wanted to go ahead of me, and they did. She was so cute, jumping around and asking where Carrie was. I asked her, “Do you have something for Carrie to sign”?

Her aunt said “No, just the tickets.” I had brought my Carnival Ride cd jacket, so I offered her a picture from the booklet. Her eyes were so big when she said “Yes, please!” Her aunt was very appreciative, while seeming to slightly tear up. She told me that Hayley was supposed to meet Carrie this past April, but it didn’t work out with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. My heart sank as I learned that the little girl in the cowboy hat has leukemia. They had managed to get meet-and-greet passes for the show at the very last minute.

A gentleman named Matt, who works with Carrie, told Hayley to peek around the corner. She looked, and then she covered her mouth with one hand. She looked back at us and said, “She’s real pretty!” Once Carrie made eye contact with her, Hayley barreled over to her, nearly knocking the young singer over. I didn’t think Hayley was going to let go.

As Carrie was signing their tickets and the picture from the booklet, Hayley’s aunt started to tell her about the Make-a-Wish foundation. The tickets had come through so late that the artist wasn’t aware of why Hayley had meet-and-greet passes. Without missing a beat, she went on with Hayley like she wasn’t there because of the possibility of the inevitable. There was no sign of remorse or pity.

Hayley noticed a Little Mermaid bag on the autograph table and asked Carrie, “What’s inside there?,” Carrie looked in the bag and said, “Some letters. Do you like the Little Mermaid?” She said “Yes,” and Carrie said, “I do too”. When Carrie brought the bag down to Hayley’s height and opened it, it started to play “Under The Sea.” Carrie started to dance and sing the song to her. Hayley was laughing and dancing, too, and told Carrie, “You’re silly!”

Carrie knelt down and asked for one last hug, and asked, “Do you know the words to ‘All-American Girl’?” She said “No, but I know ‘Wasted’!” Carrie told her, “You can’t do that one! If I ask you to come on stage with me, will you dance with me again and maybe I can sing the words that I tell you?”

Carrie delivered on her promise. Only a handful of people knew the story behind Hayley being on the stage, so I’m pretty sure people thought I was crazy for crying so much as I watched them sing together. The way they danced together on stage was how they were dancing downstairs to the Little Mermaid bag. Carrie let her finish the song, and as Hayley hits that final note, Carrie’s got her hand in the air, closes her eyes for a second, then looks at Hayley with the most joyful of smiles. I knew at that moment that Hayley’s dream had come true.

I still look back on that night with amazement. You think your problems are bad and the weight of the world feels like it is on your shoulders, until something like this comes along and happens. You see how courageous Hayley is, happy and positive. You see the way Carrie was with her and how her kindness can impact things. I find myself wanting to be a better person, to be more positive and helpful. I hope to one day see Hayley again and tomeet her mother, so I can thank them both for the impact they made in my life. I also hope that Carrie will somehow find out about all the good that came from her amazing act of kindness.

Carrie Underwood on stage with Hayley:



  1. that is a beautifull story that is what being a role model is all about making dreams come true and blessing people carrie is a wonderful person and must have been so moved by haley she is a hero and she is in my prayers…thank you for that story haley is my hero, and i hope that she knows one day how special she is!!

  2. Aw that’s a great story! I think this shows how beautiful and amazing of a person Carrie Underwood is. To touch a little girl like Hayley’s life is just beyond amazing! I think this goes to show that Carrie is an amazing role model and a great asset to country music.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Moments like these once again prove to us that a single act of kindness is all it takes to renew in us the faith in humanity. I’ve always been a fan of Carrie Underwood. She’s an amazing artist, a remarkable young woman and the ideal role model. Her music has touched me as it has so many others. This story here further establishes the power of music and also the power of humanity. I will be praying for Hayley and thanking God for Carrie.

  4. Carrie Underwood is a very beautiful, talented person. I know alot of country blogs like to diss her and for the life of me, I don’t know why. As I go through the ups and downs of daily life, when I happen to hear one of her songs, see a beautiful picture or read something about her, it just brightens my day. Their are others who have the same effect on me, some famous, some not. Others not so much. Kudos Carrie for being a bright spot, keep up the good work.

  5. I thought I would give you guys a little update. Hayley is in remission but has a long and not so easy 3 years ahead of her. After posting my video on youtube I got a huge response, and one of those was from Hayley’s mother, and we quickly became friends.

    I have had so many people tell me how this story has touched them and inspired them, both on youtube and the fan site.

    None of this would have never happened if I didn’t joing the fan club for my neice and presale tickets, the meet and greet call, being last in line, letting Hayley go ahead of me, giving her the picture, the person who gave Carrie the bag, but the biggest twist of fate is how Hayley got the tickets. Hayley’s grandmother’s co worker had tickets and gave them to Hayley’s Aunt and when she found out she was taking Hayley, she made some phone calls. The co worker is friends with Chris Cagle’s bus driver and together they got Hayley the meeting literally at the last minute, actually 20 minutes after the meet and greet started. So there are so many people to thank, but most of all Carrie, that is something I will never forget.

    To be able to witness that was unbelievable. I was standing there right in front of Carrie Underwood and all I found myself focused on was Hayley, not to mention I had to compose myself and wipe the tears away before it was my turn. The first thing I said was “that is one amazing kid”, she said ” she sure is”. I mean no disrespect to Carrie but I don’t even remember much about my meeting with her as everything else was so amazing. Now that is something you cannot script and is pure and it is just witnessing someone being themself, who is a truely kind, thoughtful and amazing person. I hope this makes people see Carrie in a different light.

    Thank you Country Universe for letting me share my story.

  6. Great story! I cried,. lol That little girl is amazing and I wish her the best of luck. Bravo to Carrie for having a big heart. Thanx for sharing this!

  7. Carrie Underwood really seems like a genuinely sweet person. Even as, admittedly, only a moderate fan of her music, I would be and have been one of the people who’s willing to come out in her defense on that front. I thought it was funny (and appropriate) that Carrie steered Hayley away from “Wasted.:)

  8. @Leeann the funny thing about the Wasted thing was Carrie, asked her to if she knew the words to AAG, she said “no but I know Wasted”, Carrie told her she couldn’t do that one. After talking with Hayley’s mother I come to find Wasted is Hayley’s favorite song, and if you think about it, it is fitting, because the chorus is all about not wasting you life while you have the time. People tend to say Carrie’s songs don’t make a connection, well they sure did with a four year old.

  9. I just love this story. Our prayers to Hayley and her family. Thanks also should go to everyone who made this a special night for Hayley. Carrie is a perfect example of humility and strength. I admire them both.

  10. I was at this concert and Haylet was just great on stage. What an amazing thing of Carrie to do for Hayley. Im so happy that her dream came true. And god bless her.

  11. God bless this heart… Carrie is very special… I’m very proud to be a fan of this wonderful person with a beautiful heart and Hayley God bless you too.

  12. I am not a Carrie fan, but I don’t hate her either. But why in the world are stories like this not all over the place? She has all the press time any celebrity could ask for, and 98% is fluffy crap like who she’s dating and what she wore to the latest red carpet event. Why aren’t genuine, touching articles be promoted more?

  13. What a beautiful story….and not surprising at all, really. Carrie is a beautiful person, inside and out. There are other stories out there that finally make their way to the surface about something or the other really great that Carrie has done…..usually with no recognition whatsoever. Kudos to Carrie and prayers that Hayley remains in remission….

  14. this is so inspirational just when you think your life sucks someone as amazing and brave as haley comes along your path to teach you a life lesson at just a tender age of 4 years old. my prayers go out to Haley and her family who are fighting this horrible disease keep the faith in God and just know that haley is here for a reason she is a inspiration,a brave little sweet girl and is touching people’s lives that she doesnt even know i may never meet haley, but if i did she would be my hero my idol just like carrie is to her…keep fighting haley so many people are praying and supporting you keep fighting!!..

    carrie must have been so touched i dont know how she kept her composure maybe for haley….carrie and haley are wonderful.

  15. we take life for granted and we dont appreciate the sweeter things in life. people like haley come around and you realize thats sometimes the small things we worry about doesnt matter haley is battling an awful disease yet she’s so happy to be alive…she is simply amazing and i may not know haley but she has touched my heart and i wish i can give her a big hug and tell her thank you for being so brave and i will continue to pray for her. although carrie was her hero that night and she met her idol but i think haley was the hero that night…i think carrie must have felt so blessed that she can be able to fullfill dreams such as haley’s…God bless you haley take care and stay strong…your a little fighter!!

  16. I just watched the video on YouTube with Carrie singing with Hayley before I looked up this article. Once I read that Hayley was a part of the make-a-wish foundation my eyes filled with tears. The make a wish foundation has always had a special place in my heart. When I was little I gave all of my birthday money to that foundation instead of asking for toys. It was just a life changing experience and to see that Carrie is making a little girl’s dream come true is truely wonderful. Carrie is such an insperation and a great role model.

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