That’s on My iPod?!?

ipodMaybe it’s just because I have so many songs on my iPod to begin with, but I’m often surprised when I put my iPod on shuffle. Songs pop up that I didn’t know I owned, along with others that I’d completely forgotten about.

You know the drill. You buy the album because you like the lead single, listen to it once, then you go back to the old stuff you always listen to. At least that’s what I do. I won’t even get into the albums that are sent to me for potential review.

So I thought this would be a fun iPod Check:

Put your mp3 player on Shuffle, and type the first ten songs that you either forgot you owned or didn’t know you owned at all.

Here’s my list:

  1. Shelby Lynne, “Track 12”
  2. Johnny Cash, “Slow Rider”
  3. Frank Sinatra, “Fly Me to the Moon”
  4. Sylvia, “Snapshot”
  5. Leonard Cohen, “Suzanne”
  6. Little Anthony and the Imperials, “Goin’ Out of My Head”
  7. Loretta Lynn, “Jackson Ain’t a Very Big Town”
  8. Foster & Allen, “Sweet Offaly Lady”
  9. Cat Stevens, “Lady D’Arbanville”
  10. Doug Stone, “Come in Out of the Pain”

I’m pretty sure I picked up Doug Stone’s hits collection in a bargain bin for road trip amusements. I totally forgot about buying the Sinatra classic.

What are your finds?


  1. 01. Buffy Lawson Sentimental Moment
    02. Matraca Berg The Things You Left Undone
    03. Ozzy Osbourne Trap Door
    04. Red Hot Chili Peppers Mellowship Slinky In B Major
    05. Doug Stone Faith in Me, Faith In You
    06. Jeffery Steele There Must Be Something In The Water
    07. Miko Marks Double Dog Cheater
    08. Pamela Rooney Until Then
    09. Roger Miller Heartaches By The Number
    10. Gene Watson Let Me Be THe First To Go

  2. It only took me 34 skips to find 10 songs that surprised me. I really need to clean up this mp3 player.

    1. Kenny Chesney – Don’t Happen Twice
    2. Melissa Etheridge – I Will Always Love You (from the Dolly tribute album)
    3. Faith Hill – There Will Come a Day (I just forgot to delete this after it was sent to me)
    4. Blake Shelton – Country Strong (I still have the entire Startin’ Fires CD on here)
    5. Deana Carter – The Boxer (I also have the complete The Chain album, which I also forgot to delete)
    6. Shelby Lynne – Tarpoleon Napoleon (I have her entire discography on my mp3 player)
    7. Kelly Clarkson – Can I Have a Kiss
    8. Rodney Crowell – Brand New Rag (excellent track – I just forgot I have it)
    9. Kenny Rogers – I Can’t Unlove You (another track ripe for deletion)
    10. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

  3. 1. It’s A Beautiful Day – “White Bird” 2. Toby Keith – “I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again” 3. Peter Gabriel – “Kiss That Frog” 4. Jackson Browne “Redneck Friend” 5. CCR – “Cotton Fields” 6. Beastie Boys – “She’s Crafty” 7. Queen – ” Fat Bottom Girls” 8. Joe Cocker – “You Can Leave Your Hat On” 9. Bobby Bare – “The Numbers Song” – 10. Danny O’Keefe – “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”. Well, that was fun! I rarely listen to my MP3 player anymore – it wasn’t hard to find songs that I forgot I had! Thanks for this post Kevin. Great job!

  4. 1. Lady Antebellum – “I Run To You”
    2. Lil Wayne – “La La”
    3. O.A.R. – “This Town”
    4. Jessica Andrews – “Unbreakable Heart”
    5. Serena Ryder – “Little Bit of Red”
    6. Terri Clark – “Everytime I Cry”
    7. Martina McBride – “Make Me Believe” (forgot I had, and LOVE this song)
    8. Howie Day – “She Says”
    9. 50 Cent – “Position of Power”
    10. Tanya Tucker – “It Wont’ Be Me”

  5. 1. Faith Hill — Somewhere Down the Road (from The Prince of Egypt: Nashville soundtrack)
    2. Loretta Lynn — I Wanted You To Leave Until You Left Me
    3. BR549 – The Devil and Me
    4. Alison Krauss –Baby Mine
    5. Sara Evans –Otis Redding
    6. Gary Morris –Finishing Touches
    7. Randy Travis — I’ll Be Right Here Lovin’ You
    8. Steve Wariner — I Don’t Know How To Fix It
    9. Lacy J. Dalton — Shaky Ground
    10. Kitty Wells — I’d Rather Stay Home

  6. 1. The Zutons – Remember Me
    2. The Last Goodnight – If I Talked To God
    3. Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody
    4. Jim Croce – I Got A Name
    5. Kurt Elling – Leaving Again/In The Wee Small Hours
    6. Nizlopi – Wash Away (they’re a UK folk pop artist)
    7. Gang Starr – Full Clip
    8. Sugarcult – Los Angeles
    9. The Wallflowers – After The Blackbird Sings
    10. Todd Snider – Conservative Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males

    I know what I have on my iTunes but these were the first 10 I forgot were on there. It took about 50 songs to get this list.

  7. Well, I’ve been cleaning out my library recently, so it might take me a while. We’ll see, though.

    1. Fiona Apple, “Frosty the Snowman”
    2. The Shins, “We Will Become Silhouettes”
    3. Johnny Darrell, “Winter’s Coming On”
    4. Strong Bad, “The System is Down” (yes, I come from the Homestar Runner generation)
    5. Live, “Wings”
    6. Frank Sinatra, “Here’s That Rainy Day” (this is amazing, though).
    7. Yo La Tengo, “The Story of Yo La Tango”
    8. Richard Cheese, “You Oughta Know” (Alanis Morissette jazz cover. Weird and kind of awesome).
    9. Rufus Wainwright, “Dinner at Eight”
    10. James Taylor, “Something in the Way She Moves”

    OK, that took a little while. Still, I do really like most of these.

  8. Haha with like 1500 songs on my iPod…I’m sure this should be a breeze!!

    1. It Ain’t Me Babe – Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (I loved this soundtrack and forgot I had it!)
    2. Someone Is Me – Blaine Larsen (I loved his Rockin’ You Tonight album and forgot it was on here!)
    3. All I Never Wanted – Diana DeGarmo (wow need to delete this album soon!)
    4. Total Eclipse of the Heart – Jessica Sierra (I bought the entire American Idol season 4 cd just for Carrie Underwood’s version of “Independence Day”)
    5. Good Woman Bad – Josh Turner (Need to start listening to his debut album more!)
    6. Where You’re Going – Jimmy Wayne (forgot to delete this album, just got it because I was curious to how good it was)
    7. I’ll Think of a Reason Later – Lee Ann Womack (I haven’t listened to her earlier stuff!)
    8. Without Your Love – SHeDAISY (forgot I have their debut album on here!)
    9. Lay Me Down – The Wreckers (so sad they broke up!)
    10. 15 Minutes of Shame – Kristy Lee Cook (shame on me for owning this album!!)

    That was fun! It took me 48 songs to come up with this list!

  9. My mp3 is all singles, no albums so it is always like a shuffle. I haven’t listened to it in 6 months so it was easy to get the 10….

    Suzy Bogguss, Aces
    Trisha Yearwood, Midnight Train to Georgia
    Pinmonkeys, Barbed Wire and Roses
    Tanya Tucker, It’s a little too late
    Barbara Mandrell, Love is Thin Ice
    Elvis, Jailhouse Rock
    Stray Cats, Rock this Town
    Trisha Yearwood, Wouldn’t Any Woman
    The Tractors, Baby Likes to Rock It
    Patty Loveless, I’m That Kind of Girl

  10. I’ve just recently cleaned out my Ipod, so I can’t really participate on this one either. I, however, know exactly what Kevin is talking about here. I buy so much music that I often forget that I have songs or even whole albums at times. In a way, it’s a nice surprise when I put my ipod on shuffle, which I often do.

  11. 1. In Trutina – Charlotte Church
    2. Peaceful Easy Feeling – Little Texas (Common thread)
    3. Holding Out for a Hero – Bonnie Tyler
    4. Down in Flames – Blackhawk
    5. You Don’t know what its Like – Confederate Railroad
    6. Last Night I Dreamed of Loving You – Kathy Mattea
    7. Breakin’t It – Mindy McCready
    8. Billy the Kid – Billy Dean
    9. Swimming in Champagne – Eric Heatherly
    10. Crime of the Century – Shania Twain

    Ok, so it took me 60 of 2,300 songs to get 10 – but since I always listen to my ipod on shuffle it was hard to find songs that I had not heard in a while…..

  12. I only know # 8.

    1. Hippie Dream by Neil Young
    2. Bourie by Jethro Tull
    3. Hat and Feet by Fountains of Wayne
    4. I’m Always in Love by Wilco
    5. I Could Cry by John Mayall
    6. Communicate – Interlude by TLC
    7. Sunshine by Francis Dunnery
    8. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing by Fernando Ortega
    9. Love Has No Pride by Bonnie Raitt
    10. Congratulations by Paul SImon

  13. I often am cycling through and deleting stuff from the ipod/iTunes list as I’m too lazy to have to manually ‘sync’ it. Although I think the time is coming when I will have to manually update the iPod as I will likely get a touch/iphone instead of the 120gb iPod (although having the large hard disk iPod’s has saved me when I’ve had system crashes before). Therefore, this is a long-winded post saying that I know of virtually everything I have on my iPod/iTunes list thus my list a few posts above was hard to create.

  14. 1. Reba McEntire – I Like It That Way
    2. Steve Earle – Ellis Unit One
    3. Patty Griffin – Making Pies
    4. Joaquin Phoenix – Home Of The Blues
    5. Carole King – Way Over Yonder
    6. Amanda Wilkinson – Pontiacs
    7. Sublime feat. No Doubt – Saw Red
    8. Kings Of Leon – Use Someone
    9. Catherine Britt – Drive In Movie (Original Hidden)
    10. Audioslave – Be Yourself

  15. 1. Sitting by the Dock of the Bay – Pearl Jam (live)
    2. Independace Day – Martina Mcbride
    3. What’s She Doing Now – Garth Brooks
    4. Fix You – Coldplay
    5. Dierks Bentley – What Was I Thinkin’
    6. Brad Paisley – Little Moments Like That
    7. Desperado – Carrie Underwood (live @ the Grammys)
    8. The Midnight Special – Creedance Clearwater Revival (saw the ccrevisited past weekdend and they rocked better than Dierks who I saw the week priorrs (64 yrs old))
    9. New Strings – Miranda Lambert
    10. Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters

  16. I don’t have an Ipod; in fact I still listen to my vinyl when the record player co-operates!

    ANd I suss my tastes are a bit too eclectic/folk/Gaelic orintated for most on this board!

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