Heidi Newfield, “What Am I Waiting For”

heidi-newfieldThe third single from Heidi Newfield’s solo debut is the strongest track on the album.

Rather than taking the traditional routes of empowered bravado or weak-kneed self-pity, Newfield is simply unsure of herself. “I’m five years into a two-year plan,” she notes, “still standing here with the walls closing in behind this open door. What am I waiting for?”

I love songs with bravado and I love songs dripping with self-pity, but this is one of those rare singles that just feels real. Life unfolds in a series of small moments where little opportunities for change are overlooked. It’s easier to put off that big step for one more day, to keep dipping your toe in the water without ever getting in.

For me, what lifts the song from good to great is the final verse that has God asking the question back: “I got plans for you child. What are you worried about? You know life’s too short. What are you waiting for?” It’s difficult to take that leap of faith until the fear of looking back without having done so outweighs the fear of what lies ahead.

Written by Keith Burns, Ira Dean, Heidi Newfield & Jeffrey Steele

Grade: A-

Listen: What Am I Waiting For



  1. I agree. There are things about this song that I find a little cheesy, but it seems to come from such a genuine place that I like it anyway. I hope it’s a hit.

  2. What I like best about this song, is that she wrote this as she was thinking about leaving Trick Pony and she was talking with Ira and Keith and basically telling them what was she waiting for….

    But this is still not my favorite song from the album, and my favorite is “Love Her, Lose Me”

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