Steve Azar, "Moo La Moo"

I can only assume that this song is titled “Moo La Moo” to avoid being confused with the old Billy Hill hit “Too Much Month at the End of the Money.” It's a shame that choice was made, since “Too Much Month…” is the hook of the song and an eye-catching title to boot.

It would be even more of a shame for this song to be overlooked. Easily the strongest release of Azar's career, it perfectly captures an experience that countless Americans can relate to: living paycheck to paycheck.

That it manages to do so with dark humor instead of somber commentary is refreshing. It's a lot closer in spirit to “9 to 5” and “Busted” than it is to “If We Make it Through December.”

He sings, “I don't know why I'm laughing 'cause it sure ain't funny,” but it's hard not to crack a smile at the lyrical wordplay throughout the song.  “My checks ain't bouncing but they sure is shaking. I ain't broke yet but I sure am breaking. My BLT's just waitin' on the bacon.”

It would be so easy to wince at the fully relatable truth of those lines if they weren't so darn funny in the first place.

Written by Steve Azar, Jim Femino and A.J. Masters

Grade: A


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