The Beauty of Susan Boyle

susan-boyleI was going to connect this somehow to country music, perhaps by discussing K.T. Oslin’s sudden stardom at age 45, or seeing award show winners like Cal Smith or Suzy Bogguss completely stunned and humbled by the recognition of their talent.

But I’m really just sharing this because it made me smile broadly and think of the world as a better, brighter place.

Watch: Susan Boyle’s audition for Britain’s Got Talent


  1. I refuse to waste time on anything with Simon Cowell in it as he’s a total waste of air, but I saw this on the net yesterday. Go Susan! Keep making the pompous arse drop his jaw!

  2. Dude, that girl at the 1:24 mark has got to be eating some humble pie now. That was the cattiest thing I think I’ve ever seen, although I’ve probably done worse and not realized it. Anyways, go Susan!

  3. When it comes to stories like this I am what many would consider cynical. Most similar stories you see on local or national news are somewhat contrived and often, in my mind, exploitative. So, I think it is fair to say, I started watching this clip with a little bit of doubt in my mind over what I was going to see.

    Then it wasn’t what I expected at all. Instead of seeing an edited and voiced-over story designed to push my buttons, the story just unfolded, and it was pretty amazing.

    I’m pretty sure the judge in the center was ready to tear up. Simon even appeared to find it generally heartwarming, though I suppose he may have been thinking of the money he would make if he signed her (apparently already something that he is in the process of doing, according to a couple British papers).

  4. I’ve watched this at least 3 times since yesterday! I love how she shocks everyone – from the rude eye rolls to an immediate standing ovation. Three cheers to Susan for giving it a shot and dreaming big despite the odds! (The only annoying thing about the video is the sideshow by Ant and Dec – why??)

  5. If Susan cheered you up, don’t forget about Paul Potts, the mobile phone salesman who sang opera and won the whole thing awhile back:


    And 6 year old Connie Talbot:


    The first auditions are the best because they shock everyone. Simon, in particular, is fun to watch. This may or may not be a great show – I’ve only watched performances on YouTube – but unlike many reality shows on TV in the States, it seems to showcase genuine talent without any unfortunate filters or prereqs.

  6. I read that this woman enrolled in Acting school over 20 years ago, but withdrew to care for her ailing mother. Her mother died 2 years ago, and as a promise to her she said she would make something of her life, and make something she truely has.

    I dont know what else to say other than she made me smile. I enjoyed her performance more than words can express.

  7. Susan just blew me away! What an amazing talent & can’t imagine she hid that for all those yrs! I wish her all the best & SO glad she promised her mom that she would do something with that talent! It just goes to prove that dreams really do come true & she certainly deserves a wonderful career! Dale

  8. I agree. I loved watching Paul and cried. I Loved watching the purity of Connie and cried. Now, I have watched Susan and cried. A beautiful voice can be found in a beautiful soul, no matter what the packaging.

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