Tanya Tucker (featuring Jim Lauderdale), "Love's Gonna Live Here"

tanya_tuckerTanya Tucker has teamed with Saguaro Road Records, the same record company that hosted Patty Loveless’ stellar covers project, to create her own covers album entitled My Turn. The lead single is a cover of the Buck Owens’ classic, “Love’s Gonna Live Here.”

While it is impossible to predict if Tucker’s effort will be as well received as Loveless’ highly regarded album, “Love’s Gonna Live Here” provides a promising glimpse of the direction that the album is likely to take.

With “Love’s Gonna Live Here”, Tucker does not set out to reinvent this iconic song, but rather, pay tribute to a beloved classic. With the help of Jim Lauderdale’s very recognizable twang, Tanya’s signature husky voice leans into the Owens composition with decided grit and re-energizes a song that is always deserving of being revived.

Admittedly, those who are looking for something

fresh or new may be disappointed, but those who enjoy hearing polished tributes of old classics will be rather satisfied by the result of Tuckers latest outing.

Written by Buck Owens

Grade: B

Listen: “Love's Gonna Live Here”



  1. I’m a little surprised that Saguaro is releasing two such similar records, Tanya’s (so soon) after Patty’s wonderful Sleepless Nights.

    Although I absoluteley adore Sleepless Nights and prefer Patty’s voice to just about anyone else’s,…still, Tanya sounds good on this sample, and the crisp Country instrumentation is awesome. Jim Lauderdale was an inspired choice for backing vocals, and I think I can see why they went with him…I think he sounds a little like Buck Owens on this track.

    I have my reservations about this album, mostly because of a preference in favor of Patty as an artist and as a person, and an admitted bias against Tanya Tucker, but if this sample is any indication, this album may be pretty darn good. And there’s always room for another real Country record. ;)

  2. Steve,
    I think this record company is part of Time Life? I believe they do a lot of covers music.

  3. I think you’re right, Leeann…thinking out loud here, I know they also published Rebecca Lynn Howard’s latest record, as well as the previously unreleased Hank Williams music (Time-Life, in this case), Colin Raye, etc..the cover records are probably products of the parent company Time Life proper, as opposed to subsidiary Saguaro, because to the best of my knowledge, this is only the second covers record from Saguaro itself, but I could easily be missing something.

  4. Saguaro Road is a subsidiary of Time-Life. I think the Collin Raye project is on the Time-Life imprint, rather than Saguaro Road, because it’s not really a country album, being more in a adult-contemporary vein.

    I posted a link at MKOC a few days ago to an interview that Tanya did about the new album:


    Apparently this project with Saguaro Road is a one-time thing for her. She reportedly has completed another album of original material called Lonesome Town but I havent’ been able to find any word of when it will be released or by what label.

    I’ve been dying to hear “Love’s Gonna Live Here”. I see that Amazon finally has it listed as being available on April 28th. I can’t wait to download it.

  5. Thanks for the clarification, Razor..

    And I just want to add, very nice review, Leeann..your observations, along with the sound clip, make me look foward to at least giving Tanya’s album a good listen. And, of course, I love the way you brought Patty’s Sleepless Nights into the conversation, in such glowing terms! :)

  6. I just went to Saguaro’s website to see if there was a complete clip of this song, and sure enough, there is…;)

    And while I was there, I read this in their weekly recap:

    “-Patty Loveless recorded her new album last week with a sound much like Grammy nominated Sleepless Nights. Look out for that one this Fall.”

    It’s only 11:30 in the AM as I write this, but this news is making my day! ;)

  7. Me too Roger, that news is making my day…and it sounds like the type of PL album you had been hoping for. :)

  8. As much as I loved her bluegrass album, I’m very excited that Patty has chosen to go down the Sleepless Nights route again. That’s the one I would have voted for. I’m excited. Are these songs that are new but hearken to traditional sounds or is it another album of covers?

  9. Many of us are wondering the same thing, Leeann…

    I posted pretty much the same question to Saguaro on their message board, we’ll see if they answer..;)

  10. But if I were to guess, I’d bet they are actual covers of old Country Classics, like Sleepless Nights itself.

    Just thinkin’… in spite of the poll results favoring a Mountain Soul 2 type sound, I think the momentum favored another classic covers album from the get-go. The equipment is probably still in place or easily accesible, the studio musicians still in touch and ready to go…and all those tasty leftovers from when Patty and Emory were sifting through all those great classics to compile Sleepless Nights…almost seems a forgone conclusion.

    And if so, I sure do hope they included ole Hank’s great classic I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry..after hearing Patty’s exquisite rendering of Cold Cold Heart, I think “Lonesome” cries out for the Loveless treatment!

  11. Tucker fans have been waiting years for new material from Tanya. I am very excited for this release. Tanya picked songs that were favorites of her late father, Beau…..She put her heart and soul in this project and I know it will not disappoint.

  12. How long has it been, Bob? This does sound like a labor of love from Tanya, and any heartfelt endeavor such as this almost gaurentees a great album.

    Looking forward to hearing it!

  13. But if I were to guess, I’d bet they are actual covers of old Country Classics, like Sleepless Nights itself.

    I read an interview shortly after Sleepless Nights was released where Patty said she was looking for songs for an album of original material that had the same type of sound as Sleepless Nights . I wouldn’t look for two cover albums in a row.

    How long has it been, Bob? This does sound like a labor of love from Tanya, and any heartfelt endeavor such as this almost gaurentees a great album.

    Seven long years since her last studio album, 2002’s Tanya.

  14. I read that too, Razor, and that would be awesome.. but I also heard Patty state words to the effect that she and Emory had enough of those classics leftover from the SN selection process, that a Sleepless Nights 2 was a real possibility and likelihood.

    Anything new from Miss Loveless can be joyously anticipated by fans of real Country and Bluegrass…her artistic integrity, credibility and judgement are beyond compare.

  15. The tracks on Tanya’s album:

    1. Wine Me Up
    2. Lovesick Blues
    3. Love’s Gonna Live Here
    4. Crazy Arms
    5. After The Fire Is Gone (W/Grascals)
    6. IS Anybody Goin’ To San Antone
    7. I Love You A Thousand Ways
    8. Big Big Love (w/Jo-El Sonnier)
    9. Walk Through This World With Me
    10. Oh, Lonesome Me
    11. You Don’t Know Me (Feat. Rhonda Vincent)
    12. Ramblin’ Fever

    Produced By Pete Anderson

  16. I really like this version, and it’s got me pretty excited for the album. I like the tracklist, too – those are all fine songs. I’m also pleased to hear that Patty’s been recording again.

  17. Amazon is taking pre-orders but they’re now showing the release date as June 30th. I wonder if got pushed back from June 2nd or if it’s just an error.

  18. Thanks for the info, Steve. Loveless’ spoken intention during the publicity for Sleepless Nights was to record new songs with a traditional feel, so hopefully that will be the direction she chose. I know Dallas Frazier has been back to songwriting, so I wonder if he worked his magic for a cut or two on the new album.

    Tucker’s picked quite a pack of songs as well. She’s reached her 50s now and I think she’s ready to take greater care of her musical legacy and the history of country music. I’m really looking forward to both projects.

  19. Hi Blake, I do remember that, and didn’t Patty tell you that very same thing during your fine interview with her? I would love to hear a brand new neotraditional or vintage sounding album of new material from Patty, and I hope that’s the road she chose as well.

    But it wasn’t that long ago, and it seems to me that is a fairly short time period to compile all new material from various writers and have them recorded already.

    Whereas there was momentum for another classic covers CD with all the leftover vintage material from the selection process of the Sleepless Nights album. And I’m pretty sure I remember Patty stating such a follow up would be very likley as well.

    But yeah, Saguaro’s use of the word “sound” in describing the similarity to the Sleepless Nights album is quite ambiguous, and is open to various interpretations.

    But soon our speculation will be at an end, and this is great news for Patty fans in either case. :)

  20. Yes, good news in any case. Keep us up to date! I know there are plenty of classic covers that she has recorded, but I’m not sure when that will see the light of day. Hopefully in a few years considering the current spate of covers albums (Tucker, Rosanne Cash, etc.)

  21. Right after this project I’m hoping she does a Mountain Soul 2 type album. There is a real hunger for that amoung Patty’s hard-core fans.

    In the meantime, it looks like we’ll have another Patty Loveless Traditional Country Soul CD of some kind to tide us over…whether it’s new material or classic covers, it’s bound to be another mastepiece by the Queen of Country Soul.

    But I’m with you in hoping for new material this time around.

    And Tanya fans, I do apologize for getting so far off track…your indulgence is much appreciated as this is really big news for us PL fans.

    I think all fans of great Country music can rejoice in anticipation of both these albums..

    And Tayna’s track listing does look awesome. ;)

  22. Here’s an update.

    A few days ago I asked SRR for some clarification regarding Patty’s new record. Today they answered, and here is their reply:

    “It’s going to be much like Sleepless Nights with Patty doing covers of vintage Country classics…”

  23. Steve,
    Thanks for the update. While I agree with Blake that we’re kind of heavy on the covers albums right now and I would have preferred that she had recorded originals with a vintage sound, I’m still excited for what’s to come from Patty. I know it’ll be great.

  24. OK folks, yet ANOTHER update from Saguaro, and this one sounds more authoritative with more detail etc.:

    “Dear Saguaro Readers, I want to apologize for the confusion.

    The new Patty record is a follow up to the 2001 Mountain Soul record.

    From Saguaro A & R guy,

    ‘It is quite Bluegrass, but not so much that bluegrass purists would call it bluegrass, ie there is some steel guitar on one or two tracks as well as electric guitar here and there, but mostly it is acoustic guitars, bass and mandolins, banjos etc. No drums whatsover.

    Songs vary from a few classics to songs written by various writers that have not been recorded or released before as well as a few songs Patty recorded earlier, but this time they are arranged in this totally different style…

    Guest artists include the bluegrass musicians Ron and Del McCoury, steel guitarist Al Perkins, Vince Gill and Rebecca Lynn Howard on harmony vocals etc.”

    This sounds incredible, it has all the ingredients to be one of Patty’s greatest records ever…It sounds like it’s her unique Mountain Blend taken to a whole new level. With this latest from Saguaro, I’m betting Patty has made her fans very very happy indeed. ;)

  25. No problem Razor, they actually issued two contradictory clarifications, but the most recent was in the form of a correction.. at first they said it would be more actual covers of vintage Country classics as in Sleepless Nights, now they are saying it will be a follow up to Mountain Soul…,with a very Bluegrass sound. I like this latest announcement even better…ain’t it grand?!

  26. Hopefully this latest clarification from Saguaro clears up the confusion for good..and what do you think of this LATEST development, Leeann? Hope you’re as happy about it as I am. :)

    And Blake, did you see this?

    And thanks folks, for not blaming the messenger,…I reports it as I sees it, right from the source from SRR message boards. ;)

  27. Any song that features the great Jim Lauderdale is okay by me

    Just for grins (since many of the readers of this blog are rather young) I’ve listed the original artist for each of the tracks on Tanya’s album:

    1. Wine Me Up (Faron Young)
    2. Lovesick Blues (Jack Shea, later Emmett Miller, still later Rex Griffin, Hank Sr)
    3. Love’s Gonna Live Here (Buck Owens)
    4. Crazy Arms (Ray Price)
    5. After The Fire Is Gone (Conway & Loretta)
    6. Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone (Charley Pride)
    7. I Love You A Thousand Ways (Lefty Frizzell)
    8. Big Big Love (Wynn Stewart)
    9. Walk Through This World With Me (George Jones)
    10. Oh, Lonesome Me (Don Gibson)
    11. You Don’t Know Me (Eddy Arnold)
    12. Ramblin’ Fever (Merle Haggard)

  28. Hello Folks. You received your answer. 7 long years for new Tucker music. We kindly refer to that as Tucker Time…… I do not mind the comparisons with Loveless. Both Tucker and Loveless are talented singers and I am so glad they found a record label that will record, release and promote their special gifts. I have been a fan of Tanya’s since 1972 when I saw her belting Delta Dawn on Hee Haw. Perhaps Saguaro Records should consider a duet album teaming Loveless and Tucker together. Sweet Harmonies indeed.

  29. Just for grins (since many of the readers of this blog are rather young) I’ve listed the original artist for each of the tracks on Tanya’s album:

    I guess I’d be showing my age if I admitted I knew most of those?

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