Nab Eli Young Band's Latest Album for $.99

I like Eli Young Band. These boys play catchy pop-rock tunes with a little bit of country flourish, and given the right songs, they do it very well. “When it Rains” is so good that it climbed into the Top 40 with hardly any promotion, and listening to numbers like “Get in the Car and Drive” and “Enough is Enough” is like hearing Rascal Flatts with a less polarizing lead vocalist and more subdued production style.

The group is fairly new on the mainstream country scene, but they've been building up a grassroots following in Texas for years, and it's beginning to pay off, with single “Always the Love Songs” currently sitting at #14 on the charts.

Now, thanks to Amazon's Daily Deal, you can own their major-label debut, containing all of the above songs, for only a buck. It's a solid album – I gave it 3 stars myself – and at the price you'd normally pay for just one track, it's hard to lose!

Buying instructions: click on the big “Play” symbol to play the clips. When they start playing, a little box with information about the track will appear at the bottom of the box. Click where it says the album’s name (Jet Black & Jealous) to reach the full album. Alternatively, you can click the yellow “Buy MP3″ button to go to the page of the individual song that’s

playing, from which you can also reach the full album’s page.



  1. I paid full for it, too, since I never got any word back about a promo copy and was curious anyway. It’s pretty good; I kept 6 of the 12 tracks (“When it Rains”, “Radio Waves”, “Enough is Enough”, “Get in the Car and Drive”, “Throw and Go”, the title track), which is a pretty good ratio for me, although “When it Rains” is the only one I’ve revisited much.

  2. Saw these guys a couple of nights ago with Cross Canadian Ragweed and Jason Cliche’…er, Aldean. I was quite impressed — sound was good, level of musicianship was good, and by the end of their set, they won an initially indifferent crowd over.

    Ragweed was good, as usual…some nights, they want to be Merle Haggard and some nights, they want to be Led Zeppelin. This was Zeppelin night.

    I did not enjoy headliner Aldean’s set, but the crowd seemed to. The musicians in his band aren’t that talented, frankly, and I’m fairly certain that he used backing tracks (I heard a fiddle, but I didn’t see a fiddle player and the guitarists weren’t playing fiddle parts). All of his songs are either variations on “Hicktown” or “Why.” Their cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” was downright embarassing. Again, though, the near capacity crowd (in an 8,000 seat arena) ate it up — to each his own.

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