Get the New Rascal Flatts Album for $4.99

Amazon is racking up the deals lately. You can get the new Rascal Flatts album Unstoppable for $4.99.

You can listen to the album using the player below. The purchase link follows.





  1. Does anyone else want to vomit when they read the title of the CD? Cause Rascall Flatts-you will be stopped. Go write a song and start dressing your age.

    I wouldn’t get one if it was free. Well, actually I would. Then I would video myself running over it several times and post it on youtube.

  2. After seeing them as the ‘house band’ at In Cahoots many years ago, whilst waiting for Randy Travis to perform, I know there’s not enough money printed to compel me to purchase any of their ‘music’.

  3. First of all, I don’t think many of you have much room to criticize. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to, but none of you do anything for country music. These guys have sold 18 million albums, and they continue to sell well, even in a less-than-stellar cd market. They are predicted to break yet-another record when the numbers for the new album come in as well. They have consistent radio hits, and all of their singles have gone top ten or better. Not to mention they’ve broken numerous records set by Garth, Kenny, and Alabama. They were one of only two country artists to have a tour in the top ten of all genres (for the second year in a row). Not to mention they are the only country artists to sell out Madison Square Garden three years in a row.

    And for the person telling the Flatts to “go write a song.” check your facts before you bash. They have wrote and co-wrote many of their own songs including:
    See Me Through
    It’s Not Just Me
    Too Good Is True
    I Melt
    Like I Am
    Shine On
    Then I Did
    Fast Cars And Freedom
    Here’s To You
    Break Away
    Oklahoma Texas Line
    To Make Her Love Me
    Cool Thing
    Bob That Head
    No Reins
    Still Feels Good
    Winner At A Losing Game
    She Goes All The Way
    Summer Nights
    Things That Matter

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